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One of those mornings for me for sure! I was practically in tears from my own glitch on my Cheap Finds Page that caused it to become completely un-editable for me. I spent 3 hours this morning fixing it- and lost all my updates for the last 4 days as a result. It’s ok though and it’s fixed and yes I have to back track and re-do work already done- but the important thing is- it’s fixed.

But it got me thinking about the glitches that have yet to be fixed at Target. AND HOW ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATING IT IS! Quite frankly, I pretty much have figured out how to completely work around it all together. I know what I need to do to avoid problems when doing Gift Card Deals, but many of my readers don’t.

Instead of putting a whole big explanation on every Gift Card Deal I report- I would love to have an instructional post for people to refer to with a link- and this is it. For those of you who keep plugging away despite the coupon mine field at Target these days- I hope this helps make your deals go smoother by explaining what you can do to avoid the troubles.

This is what I have named this beast of a coupon glitch. And here’s what I know:

#1. It only applies to Gift Card Deals
while there are a couple other glitches going on- this invisible $10 only seems to affect Gift Card Deals

#2. When  items prompting a Gift Card are scanned- the register automatically applies what I believe it sees as a $10 manufacturer coupon to your transaction. This is not a good thing and by no means a $10 discount. All it does is make you have less available merchandise value available to use coupons on. It also does not seem to matter how many items you need to buy- whether it is 2, 3, 4 or more items- the glitch remains constant at $10 per deal.

#3. Target Coupons appear to scan just fine against this $10 glitch.
There are some Target coupons that behave badly on their own- this has nothing to do with the $10 glitch. When you have a pleasant, working, scannable Target Coupon, the computer SEEMS to accept it in a Gift Card deal no matter your total, which is why I believe this $10 is applied as a manufacturer’s coupon. SO USE YOUR TARGET COUPONS LAST.

#4. Total Transaction Value after the glitch must meet or exceed your actual coupon value:
If you do not have enough item value to cover your coupon value after the glitch- manufacturer coupons will not scan properly. If you are doing a gift card deal you must pretend (along with the register 🙄 ) that someone took a $10 manufacturer and scanned it already, thereby reducing how much room you have to use other manufacturer coupons.

#5. Employees cannot force your manufacturer’s coupons through:
While many times your manufacturer’s coupons can be entered in as Target Coupons and be fine. All stores are definitely not willing to do this. And as far as I know- there is nothing they can do to force your MQs through as MQs. The computer absolutely will not allow it for the sole reason that according to it- you don’t have anything left to use a coupon on.

#6. The amount of the Glitch may vary depending on the Gift Card Amount Issued:
If you are being awarded a $10 Gift Card for purchasing an item(s)- this $10 Glitch may now become a $20 glitch- so keep that in mind. The total amount of the glitch will likely be twice the amount of the Gift Card being earned.

For many of us- we don’t encounter these problems because we are doing a whole shop at Target, there are plenty of items to absorb all the coupons we want to use. Where people run into trouble is when they are only doing Gift Card Deals in their order with little or nothing else in their transaction. If you are just interested in grabbing Gift Card Deals- you can either hope that your store will push some of your coupons through as Target Coupons- OR you can apply the following formula to a deal you want to do:

Add up the total cost of the items you are buying to get a gift card deal BEFORE coupons
Now MINUS the invisible $10 and you will get your MAGIC NUMBER
This magic number is how much value in coupons you can use without problems.
If you have LESS total value in coupons than the magic number you have no worries
If you have MORE total value in coupons than the magic number, you will need to purchase other items in your transaction to absorb the remaining coupon value.


EXAMPLE #1- I want to do this deal:
giftcardsm3 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any 5 Select Glade Holiday Air Care Items*
So I decide to buy 5 Glass Candle Holders = $14.95
MINUS invisible $10 = $4.95. SO $4.95 is my magic number.
I have (5) $1/1 coupons I want to use = $5. This is more than my magic number, so I need the difference (.05 cents) in merchandise to absorb my remaining coupon value. If I don’t- then the 1st 4 coupons will scan fine, and the 5th will scan at .95 cents because that’s all the computer sees me having available to use a coupon on. So I buy a banana or whatever for at least .05 cents or more and I am fine.

EXAMPLE #2- I want to do this deal:
FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any 3 Select Dial Soap or Body Wash Items $3.99*
So I decide to buy 3 Dial Body Wash = $11.97
MINUS invisible $10 = $1.97. SO $1.97 is my magic number.
I have (3) $1/1 coupons I want to use = $3. This is more than my magic number, so I need the difference ($1.03) in merchandise to absorb my remaining coupon value. If I don’t- then the 1st coupon will scan fine, the 2nd will scan at .97 cents, and the 3rd at $0.00. So instead I buy a dozen eggs for $1.39 and all 3 coupons scan normal.

EXAMPLE #3- I want to do this deal:
giftcardsm3 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any 2 Arm & Hammer Cat Litter $12.99*
So I decide to buy 2 Arm & Hammer Cat Litter = $25.95
MINUS invisible $10 = $15.95. SO $15.95 is my magic number.
I have (2) $1/1 coupons I want to use = $2. This is LESS than my magic number, so I dont need to do anything and my coupons will scan just fine.

I also want to add in another way to look at this whole thing that may be easier for some to remember. I know I tend to be over-analytical- and perhaps the following way that Derek has of looking at it will work better for some:

Just remember that your total cannot go below 2x the amount of the gift card earned when using manufacturers coupons. So say for example you earn one $5 gift card, your total cannot go below $10 using manufacturer’s coupons. If your MQs will take you below this $10 they will either need to be pushed through as Target coupons, or you will need more items to absorb them. Use your Target coupons LAST, as these can take your total below the $10. This will apply to each deal you do- so remember- if you are earning two $5 Gift Cards, now you can’t go below $20 and so on. (-Thanks so much Derek!)

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