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memoAlthough it is not a huge ad for typical groceryneeds- I am pretty happy with the gift card deals, especially since razor deals will continue for another week. This will be a great opportunity to actually be paid for buying razors and body wash due to the new Olay Rebate HERE.  I will be getting my best deals of the week post together by this afternoon but I wanted to work on a separate post for the razors/Olay deal since there are several options.

I know some of you are frustrated because you are not finding the Olay deal. It is possible for it to be a regional deal, but it also could mean that your store just hasn’t gotten in the stock yet for it or it is not in their system yet. I think there are about 8 different kinds of Olay Body Wash- so if you haven’t found it- keep looking around for it and scan one or two and maybe the deal will turn up. I can’t guarantee that it will- but I will be hoping for you :).

For those who are planning to take advantage of this deal – I want to point out a few scenarios. I think one of the hardest things for some new couponers is to try and wrap their head around the fact that sometimes you buy things that you don’t need or won’t use in order to get a better deal or “make money” on what you buy. It doesn’t really matter if you won’t use it- if it makes you more money- not only is it in your best interest, but you can take those items you won’t use and donate to those less fortunate. Bring them to your local church, or food pantry, or homeless shelter. One of the beautiful things about couponing is that you can usually turn around and help others with your excess or unwanted items.

A perfect example would be to take a look at the following Scenarios which all try and accomplish 2 things- A. – qualify for the Olay Rebate to “make money” & B earn you gift cards. Let’s say for example that you have no need for razors- even if that is true- if you look at scenarios #1 & #2 which both include razors- they are a more profitable way to go than just buying the body wash. 

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Olay Body Washes or Bath Bar Bonus Pack $5.49

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Gillette Venus or Fusion Razors $6.99
Buy 3 Venus Breeze Razor $6.99 each
Buy 1 Gillette Fusion Razor $6.99 each
Buy 3 Olay Total Effects or other GC eligible Olay Body Wash for $5.49
= $44.43
-$6.00 (use three $2/1 Venus Breeze from 2-7 PG)
-$4.00 (use 1 $4/1 Gillette Fusion Razor from 2-7 PG)
-$16.47 (use 3 Buy Venus Get Olay Bodywash Free from 2-7 PG)
-$2.00 Venus or Fusion Mobile Target Q x2/20
= $15.96 OOP
–$15.00 (get back three $5 Gift Cards)
–$15.00 MIR wyb 3 Olay Body Wash HERE
= $14.04 Money Maker 

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Olay Body Washes or Bath Bar Bonus Pack $5.49
FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Venus Embrace Razors $6.99
Buy 2 Venus Breeze Razor $6.99 each
Buy 3 Olay Total Effects Body Wash or other GC eligible Olay Body Wash for $5.49
= $30.45
-$4.00 (use two $2/1 Venus Breeze from 2-7 PG)
-$10.98 (use 2 Buy Venus Get Olay Bodywash Free from 2-7 PG)
-$1/1 Olay Body Wash, Bar Soap, In-Shower Body Lotion, Any Except Trial Size – 01-17-10 PG
-$2.00 Mobile Target Q 
= $12.47 OOP
–$10.00 (get back two $5 Gift Cards)
–$15.00 MIR
= $12.53 Money Maker

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Olay Body Washes or Bath Bar Bonus Pack $5.49
Buy 3 Olay Total Effects Body Wash or other GC eligible Olay Body Wash
= $16.47
-$3.00 (use three -$1/1 Olay Body Wash 01-17-10 PG)
= $13.47 OOP
-$5.00 Gift Card
-$15.00 Rebate
= 6.53 Money Maker

Scenario #1 vs Scenario #3:
#3 spends $2.49 less OOP but #1 earns $7.51 more than #3

Scenario #2 vs Scenario #3:
#3 spends $1 less OOP but #2 earns $6.00 more than #3

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21 Responses to “Notes on the Preview for 2/14 & Olay Deal”

  1. Laura says:

    SCAN everything before you buy :). My 2 Targets only has the age effect body wash as part of the gift card deal. I went to the second Target store yesterday and scanned 4 different types of Olay body washes to be sure. This BOGO coupon and the razor deals also helps out if you are trying to buy $50 worth of PandG products for their year of savings coupon booklet.

