Nov 202010

These are the best deals I see for the pre-Black Friday Ad for 11/21 – 11/24. We’ve got some pretty hot deals going on this week! Please keep in mind it is possible for some sales & prices to vary by region. This post is just a highlight- the complete ad with matchups is HERE. It is always a good idea to PRINT the coupon policy and take it with you & bring your reuseable bags for 5¢ credit each. If you are looking for Q’s for other items on your list, check the Coupon Database to see where you can find it or if there is a link to a printable available.

IN- AD COUPONS (Valid thru 11/24 Only)
*I think some of the In-Ad coupons are fabulous this week! They should make for some GREAT deals. As long as you follow the terms on the coupon- you can use them on other things- not just what Target matched them to in the ad, so keep this in mind. Some of them have specifics and exclusions, but many do not. For example- the 50% off ANY 2 Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, or Littlest Pet Shop is a great coupon!

Let’s say you have your heart set on a $30 Littlest Pet Shop Play Set. You should be able to buy ANY 2 Littlest Pet Shop Items- the play set for $30 and maybe a smaller figure set for $6. You are now going to pay $18 for both.  So even if you did not plan on buying the second smaller set- you’ve just gotten a HUGE discount!

Even though the coupons are in the ad that you can pick up in the store- my suggestion would be not to count on them, since it is possible for stores to run out of their ads- so be sure and bring the ads from your Sunday Newspapers. For a complete list of the coupons in the ad- you can check out the Weekly Ad Post HERE.

Below is just the best ones I see- you can see all this week’s Gift Card Deals in the full ad HERE. There are still quite a few other unadvertised Gift Card Deals going on too. You can view these deals as well as some scenarios on the Special Deals Page.

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (1) Select Pet Item*

*Beneful Dog Food 31.1 lb bag $24.49
-$2/1 Purina Beneful Dog Food Package 10-10-10 RP x12/31
= $17.49 per bag after coupon and gift card

*Pedigree Dog Food 40 lb bag $19.99
-$1/1; $2/1 Pedigree Dog Food 8.8 lb+ bag 10-17 or 10-24-10 RP x 11/28
= as low as $12.99 per bag after a $2/1 coupon and gift card

*Purina Dog Chow 44.1+4 lb bag $21.79
-$2/1 Purina Puppy OR Dog Chow
-$1.50/1 Purina Puppy Chow or Purina Dog Chow 4 lb+ 11-21-10 SS x12/18
-$2/1 Purina Puppy Chow or Purina Dog Chow 17.6 lb+ 11-21-10 SS x12/18
= as low as $14.79 per bag after a $2/1 coupon and gift card

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (2) Select Diaper Big Packs*

*Huggies Little Movers Shown (I am sure others will be included) $19.99
-$3/2 Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers
-$2.50/1 Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers
-$2.50/1 Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers
-$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers 11-14-10 SS x12/11
-$2/1 Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers Diapers 11-14-10 SS x12/11

*There are almost always other inclusions- and while it is a shame there are no mainstream Target Coupons to use as of right now, it will still work out to be $14.99 each after Gift Card and using (2) $2.50/1 coupons

*Pampers Diapers (Baby Dry shown) $19.99
-$2/2 Pampers 180ct+ Baby Wipes AND 44ct+Diapers or Pants TQ 10-17-10 RP x12/17
-$1/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants 10-31-10 PG x11/30

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Pampers Diapers ($19.99) and 2 Pampers 180 ct Wipes ($5.89) = $51.76
-$4.00 (use two $2/2 Pampers 180ct+ Wipes AND 44ct+Diapers TQ10-17-10 RP x12/17
-$2.00 (use two -$1/1 Pampers diapers or pants 10-31-10 PG x11/30
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Pampers wipes 180 ct.+ 10-31-10 PG x11/30
= $43.76 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 2
= $38.76 for 2 Big Pack Diapers and two 180 ct Wipes after coupons and Gift Card.

