Apr 122010

I am still going through my SS insert from this weekend. I really was lucky and got some great Qs- including the B1G1 Ziploc Slider Bags. I must admit I was confused as to wther or not they were different from the regular bags, but when I got to Target yesterday they had them mixed in with the regular ziploc bags and I price-checked them. As long as they were the same size and count size- they were priced the same and included in the current Price Cut. If you have the Qs- here is a nice deal:

Ziploc Slider Bags 38 ct 1 qt or 28 ct. 1 gallon $2.27 (Price Cut Until 5/8)
-.55/1; .40/1; $1/2; Ziploc Bags, Any – 03-21-10 SSx5/15
-B1G1: Buy Any one Ziploc Slider Bags, Get One Free (up to $2.19) 4-11-10 SS x6/5
Buy 2 = $4.54 -$2.19 (max value of B1G1), -.55/1 = $1.80 for both or 90¢ each after Q

If you have not done your SC Johnson Rebates yet:

Ziploc Slider Bags 38 ct 1 qt or 28 ct. 1 gallon $2.27 (Price Cut Until 5/8)
-.55/1; .40/1; $1/2; Ziploc Bags, Any – 03-21-10 SSx5/15
-B1G1: Buy Any one Ziploc Slider Bags, Get One Free (up to $2.19) 4-11-10 SS x6/5
Buy 4 = $9.08  -$4.38 (max value of B1G1s), -.$1.10 (use two 55/1)
= $3.60 -$5 MIR wyb 3 SC Johnson Products (can do 3x per household)  HERE x7/15
=$1.40 MM for 4 after Qs & MIR

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9 Responses to “Ziploc Slider Bags 90¢ Each After Qs”

  1. Rob says:

    Thanks again!
    Didnt even know about the SC Johnson Rebate!

  2. Penny says:

    I have a question? I have a coupon B1G1 that I found on the inside of a box of cereal. How can I use it to get a better deal? I have the other coupons too.

  3. Kerry says:

    hey Penny it would just be the same as the B1G1 insert Q.

  4. Kimberly says:

    I tried this today and my Target would only let me use the B1G1 coupon…not the $1/2…I had two B1G1 and two $1/2…did I do that incorrectly. Still trying to get the hang of the coupon match ups but I wrote down what you said to make sure…and it didn’t work for me. 🙁 I’m not complaining because I still came out better than if I had to purchase 4 boxes full price…just completed my rebate so I will send it in!!!! Thanks for all the information you pass along!

  5. Kerry says:

    nope you did it right. Did you ask for a manager? If it had been me I would have laid all 4 boxes out and put 2 together and put the $1/2 on top of that and then a B1G1 on each of the remaining 2 boxes. If I had still gotten a no I would have pointed out that the coupon says “Buy 1 Get one free” not “Buy 1 without using a coupon to discount it and get one free”. If you didn’t seal that rebate envelope yet- you may want to bring your receipt, along with the $1/2 coupon into the store next time you go and have them do a missed coupon at CS. If they say no- ask for a manager and plead your case. It is perfectly legit to use the 2 B1G1s and the $1/2 since you were buying 4 boxes. hth

  6. Kimberly says:

    Okay…I’ll go back in there tomorrow. I know the cashier that I went to is usually at the customer service desk and I didn’t want to make a big deal of it. I’ve always been told to be nice and say okay and move on and take it to the customer service desk. I won’t go to her again if she is in the regular check out line.

  7. Kerry says:

    Hey Kimberly- I am definitely not saying to not be nice 🙂 You always catch more bees with honey :)- I am just saying to try and explain why they should be accepted. I just read another comment from a reader who said the registers at her Target are set up to not accept a B1G1 by having the B1G1 attach to both items. My store is not like this but it is possible your store is and a reason for the hard time. It can’t hurt to try though. I personally don’t agree that Target should deny it- but it is jmo.

    When a manufacturer does not want you to use an additional coupon on the B1G1 there are usually specific instructions on the coupon. There is actually a B1G1 for Purina Busy Bones in the 03-28-10 SS that has this type of wording that prevents you from using another Q on the item you are buying- if you want to bring it along to the store as an example. I don’t know if it will help- but worth a shot.

  8. Aaryn says:

    Here’s my deal scenario:
    Buy 3 slider bags at $2.27 each. Used B1G1 free coupon and a $.55/1 coupon.
    Buy 2 regular bags (snack and sandwich) at $2.27 each and used $1.50/2 internet printable (for any Ziploc bags).

    Total cost $11.35 -$4.32 Q =$7.03. Used a Target coupon that stated buy 5 SC Johnson products, get a $5 Target gift card (pulled from a magazine, can’t remember which one), so my total is down to $2.03. I will now submit for the $5 rebate as well, so I should have a $3.03 profit!

  9. Jen says:

    I did: Buy 6 (explain later) at $2.27 ($13.62), use .55/1 on each (down to $10.32), used the $5 Target GC WYB 5 products (last month’s Real Simple) (down to $5.32), submit for SC Johnson rebate = .32. I bought 6 hoping I could do 2 SCJ rebates on the same receipt but now I know I can’t. Still a great deal!

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