Mar 142010

I was so happy to find a new Price Cut on the Airwick Freshmatic Ultra iMotion today. It is down to $6! This means FREE Airwick after coupons!

Airwick Freshmatic Ultra iMotion Starter Kit $6.00 (Price Cut until 4/10)
-$5/1 Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra i-Motion Starter Kit, any – 03-07-10 SS x4/18
-$1/1 Air Wick I Motion Starter kit Target Q PRINT x4/3
= FREE after both Qs!

The Airwick Scented Oil Starter Kit is also on Price Cut for $6 but will cost you $1 after Qs:

Airwick Freshmatic Scented Oil iMotion Starter Kit $6.00 (Price Cut until 4/10)
-$4/1 Airwick scented oil i-motion starter kit – 03-07-10 SS x4/18
-$1/1 Air Wick I Motion Starter kit Target Q PRINT x4/3
= $1 after both Qs

*Some Price Cuts do vary by region but not all stores always have signage- so price check your items to be sure.
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17 Responses to “Free Airwick Freshmatic Ultra at Target After Qs”

  1. Diana Sundquist says:

    Was just at my Target in Illinois and grabbed four of them.WOOHOO!!! Got 2 free and paid $1 a piece for the other 2. They also had the Lysol Neutra air ones priced cut to $6 There was a $4 coupon in today’s smartsource for them so $2 after coupon

  2. Angela says:

    I was at our Target this morning & saw these. I knew I had coupons but did not bring them with me. went all the way home to get them & the Target printables. Standing in Target looking for the printables & here I forgotten them!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRG. So instead of getting them for free, I paid 1.00 each.

    This is a great deal though 🙂

  3. amy says:

    I just got back and picked up four for free!

  4. Mercedes says:


    You can go abck with your receipt and coupon and do a “missed coupon” at guest services.


  5. amy11 says:

    These looks like a great offers. I live in Hackettstown NJ. I am kind a new coupon user so please can anyone tell me that how I can find smart source insert coupons. We haven’t subscribe any newspaper yet but I am not sure which newpaper carry smartsource coupuns?

  6. Kerry says:

    Hey amy- b4 you subscribe — on Sunday AM go down to the store that carries the most variety of newspapers in your area. Take a look in them and see what comes in them. Some smaller papers don’t carry all inserts. Once you do that for a few weeks and you see who consistently gives the best Qs then I would subscribe. Unless there are any fellow NewJersey readers who can offer any advice on which paper is best in her area?

  7. amy11 says:

    Thanks kerry. I will definately check in my area.And your website is impressive!

  8. Shanda says:

    Bought 2 today. Thanks!

  9. Kerstin says:

    Yay I got me two…. thanks!!!

  10. CouponLady1979 says:

    Just FYI, my store did not have these listed as $6 on the shelf, the tags underneath the items still say $13.98, but I took one over to the price check machine and it showed up as $6! So for anyone that doesn’t see them on “sale” price check them and they should ring up as $6!

  11. Melanie says:

    I bought 3 of these today but the TQ says 1 per transaction and my cashier was a stickler so I just did 3 seperate transactions and it worked fine.

  12. Kari C says:

    Go mine today in NoVa 🙂

  13. Katy says:

    I went to Target last night and there were none on the shelf. Completely sold out. I even checked the end caps. Nothing. Boo! 🙁

  14. Kerry says:

    Hey Katy- the TQ is good until 4/3 and the PC is good until 4/10 so fortunately u have time to wait for them to re-stock. HTH cheer u up 🙂

  15. James says:


    I went to Target today and was able to use the $5/1 Q on the oil iMotion + the target Q so got 4 FREE! Going back tomorrow armed with 8 more Q’s!

    Love the site and thank you for SLASHING our monthly outgoings. We are on a REALLY tight budget so now we are saving so much we are able to do more with the kids. Thank you for everything you do, keep up the good work!

  16. Sirena says:

    I sent my husband on the way home to get one and they were 13.98. I was like what they are supposed to be 6. So all disappointed i told him to come home and i stared reading the comments. Thank you so much Couponlady1979 for posting about them. I called my husband back really fast and had him price check it and sure enough 6 bucks. Going back tomorrow to get another one 🙂

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