Apr 212010

Don;t forget the $1 Ink Refills at Walgreen’s tomorrow. There is a coupon in their ad this week that you hand over with your ink cartridge and they will refill it for $1. What a great deal. Valid on both color and black ink and you can see a list of refillable brands and cartridge numbers they refill HERE.

Thanks to Christie at Wild For Wags!

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4 Responses to “Reminder $1 Ink Cartridge Refills at Wags 4/22”

  1. Raeme says:

    My cartridges are only 3/4 empty is it still ok to refill them?

  2. Kelly says:

    FYI… They told us today that they would refill up to 5 black or color cartridges for the $1/ea. cost (although there’s no specific wording on the in-ad coupon about limits). HTH!

  3. Amanda says:

    Phew, thanks, Kelly. I thought my husband was going to get us banned from Walgreens! I sent him with three cartridges but forgot to tell him they might only fill one. He came back and told me, “they were only going to let me fill one, but I asked her did it say only one anywhere on that coupon? No. You sent me with a coupon and I was not going to mess up my mission!”


  4. Kelly says:

    We had taken 2 cartridges up to the store to inquire, and they took both and told us we could actually get up to 5 cartridges total refilled for $1 each, so we brought 2 more up right away after that. Since they had forgotten to include any limit info on the in-ad coupon, now I wonder if the Walgreens locations were told 5 total by their corporate office, or if they each set their own limit? Glad to hear they filled all 3 of your cartridges!

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