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Kim e-mailed me a great deal she found today on the 150 oz All 2X ultra laundry detergent (96 load). She found that the bottles that had the HE (High Efficiency) circled on the front are ringing up at $6.04. It looks just like the bottle shown here in the ad for $11.99 except it has the HE circled on the front. There was a $2/1 in today’s RP making it $4.04 after the Q. You may want to price check them in your store to see if you find the same thing.

Nice deal Kim! And thanks so much for sharing!

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8 Responses to “All 2x Ultra 150 oz for $4.04 After Qs”

  1. K says:


  2. Kerry says:

    unfortunately that’s the way these things work sometimes- not always the same everywhere- but always worth a shot.

  3. Kerry says:

    Kim found hers at the Cartersville,GA Target store.

  4. Margie says:

    thats an awesome deal!

  5. Georgia says:

    Wasn’t $6.04 at my Target (Hiram,GA)!! I even took 6 up to the scanner & they all rang up $11.99!! I wasn’t able to do the Johnson’s $1 off manuf. Q with the $.97 Johnson’s Sudzy Soap Bar. The register wouldn’t accept the Q & the girl wouldn’t over-ride it, because she said it had to be the Johnson’s products pictured on the Q! So,I took it to customer svc. & they wouldn’t over-ride it either! They manager told me that the register thinks that the $.97 soap bar is a trial size & the Q excludes trial sizes! I was very nice(u never get anywhere being rude) & explained that the soap WASN’T a trial size! But, she said if the register won’t accept the Q, there’s nothing they can do about it!! I’m NEVER able to get good deals using Q’s at Target!! :(

  6. Kerry says:

    Georgia- try not to lose faith. The next time you are going to Target- print out the coupon policy and take it with you to the store. Explain to them that the REASON the Q is beeping is because the Q is for more than the item! Then show them the line in the policy that states they adjust coupons down when they are for over the amount of the item.

  7. Georgia says:

    Thanks Kerry! I will do just that, because I really wanted that soap for my little girl!! I always seem to get the managers & employees that don’t have a CLUE!! I will b passing by another Target location tomorrow & I’m gonna try this again!! I sure hope I can find that ALL,because that is the only detergent I’m able to use with my allergies & asthma! So, when there’s a good deal I load up!! I love ur site,by the way! I learned of it from Michelle,over at IHEARTPUBLIX & IHEARTSAVINGMONEY!! Now,ur one of my regular sites,too!! Thanks for ur hard work!

  8. Katie says:

    All of the ones at my target here in TN were $11.99 UNTIL I went to the new bulk section *where the holiday stuff used to be … there were bottles with the he circled and they were $6.04.
    Good luck!!!

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