Apr 192010

I hope you all got your $5/1 Merona Handbag Coupon. Target has pulled it from their site after having it up for less than 48 hours. If you have interest in any of the other new coupons on their site right now HERE– you may want to just go ahead and print them.

You can reference the new Qs, their wording and their expiration dates on my post HERE. There are no clearance exclusions on the remaining Merona Qs and you have until the beginning of May to find a good deal- so I think it’s worth printing them – but the decision is yours. Just want to give you the heads up that they could disappear anytime just like the Handbag Coupon!

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14 Responses to “Bye Bye $5/1 Merona Handbag Coupon”

  1. Samantha says:

    I just went to print it a few minutes ago. I’m sad, but I can’t say I really need another handbag laying around!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Got one bag…for $2.00 and used the $1.00 off of Gerber Onesies (on clearance) for a new baby present. Thanks for all your help.

  3. Jackie Owens says:

    Oh gosh luckily I printed them this morning. I really do not understand why they make coupons but stingy about it in term of only make it available in such a short period.

  4. Joy says:

    They probably pulled it when they realized people were getting free handbags when they used it on clearance ones. Not saying this is wrong on our part, but just why it may have happened. The sock one will prob. disappear soon, too.

  5. Madison says:

    I still have my Target Q for the handbag. Am I allowed to still use it?? I don’t want to have any more problems using q’s at Target. Sometimes they can be soo rude there.

  6. Kerry says:

    Yes Madison- it should be honored- it is a valid coupon- and them pulling it down I think just means they don’t want any more printed.

  7. I got two free handbags with the handbag coupons! Glad I got it.

  8. maura says:

    I printed it. Are they good on tote bags too?

  9. Leisha says:

    Used mine yesterday for a clearance (3.75) handbag. The coupon rang up as the 3.75 rather than allowing the overage onto my other items. But yay I got a cute handbag for free!

  10. Mandi says:

    Other sites are reporting that the coupon code is still working on the Target website for the $5/1 Merona Handbag. The code is TGTMNAAS. There’s also FREE SHIPPING on women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories!

  11. Erika says:

    the coupons on the other merona stuff are down now :(

  12. Sharelle says:

    My mom and I printed our limit and snagged free bags!!! I’m so glad we got them. Because they were store qs, we didn’t even get charged tax!

  13. StephanieP says:

    The code DOES still work online! I’m not getting a clearance bag, but there are plenty of cute ones on sale that make for a really good price! Thanks, Mandi!!

  14. janelle says:

    i just used mine at the store. they beeped. i’m not sure what the restriction is, but I got two small canvas type Merona bags (possibly the hobo style that others have mentioned?) that were clearanced to $7.00 each (making them $2 a piece). The one I really like and will keep. The other is kind of cute too, but I bought it bc it was cheap and figured I could resell at my upcoming garage sale for a profit. Plus, I had money on a GC so it was $0 oop for me!

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