Mar 152010

Here are more new price cuts in grocery. There’s quite a few that are under a $1 after Qs. Let me know if you spot any other Qs I missed. Normally there are several Betty Crocker Potato Qs out and I can’t find a one! The are gone off Betty Crocker and all the other printable sites- but I hope that & others come around before these price cuts end.

Betty Crocker Frosting Asst. Varieties 16 oz $1
-.50/1 Betty Crocker Frosting PRINT & PRINT
-.50/1 Betty Crocker Frosting, any – 02-07-10 SS x4/3
-.50/2- Save .50 cents wyb BC Frosting & Cake Mix PRINT
GDA: .50 cents each after Q
JELL-O brand Gelatin 3 oz. Box .46  
Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows .96
Musselman’s Applesauce 6-pack 4 oz Cups $1.58
Del Monte Canned Fruit Asst. Varieties .96 – $1.11
Del Monte Canned Vegetables (Green Beans, Corn & Peas) .75
Stove Top Stuffing $1.25
-$1/2 Stove Top Stuffing PRINT
GDA: .75 cents a box after Q wyb 2
Market Pantry Potato Flakes 7.6 oz Box $1.14
Betty Crocker Potatoes Asst. Varieties $1.25
Betty Crocker Potato Buds $2
Market Pantry 8″ or 10″ Tortillas $1.79
Market Pantry Salsa 24 oz Jar $1.79
Ortega Taco Shells Asst. Varieties $1.79
-.75/2; $1/2 Ortega Products any (2) – 01-24-10 SS x3/31
Swanson Chicken Broth Carton $1.99
Campbell’s Cream of Chicken & Cream of Mushroom Soups 4/$3 or .75 each
-$1/4 Campbell’s Great for Cooking Soups PRINT
-.30/3; .40/4; .25/3; .30/4 Campbell’s Condensed Cooking Soups 02-28-10 SS x4/30
GDA: the $1/4 makes them .50 cents each
Starkist Pouch Products 3/$4 or $1.33 each
(2.6 oz Albacore White, 3 oz Tuna Salad or 4.5 oz Tuna Creations)
-$1/2 StarKist Pouch Products 02-14-10 RP x5/9
-$1/2 StarKist Pouch Products Feb Issues of BH&G, Fam. Circle & Womans Day x5/23
-$1/1 Starkist Tuna Pouch Product HERE
.33 to .88 cents each depending on your Q
Hunts Canned Tomatoes 14.5 oz Asst .98
-$1/4 Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes ConAgra Rediscover Your Balance Booklet x5/30
GDA: .73 cents each if you have this booklet Q (no longer available)
Hunts Canned Tomato Sauce 8 oz .39 or 15 oz .73
-$1/5 Hunt’s Tomato Sauce, any ConAgra Rediscover Your Balance Booklet x5/30
GDA .19 (8oz) or .53 (15oz) cents each if you have this booklet Q (no longer available)
Hunts Canned Tomato Paste 12 oz $1.06
Rotel Tomatoes 10 oz Can Asst. Varieties .84
-$1/3 RoTel , any ConAgra Rediscover Your Balance Booklet x5/30
GDA: .51 cents each if you have this booklet Q (no longer available)
Kraft Dresing 16 oz Bottle  Asst. Varieties $1.93
-.50/1 Kraft Dressing 16 or 24 oz Target Q PRINT x4/11
Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams $2.75
-$1/1 Nabisco Crackers, any 6 – 16.5 oz. (DND/T 5) – 01-24-10 SS x3/31

Hunts Snack Pack 4-Pack Pudding .96
-.50/3 Sugar Free or Fat Free MQ on Sav-A-Lot Site PRINT
.80 cents each after Q for the Sugar Free or Fat Free varieties wyb 3

*Some Price Cuts do vary by region but not all stores always have signage- so price check your items to be sure.
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6 Responses to “New Price Cuts: 50¢ Frosting & More Cheap Finds”

  1. Aaryn says:

    I have 2 catalinas for 75 cents off one package of Musselman’s applesauce as well as a $1/2 coupon that I got off a 4 pack of Musselman’s. If anyone else has these, this is a good time to get some applesauce!

  2. Kerry says:

    Hey Aaryn- did you get the Musselman’s catalinas at Target- & if so what did you buy when u got it?

  3. Ileana says:

    Thanks this makes my birthday cake pretty cheap 🙂

  4. Kerry says:


  5. Kate says:

    You asked for it 😉
    Hope this works for you. I got the $1/2 q when I logged into my yahoo email today – there was an ad with this link on the side of the screen .


  6. Aaryn says:

    Kerry, I did get the Musselman’s catalinas at Target, but it was awhile back. They don’t expire til mid-April though. I bought Musselman’s applesauce to get them (maybe the big container?).

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