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So I was just in sheer awe of the Olay inclusions in the Gift Card Deal. There literally must be at least 25-30 products included. There is at least one money maker I see but only good until tomorrow – as the coupon needed will expire 5/31.

Buy 2 Olay Foaming Face Wash Sensitive Skin 6.76 oz ($3.69) = $7.38
-$4.00 (use two $2/1 Any Olay Facial Cleanser or Complete Facial Moisturizer 5-2-10 PG x5/31
= $3.38 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 2
= $1.62 Money Maker after coupons & Gift Card

Even if you didn’t have a coupon to your name it is easy to get a great deal:

Buy 2 Olay Refreshing Toner ($2.99) = $5.98
– $5 Gift Card back wyb 2
= .98 cents for 2 or .49 cents each after gift card

If you didn’t make it to Target today- maybe this picture will give you an idea of just how littered the Olay aisle is with Gift Card Deal signs. If you can make it by tomorrow – it is super easy to put together a nice deal and even aim for a bigger money maker with the Olay Rebate. So maybe you won’t be able to find 14 Foaming Facial Wash at $3.69 but there are other facial cleansers in the lower price ranges that should get you there if you have enough coupons. Here’s one idea:

Buy 6 Foaming Face Wash ($3.69) = $22.14 AND 6 Age Defying Daily Cleanser $(4.69) = $28.14
= $50.28
– $24.00 (use (12) $2/1 Any Olay Facial Cleanser or Complete Facial Moisturizer 5-2-10 PG x5/31
= $26.28 – $30.00 (get back six $5 Gift Cards)
= $3.72 MM -$20 MIR wyb $50 in Olay Moisturizers Treatments & Cleansers HERE x6/30
= $23.72 Money Maker after coupons, Gift Cards & Rebate

You can also do these in separate transactions and roll your Gift Cards so that you don’t have to come out of pocket as much. You can buy the Toner for your deal too- as I should note that I found all these products listed on the Olay site under Cleansers. So you can even replace the $2.99 Toners with some of the products in the above scenario for an even bigger money maker. Here’s a few other products I saw $5.99 and under:

Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash with Aloe $4.49
Olay Age Defying Daily Cleanser $4.69
Olay 30 ct Express Daily Facials Cloths $4.49
Olay Daily Facials 30 ct Deep Cleansing Facial CLoths $5.99
Olay Clarify & Cleanse Daily Scrub $5.99
Olay Regenerist CLeansing Cloths $5.99
Olay Regenerist Daily Cleanser $5.99

And there are much more in the higher price ranges. Grab all the Olay coupons you can find and head on down to Target. 🙂 Here’s a a roundup of some coupons and don’t forget- if you are using your P&G coupons you will need to do this by tomorrow!

$2/1 Olay Facial Cleanser or Complete/Active Hydrating Facial Moisturizer 5-02 PG x5/31
$1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser, any – 05-02-10 PG x5/31
$1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizer, any – Rouge, May 2010
$1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser, any – 05-16-10 SS

ALSO: The Olay Quench Body Lotion is included in the Gift Card Deal too, however- this will not qualify for the rebate. But if you like the lotion it makes for a nice deal:

Buy 2 Olay Quench Body Lotion 8.4 oz size ($4.49) = $9.98 
– $2.00 (use two $1/1 Olay Body Wash,Bar Soap or Hand & Body Lotion 5-02 PG x5/31
= $7.98 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 2
= $2.98 for 2 or $1.49 each after coupons and Gift Card

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54 Responses to “Olay Money Maker at Target- But Act Quick!”

  1. David says:

    Kerry – I am thinking she made a typo. She didn’t specify a size, although given the price of other Olay lotions in yellow boxes, i’d say it would HAVE to be a trial size.

  2. Kerry says:

    maybe 😉 I will admit that when I went back in to finish my rebate yesterday I made a mad dash for the travel size Olay soap and scanned it JUST IN CASE! but a no go- LOL.

  3. David says:

    haha — as did I, Kerry. It can’t hurt, right? Although I hate shelf-clearing, I might have done so myself if it was eligible.

  4. Steph says:

    Loving this deal…dumb question though 🙂 Like most in this situation I’m sure, I had to buy 14 items to meet the $50 rebate requirement & there are only 8 lines for UPC codes on the form. I know that some companies can be real sticklers for following protocol on the forms – should we write codes on the back? additional sheet of paper? or just include a quantity after the UPC code? Thoughts? 🙂

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