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Untitled - 2Margie has been at it again & I am so jealous. I was really tempted to run out tonight once my hubby got home- but I just have way too much to do and a TON of laundry calling my name! But she did report several clearance finds at 90% that you may want to look for. You never know what you might be able to find- especially if it is not all properly signed:

Here is what Margie found today:
Bounty 2pk paper towels, winter design w/ red mitten on front left side @.29 each
lucky bamboo w/ red netting @ $1.29 each
mini euro pine in silver gift bag w/silver tissue paper @ $1.09
Girls carter’s night gowns blue w/ penguins @ .89 each
Girls nick & nora pj’s w/ Christmas kittens and puppies  @ $1.49 each
Oreo’s regular wrapper w/ O R E O in white ornaments @ .27 each
Ritz crackers w/ “snowflake” written on box and snowflake design left side of box
disney princess lipgloss/watch sets @ .49 each
elf 3pkg lip gloss sets @ .30 each
ladies cozy socks black/red w/snowman @ .50 each
girls snowman/santa slipper socks @ .40 each
ladies 2pk socks (one pair has a light up snow globe, other pair  red/black polka dots)@ .40 each
scotch tape purple pkg ($1.99 printed on pkg) @ .19 each
mens holiday themed boxers @.79 each
dominos gift box sets made out of bamboo w/ leather case @ $1each
gift box light up screw driver @ .50 each
gift box 2pk electric mug set @ $1 each
Cookie tray w/ sugar & cinnamon cookies (my kids love these) @ .59 each
twin jersey sheet sets @$1.99
Mens GIJoe shirts @ .95 each

She has got lots of pictures up on her blog from her trip today HERE if you would like to take a look at what she found. Wow- you have been one busy girl Margie, Thanks for sharing your finds!

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11 Responses to “Clearance: 90% Off Finds Today”

  1. Melissa says:

    I may have to bundle up my little one and check to see if there’s anything left over at our stores around here! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Georgia says:

    Did she spend the whole day at Target? I wonder if she found all this in one place or had to go through the store section by section? The Hiram,GA store had their Christmas stuff at 90% off,but nothing left except bows,paper,& some ornaments!

  3. Ileana says:

    Just got back from Target and the 90% off section from yesterday was GONE! Everything cleared! But I was so happy I found 2 of the $1.49 pj’s for my kids! So thanks!

  4. Kerry says:

    Georgia- it is best to take a cruise around the whole store. They don’t necessarily move all holiday clearance items to the Holiday section- so it is worth a look around the whole store.

  5. Margie says:

    woohoo lleana! so glad you found some pj’s.

    Georgia, I did spend the whole day “target hopping” I have been doing this every year at 90% off for about 9 years. I found everything in the “regular” areas, not with the Christmas stuff. The scanner was my best friend!

    two other things to look out for(still taking stuff out of bags ;0))
    soft soap hand pump “cinnamon spice” @ .29 each
    boys carters pj’s (only up to size 5T) blue/ white @ .89 each

    So many things will be left behind and go back to regular price after 90% because people just dont know, that makes me sad ;0( soo heres hoping lots of goodies will be found!

  6. Traci says:

    Went to two different Targets today and found very little clearance stuff. One of the stores is actually being closed (very sad) and they were not marking stuff down, but packing it up to send somewhere else. An employee did tell me that the 90 percent stuff went in a matter of hours. The other store had a pitiful half aisle of 90 percent stuff that looked like rabbits had trampled it. No kids PJs on sale at all. Toys on the clearance aisle were STILL only 30 percent off.

    Oh well. I was just happy to get Juicy Juice at $1 each after my Target coupon and the temp. price cut. That made my trip worth it! Also found magnetic alphabet letters (like the ones you put on the refrigerator) in the dollar bin, son will love that.

    Margie, my hat is off to you. You are the champ! 🙂

  7. StephanieP says:

    Next to nothing at all left at the 2 stores near me in Orlando. I did get some socks for me and a box of Christmas cards. I also randomly found 2 Pampers Cruisers boxes marked down to from $29.96 $14.98 in my son’s size (with the $30 P&G coupons inside), so that kind of made up for it 😉 I’ll have to go back and look for the soft soap, though, because I’m down to 3 which is restock time.

  8. Katie says:

    Went to two stores today. I found some of the 2 pack ladies socks for 50 cents and some tape. Also, got some of the red bottle holiday method soap (can’t remember the scent). It was marked down to 1.48 and I had a $2 off MQ. They adjusted the q down to 1.48 so I got it free + tax. Couldn’t find anything else, but am happy with my few finds.

  9. Ileana says:

    Okay had my whole family going to different Targets again today LOL. Ended with 7 pj’s and 2 baby blankets for $13.43!! Thanks again so much, can’t beat that price!

  10. Margie says:

    wooo hoo lleana…thats awesome…i luv the baby blankets…they are sooo soft!

  11. Heather says:

    I was at my target yesterday and I was so irritated! All of the holiday PJ’s were pulled and put in unaccesable carts behind the dressing rooms and the employees would not let me purchase anything! They said that they had already deleted the items from the system and were being salvaged? 6 carts overflowing with tons of cute pjs….grrrr (the Tigard,OR store)

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