Dec 302009

So even though I am not among the lucky ones today- I have heard more and more reports of 75% Off Christmas throught the country: Columbia, SC, Kansas City, Marlborough, Mass., Melbourne, Pensacola Florida, Palm Bay, South Louisiana, and Pennsylvania Philly area to name a few. I would be surprised if other stores waited much longer to follow suit. It is very random right now though- for example- Palm Bay is pretty close to me and we still sit here at 50% Off. But I have also heard stores as little as 5 miles apart having 50% at one, 75% at another so it is anyone’s guess.

Those who were lucky enough to find the 75% Off today report that the candy was only bumped up to 50% off, and some but not all the clearanced toys were bumped up to 50% off. Many found the food and holiday packaged items at 75% off. Whoever had stocking stuffer toys left reported those at 75% Off as well.  I will be at my store first thing in the morning in hopes of FINALLY scoring some great clearance deals!

I plan to compose a list of things that people are finding by tonight, and will post matchups along with them, so you can all be prepared :). Check back on my blog tonight or tomorrow am before you head out to see what people found and what Qs you may want to bring along.

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2 Responses to “75% Christmas Clearance Update”

  1. suzi says:

    when I was at Traget today an employee told me she is pretty sure they go to 75% off tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Kristen P says:

    Montgomery, AL was at 75% today – including food items and there was still lots to choose from!

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