Dec 092009
I have had quite a few e-mails from those who are having trouble getting the coupon printer installed. I too had serious issues with it and it was making me batty. I will post here but also add this to the FAQ/Basics Page. If you too have had issues and solved them- please feel free to post in hopes that it will help others :).

Here’s what worked for me:

Download the coupon printer. Be sure to “save” it to your desktop and not to a local directory. Do not directly “run” the installer after it is downloaded. Instead, once you have the file saved to your desktop- close each and every window you have open. You should not have any open applications at all. Now try double clicking on the installer file on your desktop and going from there.  I am crossing my fingers for you!

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One Response to “Trouble Installing the Target Coupon Printer”

  1. cristina says:

    This worked!!!! Thank you 🙂

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