  2. Michelle Spiess says:

    Few questions…first off when you say scan everything…do you mean that something will show up on the price scanner or take it to the register and have a cashier scan it to see if it pops up as a gc deal? Also, do the gc deals expire today or is it possible to buy coupons on ebay and taking advantage of these deals next week? Thanks for any advice you can give me! 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    I find the price-check kiosks and scan all my items. It will say when you scan the item “$5 gift card with purchase” on the right hand side of the screen. If your body wash in question doesn’t say that, you won’t get the gift card. I think the gc deals on the razors/body washes are running next week, but I am not a 100% sure. I am tempted to buy some more coupons on ebay 🙂

  4. Michelle Spiess says:

    Thanks Laura!! I think I’ll give it a try!! Even if it isn’t going…the coupons are pretty cheap…so at least we wouldn’t be out a lot of money! 🙂

  5. Terri says:

    Quick question about the mobile Qs. Can you use these more than once in a purchase? Or can you use them more than once in multiple purchases or are they a one time deal? Just wondering, I’m kind of confused about these Qs. Thanks alot.

  6. Kerry says:

    Hi Terri-
    my store allowed only one use per transaction. HTH

  7. Sara says:


    You’re not going to be able to do this deal and the P&G deal unless you ask the cashier to print you 2 receipts. Both the Olay and the P&G deal state you must have the original receipt.

  8. Molly says:

    I’m super confused! I thought there wouldn’t be any problems with this deal. Just tried to do the deal and was told since I used $2 off the razor coupon that I couldn’t use the buy the razor and get the olay free. Did I do something wrong? I was super embarrased and left without anything. But I have enough coupons to do the deal and I want to do it if I can! Thanks

  9. Kerry says:

    Nope you didn’t do anything wrong. You can use both. Try again and try handing over your BOGO coupons first, then hand over your $2/1 Qs, sometimes this seems to go smoother. If you still get turned down ask to speak to a manager and if they turn you down- ask them why? and please to show you where it says that you are not allowed to use a coupon on the razor if you get the body wash free. If they say it is one coupon per purchase- a purchase is ONE ITEM – the $2/1 is on the razor- the B1G1 is off the body wash.

  10. khughes33 says:

    I just want to clarify the new olay rebate. It is limited to one per person right? The wording seems a little funny so I wanted to see what you guys thought.

  11. Kerry says:

    Hey Katie- yes- I would say one per person- I believe it says something like one per address

  12. Michelle says:

    Just checking…these deals with the gift cards are still going on this week, right?

  13. Kerry says:

    Hey Michelle. Yes the are. You can always go to the Gift Card Deals Tab at the top of the page to see the dates for extended deals. Be sure and scan your items though. I have heard several reports that this is not working at some stores.

  14. Erin says:

    Does the first deal have to be split into multiple transactions? I can’t buy all four razors in one transaction and get 2 $5 giftcards can I?

  15. Anna says:

    I bought Venus Breeze and was able to use both the $2 Razor Q andthe FREE Olay Q. I quinced when she scanned the $2 Q because it only says Venus Spa Breeze. But NO beeps! I’m not sure if this is the same everywhere. I got this last week too with Venus Embrace. But that was all out of stock today!

  16. Kerry says:

    no it doesn’t you can get multiple GCs in one transaction. The register will prompt for one EACH time you meet the required purchse.

  17. Kel says:

    Hi. I am totally new to this. Can you please tell me more about buying your coupons on EBAY. I was wondering how you got the multiple coupons since the Sunday paper only has one per each item. I thought maybe you were buying several papers at once. Also, sounds silly, especially since I am not easily intimidated, but I am a little nervous about doing this and other transactions like this. I guess you get more confident as you go along. Just hoping it won’t be a big scene with managers and cashiers and lions and tiger and bears…oh, my…LOL ;D

    *btw, I am in south Florida.

  18. Laurie says:

    Does anyone have any suggestions. I am really frustrated with this deal. I went to Target this morning and bought 3 venus breeze razors, 1 gilette fusion and the 3 Olay body washes. Was told that I could only use one coupon per purchase. I tried to explain it meant 1 per item but they said nope they couldn’t do it. I walked out. I went to another Target and tried the same transaction and this time because my coupon beeped for the Olay body wash and said “Item not found” they said that they wouldn’t take the coupon. They tried to say it won’t work with the Target giftcard deal and then tried to say it was because I bought the Olay BW with a bonus.. AARRGGHH… I was sooo frustrated and spoke with another manager that tried to tell me that the coupon wasn’t in their system and they couldn’t accept it or override it. Soooooo frustrated at Target. Any ideas on why this is not working for me? I do think I handed over the $2 off coupon first and then the BOGO coupon, so has anyone verified that it doesn’t beep if they do the opposite?

    Thanks so much for your help,

  19. d silvia says:

    Do Ribbons count for the $15.00 rebate offer?

  20. Beth says:

    BTW, I was in today and there are NO body washes that work for a GC at my store (Douglasville, GA). So I just got the GC’s for the razors and the free Body Washes. Then I will submit the rebate. I will be back for the Kelloggs deals though.

  21. Kerry says:

    Hi Beth- can I ask if they had the bonus packs? Or did you just try it on regular body wash? tx!

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