Apr 202010

ABout 2 weeks ago when I knew that there was another $4/1 Q coming for the Scotch Furfighter in the inserts, I scanned one of the smaller Packages to verify the shelf price of $5.99. It scanned at $4.99, I made a mental note and went on my way. I never posted it because after the coupon came out- I did a re-check to see if it was still ringing up at $4.99 and it came up $5.99 and I chalked it up to a mistake on my part – being over-tired and such etc…

This past Sunday when I was in I scanned it yet again cuz it was bugging me (plus I think I have a scanning addiction :) ), and it scanned at $4.99 again! I was so confused. So I started scanning a bunch- some came up $4.99 some came up $5.99 even though the shelf tags all say $5.99. So here is what I noticed….

There are 2 different packages. They are identical in every way except for the wording in the small blue starburst at the top right corner & the UPC codes. The one ringing up for $4.99 in my store says “”Look for Refills in the Cleaning Aisle” and has a UPC code of 5114123186 , (the one for $5.99 says “Best You’ve ever used Guaranteed” and has a different UPC code.) I am not sure if this will be the same in all stores- but it is worth a shot to price check the ones I mentioned if you can find them, as they will be .99 cents after Q.

Scotch Furfighter Pet Hair Remover (UPC # 5114123186) $4.99
-$4/1 Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover for Upholstery, Any – 04-11-10 SS x4/30
= .99 cents each after Q

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4 Responses to “Scotch Furfighter Certain Packages Possibly .99¢”

  1. Michelle M says:

    OK!!!! So My husband looks at this Great Deal!!! and tellS Me I have a REAL PROBLEM!!! You see after reading this Post I ran out and picked up, 8 of them, I had a $5.00 gift card, so it only cost a little over $3.00 for all of them, So I asked WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS????? Could not have been the cost….His REPLY, WE DON’T HAVE A PET!!!!!

  2. Kerry says:


  3. Nicole says:

    LOL! That is too funny!!!!

  4. Jen says:

    I actually found these on clearance at my Target the other day for $3.48 (30% off of reg price $4.99)! On the package that was clearanced, the little blue burst in the top right corner says “The BEST you’ve ever used…Guaranteed!*
    UPC: 051141 231860
    DCPI: 002-09-0271
    These were the ones located on an endcap near the storage totes, etc. I scanned the ones near the cleaning supplies and they rang up full price and had a different UPC which I think ended in a 6 or something.
    HTH! :)

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