May 272010

Rachel E was in for a surprise money maker today at her Target due to a $5 OYNO (on your next order) Catalina that popped out from Kraft. I am not saying this will work at all Target Locations, as many stores do not even have catalina machines installed. But thanks to Rachel I can list the qualifying products for you and it is worth a shot to try if your Target has them. Let us know in the comments if this is working for you too!

Purchase Dates: 5/21/10 – 6/13/10

Qualifying Products:
Kraft singles 10.7 – 48 oz
Kraft Real Mayo 16 – 32 oz,
Kraft Miracle Whip 16 – 32 oz
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meat 7-16 oz

Catalina Variations:

Buy (2) & get $1.00 coupon off your next shopping trip
Buy (3) and get $2.50 coupon off your next shopping trip
Buy (4) or more and get $5.00 coupon off your next shopping trip

Rachel did this today at the Deptford, NJ Target:
She Bought 4 Oscar Mayers lunch meats @$2.79 each = $11.16
-$2.79 (used B3G1: FREE Oscar Mayer lunchmeat wyb 3 Target Q PRINT x6/5
-$4.00 (used four -$1/1 package of Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meat HERE)
= $4.37  & got back a $5 Off Catalina coupon good off her next order!
= .63 cent money maker after coupons & catalina!

-Thanks so much for sharing & for the picture Rachel!

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30 Responses to “Kraft Catalina Deal at Target for Some”

  1. Lynn in MD says:

    Great deal! Thanks for sharing Rachel.

  2. Sarah says:

    I bought 4 Deli Shaved OM lunch meats today in Tampa, FL and did not get a Cat. They do have machines at this store but I did not get any other coupons today so I could not confirm if the machine was actually operational during my checkout. Do you think it is only Super Targets? I still had the $2 facebook q’s so it was still almost free for me anyway! Awesome deal for some though!

  3. Mary says:

    I did this deal twice: in East Brunswick, NJ and in Monmouth Junction, NJ. Both of these stores have catalina machines, but I did not get this coupon. Both times I only got 10 dollars off a children’s sonicare toothbrush. Perhaps it is new, but I don’t have enough coupons to find out anymore! 🙁

  4. nicole says:

    I am in Missouri and did not get this.

  5. Jenni says:

    I will be visiting the same Target that Rachel did (in Deptford, NJ) tomorrow, so I’m definitely going to try this out! Maybe it’s a regional catalina?

  6. Kerry says:

    Yes- I don’t think you will find this everywhere- but definitely something to try espcially if you are going to do a deal involving these products and have the coupons. The whole catalina thing is still being tested out but it is exciting to see an actual offer like this. If they are in fact testing these kinds of manufacturer offers instead of just all random coupon prints- maybe in the future we can see it on a national level. I really hope so, since it would definitely add a whole new dimension to Target shopping!

  7. Mandy says:

    I bought the deli meat as well in Kansas City a couple of days ago and didn’t get that catalina but, I received others on some of my other products so I know the machines were working. Oh well, after the coupons I had it was still a great deal!

  8. Traci A. says:

    I am in the suburbs north of Houston, TX and got this nice little surprise yesterday. Bought 2 Oscar Meyer deli fresh ham and 2 deli fresh turkey breast. They were $ 2.79 each. I used the B3/G1 Target Q and 2 $2/1 IP’s and 2 $1/1 IP;s for a total of $ 8.79 off making my total OOP $ 2.37 for 4 packages or 59 cents each. Then the $5 oyno Catalina popped out. Surprise, surprise! Can you say Money Maker? I also got the $1 off your next purchase pf Huggies WIpes Catalina that is a TARGET coupon! Woo Hoo! Can you say stacking? I have had super luck with these at my Target and will keep going back!

  9. Karen says:

    I could only wish they did that at my Target! We don’t even get the q’s that spit out when you get your receipt anymore!?!

  10. Amy says:

    We have the machines but they didn’t spit out a $5 cat. for me when I bought the four deli meats. I’m in Northern Iowa. Wish it would have though!

