May 132010
Just when we thought we couldn’t get any happier with Nivea- they have a teaser on their facebook page for Happy Hour sometime today! This comes from their facebook page: 

“we will be having NIVEA Happy Hour with a giveaway, coupon, or special prize be on the lookout tomorrow for our special giveaway. But check your newsfeed often as it will only be up for one hour and then it will be gone! But don’t worry we will have Happy Hours every Thursday this summer and who knows what we’ ll come up with to help you spread happiness.”

You can go to facebook and like them HERE. I have recycling this morning and don’t know when I will get back- but will try and let you know if I am around when it goes live!

-Thanks for the heads up to Heather at MySweetSavings!

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4 Responses to “Nivea Happy Hour Today”

  1. mary says:

    Hopefully it’s better than the facebook incentive that Hot Wheels had!!! They built it up to be so exciting… and then it turned out to be a measly 10% off their online store (or something like that). Gee, thanks for the generosity, Hot Wheels.

  2. Laura says:

    “I have recycling this morning”………….. Do you not have curbside & have to take it somewhere?
    Just curious to what that statement meant.


  3. Kerry says:

    I have a little private recycling program at a local Church where I help sort, unload, etc- in turn I get extra inserts, and they get all my food & other donations for their food pantry- and I am very late! LOL 🙂

  4. Marcia says:

    It’s up now – they’re high value coupons. Waiting for a good sale to use.

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