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Such PERFECT timing!!! 🙂 I posted last night about how there are tons of Olay inclusions on the P&G Gift Card Deal last night- and now there is a new Olay rebate HERE. (Thanks Heidi!) The rebate is for: $20 MIR wyb $50 worth of Olay Facial Cleansers, Moisturizers and Treatments. Products must be purchased between 11/1/10 – 1/31/11. It does not have to be on one receipt.

Have absolutely no coupons? This is still a money maker! You get a $5 Gift card thru 11/6 wyb any 2 participating P&G items. There are many Olay inclusions- so here’s one thought…

Buy 8 Foaming Face Washes ($3.50) and Buy 8 Refreshing Toner (2.84)= $50.72
-$40 in Gift Cards (8) $5 Gift Cards for Buying 16 Products
=$10.72 – $20 MIR wyb $50 worth of Olay HERE
= $9.28 money maker

Remember, you can roll your Gift Cards into the next transaction to cut down on your out of pocket expense too. You can buy 2 toner spend $5.68 out of pocket, get back a $5 Gift Card. Now buy 2 more toner, use your Gift Card from transaction #1 to pay .68 out of pocket and so on….

Here is a quick List of what I saw included at my store… I am sure there were others I just didn’t catch. Was tired and wanted to get home for Halloween ;). But it gives you a good idea of what you have to choose from. Remember sale prices can vary by region…

Olay Refreshing Toner 7.2 oz $2.84
Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash with Aloe 7 oz $3.50
Olay Foaming Face wash 6.78 oz $3.50
Olay Active Hydrating Cream 2 oz $4.78
Night of Olay Firming Cream 2 oz $4.78
Olay Total Effects Daily Moisturizer 1.7 oz $18.04
Olay Clarify Daily Scrub 6 oz $4.78
Olay Express Facials 30 ct. $4.26
Olay Daily Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloths 30 ct $5.69
Olay Total Effects Citrus Scrub 6.5 oz $8.54
Olay Total Effects Anti Blemish Cleanser 5 oz $6.11
Olay Complete Sensitive Lotion 4 oz $7.30
Olay Total Effects Wet Cleansing Cloths 30 ct $5.69
Olay Total Effects Cream 6.5 oz $7.87
Olay Age Defying Daily Cleanser 6.78 oz $4.45
Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid 6 oz Original or Sensitive $9.01
Olay Complete Sensitive Moisturizer 2 oz $6.16
Olay Total Effects Eye Transform Cream 5 oz $18.04

So now let’s talk coupons and bring up the unfortunate beast (the GLITCH) that WILL affect your deals depending on what you buy. First- her’s a list of the current Olay coupons that will be applicable to all or some of these products:
-$1/1 Olay Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer 10-10 OR 10-31 PG
-$1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser, any – Rouge, Fall 2010
-B1G1 Olay Ribbons Body Wash, wyb (1) Olay moisturer* 10-31-10 PG – valid up to $6.00
*(Total Effects, Definity, Regenerist, Pro-X Facial)

So the easiest thing to remember is that your total PER $5 Gift Card Deal, CANNOT fall below $10 AFTER using manufacturer coupons. This makes it impossible to buy the lesser expensive items with coupons (as for some of them – the Toner, Face Wash & others may not even hit $10 BEFORE coupons!) If that is the case- wou will have to add other items into your transaction to do this deal to absorb your coupons.

So here’s an example of what I may do when I go back on Tuesday to pick up Toy Story 3:

Buy Toy Story 3 Blu-ray 4-Disc Combo Pack $24.99 and Buy 3 SPaghettiOs .89 and
Buy 8 Foaming Face Wash ($3.50) and Buy 1 Gallon of Milk $3.09
= $58.75
-$8/1 Disney Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray Combo Pack – Sign in HERE
-$1/3 Campbell’s Condensed Kids Soup or SpaghettiOs HERE
-$4.00 (use four $1/1 Olay Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer 10-10 PG
-$4.00 (use four $1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser 10-31 PG
= $41.75

I needed to end up with a subtotal of at least $40 to cover the glitch (4 Gift Card Deals x $10 each) and I have, so all my coupons will have scanned fine) and now I will get back…

$20 Back in Gift Cards (four $5 Gift Cards for buying 8 products)
$5 MIR wyb 3 Campbell’s Soup (Condensed Kids) or Spaghetti-O’s & Toy Story 3 HERE
= $16.75 that I paid for the Blue-Ray, the Spaghettios & the 8 Face Wash after Campbell’s MIR, coupons and Gift Cards, and I am more than halfway toward my Olay rebate. Note that I am not 100% sure you will be able to do both rebates. I plan to request a duplicate receipt at checkout and I will use that one to submit for the ToyStory 3 rebate. The form does not say “original” so I am hoping the duplicate one will work. You should let them know you will need a duplicate receipt when you go to check out if you plan to do this too.

Hope that makes sense to everyone- I know it’s complicated and one big pain in the tushy to have to account for the Glitch- but it is workable. Now IF I wanted to- I could just go ahead after I complete transaction #1 and say the heck with using more coupons- let me now just do this…

Buy 8 Toners = $22.72
-$20 (pay with $20 in Gift Cards I just earned from Transaction #1)
= $2.72 out of pocket
– $20 MIR wyb $50 worth of Olay HERE
-$20 Back in Gift Cards (4 more $5 Gift Cards for buying 8 products)
= $37.28 (minus $36.75 – less $20 in Gift Cards I used from #1 & $16.75 spent in T#1)
= .53 cent money maker FOR: 16 Olay Products, Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray, 1 Gallon of Milk & 3 SpaghettiOs. Not too shabby. 😉 The only problem I may run into is the duplicate receipt working for the Toy Story 3 and SPaghettiOs. But if it doesn’t, I will still have only paid $4.47 for everything when it is all said and done.

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54 Responses to “The Olay Deal Now Super HOT with New Rebate!”

  1. Jodi says:

    I meant to say along with the Olay deal.

  2. Juliet says:

    I had a bit of a difficult time at Target doing this, but in the end they honored my coupons along with the GC purchases. I ended up doing a total of 7 transactions. I bought $107 in product, rolled $30 in GC, used $41 in coupons and paid $36 OOP and will be getting $20 in Olay rebate, plus have a $5 Target GC left over for next visit. Total I’m spending $11 for $107 / 24 items.

    picture of items can be see here:

  3. Sally says:

    Tried my deal today. Face Wash was marked $3.79, but the REGUALR PRICED TAG underneath the GC tag was for $3.69. Of course they rang up at the higher price and I forgot to watch carefully to correct the cashier. I am annoyed! However, I did pull off my plan:

    Buy 2 Olay Face Wash $3.79 ea. = $7.58
    Buy 3 TGIF frozen meals $5.99 ea. = $11.98
    -$5.99 B2G1 TGIF sale
    -$2 (two $1/1 Olay facial cleanser)
    -$6 (three $2/1 TFIG meals)
    -$4/2 TGIF meals Target Q
    TOTAL $7.56 + tax and earn $5 GC

    Repeated and used the $5 GC to pay for 2nd transaction, TOTAL $2.56 + tax and earn $5 GC

    Then got the Ore-Ida deal, buying 3 for $4.98 + tax and paid with 2nd $5 GC and it was free + tax, yay! Net spent including tax was about $6 when you prorate the Olay gift card I will get later. Not bad at all, thanks for the deals!

  4. Sally says:

    Oops, my scenario wasn’t laid out perfectly, but the totals listed at the end are right. LOL.

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