  11. Annette says:

    I bought 4 of the lunch meats on 5/25 in Sherwood, OR and didn’t get a catalina. We have the machines and I’ve gotten some good coupons from them, but no catalinas yet. Let’s hope they’re coming, that would be awesome!

  12. Cynthia says:

    Hi Tracy…
    I’m from Huntsville, TX and frequent the Targets all along I-45 North…Where exactly did you find this Target that prints out the $5 catalina..? You said Suburbs North of Houston was it Spring, Woodlands, or Conroe??

  13. Sadie says:

    I visited the Orem, UT Target tonight and sadly I didn’t get the $5 catalina.

  14. Melinda P says:

    I’m in Southern California, purchased 4 OM deli fresh meats and did not get a catalina. That’s okay, I got 4 packages of roast beef for 3.87, I’m totally happy. 🙂

  15. Shelly T. says:

    I did not try for the Kraft deal, but I thought I would give you heads up on some catalinas that I received last night. I received a catalina for a package of FREE Always liners. (maximum retail value $5.00 on Always Liners)!! I was very surprised. My local Target just got the catalina machines in this week so this was my first one. I also received a $3.00 off any Always liners, and a 75 cents off any one Ban product. I did three different transactions for rebates. Yay for the catalina machine. I am excited about it.

  16. Shelly T. says:

    Oh, I should have added I did not purchase any feminine hygiene products. So it may not matter what you buy to receive a particular catalina.

  17. Rachel Edgar says:

    Cynthia, the post that I saw this catalina first on was and the girl was also from TX who received it. Jenni, let us know if you get the catalina!!

  18. anne says:

    i received the huggies wipes 1 off target catalina two days in a row, and a sonicare kids toothbrush catalina too.

  19. christel says:

    Didn’t work for me at (West Glen) Super Target in WDM, IA.

  20. Aaryn says:

    I’m also in North Houston. I haven’t done this deal, but I did get an non-coupon from the catalina machine about this deal. Basically it says buy participating Kraft products between 5/21 and 6?13 and save x amount on a future trip.

  21. Lily says:

    I did this deal at a Katy, TX store and it worked with the kraft singles.

  22. tiffani says:

    I bought 4 of the deli fresh lunchmeats but all I got was $1 off a Boston Market frozen entree. :/

  23. tiffani says:

    Btw that was at a normal Target. I’m gonna go get some more at the SuperTarget near my house today so I’ll see what happens there.

  24. michelle says:

    this worked at the Target in Marlton, NJ 🙂

  25. R M says:

    I shop at BI-lo grocery store and a catalina is printing there wyb the kraft dressings these are on sale this week., also cats are printing wyb totinos pizzas. wahoo !

  26. Nicole says:

    I am in Indiana and did this deal tonight and did not get the cataline :(…but the deal on the lunchmeat WAS amazing!!

  27. Maria S. says:

    Tricia A.,
    Would you please tell me what Target in Houston?
    I live in Houston, hope the Target you went to is around Sugar Land, Astrodome, or Pearland.
    Thank you

  28. Maria S. says:

    I just remembered that I received a Catalina coupon recently at the Target in Pearland, TX on 518/288. Hopefully I can get there today to try for the Kraft catalina using the deli meat coupons.

  29. missdeally says:

    wish i would have read the comments before i hit target today. i wouldn’t have been so disapointed. i knew it was a gamble though. didn’t get free lunch meat but i did get three motrin pm that were on sale for 3.49 instead of 3.99 so i got 1.50 overage with my store and manufacturer q’s.

  30. Maria S. says:

    Kraft $5.00 catalina worked for me this evening at the Target in Pearland, TX on 518/288.
    I purchased 4 packages of the Kraft Deli meat at $2.79 each, only reg priced at $2.89, used 3-$1.00 off any 1, 1 $1.50 off shaved, 1 Target B3G1 free, and received the Kraft $5.00 Catalina.
    I sure hope this stuff tastes the same after freezing.

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