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (2) Featured Razors or Cartridges*
*Schick Hydro 5 Razor $7.49
~Look for MQ Peelies for $5/2 Schick Hydro Razor AND Shave Gel/Edge Shave Gel found on Edge Gel
~Look for MQ Peelies FREE Hydro Shave Gel wyb a Hydro Razor found on Hydro Razors

*Schick Quattro For Women Razor $7.49
-$1/1 Schick Quattro for Women or Intuition Plus Razor or refill 11-21-10 SS x1/2/11
*OtherSchick Quattro, Hydro, & Intuition Razors & Cartridges Available (No Price Given)
-$2/1 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Titanium Trimmer, Any – 10-24-10 SS
-$1/1 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor, Trimmer or refill 11-21-10 SS x1/2/11
-$1/1 Schick Quattro for Women or Intuition Plus Razor or refill 11-21-10 SS x1/2/11

The best deal imo will be if you can find the peelies. The mainstream Schick coupons available now are just not that hot. If you can find the peelies though- it may be a pretty decent deal. Maybe others have found differently at their stores- but I have only ever seen the $5/2 peelies on the Shave Gels and not the razors.

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Schick Hydro Razors ($7.49) & 2 Edge Shave Gel ($2.24) = $19.46
-$10.00 (use two $5/2 Schick Hydro Razor AND Shave Gel/Edge Shave Gel found on Edge Gel
= $9.46- $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Razors
= $4.46 for all. You may even be able to find FREE Hydro Shave Gel on the Hydro razors and get 2 more cans of shave gel free, but probably a long shot and your store may not allow you to use all 4 coupons. But keep an eye out for them- they are very similar in coloring to the Hydro Razor packaging so a little hard to spot.

There are a few Special Purchase Deals in the ad this week. There are also a couple unadvertised deals that are still valid. Check out the Special Deals Page for more details.

SPECIAL PURCHASE B1G1 FREE ALL Tag Books* (Excludes Tag Jr. Books)
*Save Even More with Select Titles on Price Cut for $9.99
*Quite a Few are $9.99 right now, but those that are not range in price up to $14.99
-$5/1 Tag Book over $9 (watch video & enter Sweeps HERE for Q)
-$2 off any Tag Jr. Book over $7 log in or register to print HERE
-$3 off any Tag Book over $9 log in or register to print HERE

*Buy 2 for $9.99, use a $5/1 and pay $4.99 for 2 or $2.50 each. If your store allows you to use a coupon on the freebie even better- but this is sort of a gray area for 2 reasons. For starters some stores will not allow it, but secondly the book is supposed to be $9 or higher. So it’s kind of an odd situation. I plan on pointing it out to the manager at my store and respecting his decision either way.

*NOTE- Regardless of whether or not you can use 2 coupons- what a super deal this is! Especially if you want the titles on Price Cut for $9.99 (I believe there are around 5 or 6, possibly more). Scan and check your prices though- this price cut has been going on awhile- signs and endcap displays get jumbled sometimes. Remember too- that the lowest price item will be free, so do like-priced items in separate transactions. For me I plan on picking up 4. Two on price cut, 2 that I believe are $14.99. If I put them all in 1 transaction, the register will make the two $9.99 ones free, so I plan to do in 2 transactions- my $9.99 ones, and then my $14.99 ones separately.

SPECIAL PURCHASE B1G1 FREE Barbie or Ken Basic Fashionista Dolls $10.09

SPECIAL PURCHASE FREE 10-pk Hot Wheels wyb Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set $34.99

SPECIAL PURCHASE FREE Changing Table ($79.99 Value) wyb Matching Crib Shown*
*Graco Lauren 4-in-1 Convertible Crib in Espresso $159.99


Betty Crocker Potatoes .79
-.50/2 Betty Crocker boxed Potatoes 11-14-10 GM x1/8/11
.50/2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes 10-03-10 GM x11/27
= .54 cents each after a coupon wyb 2

Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup 10.75 oz – .50
-.50/2 Campbell’s Condensed Soups Target Pharmacy Mailer x1/15/11
$1/4 Campbell’s Great for Cooking Condensed Soup HERE
-.25/4 Campbell’s Condensed Great for Cooking soups 11-7-10 SS x1/31/11
-.30/3; .40/2 Campbell’s Condensed “Great for Cooking” soups 10-03-10 SS x12/15
= as low as .25 cents each after a $1/4 coupon wyb 4

Carnation Evaporated Milk 12 oz – .89
-.50/2 Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk 12 oz
-.50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milk, any 12 oz. 11-14-10 RP x 12/31
-.50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milk, Any 12 Oz. – 09-26-10 SS x11/30
= .64 cents each after a coupon wyb 2

Del Monte Canned Vegetables 14.5-15.25 oz – .45
*Not too bad even without Qs- I also hear there is a new Target mailer Q that some may have gotten

Frito-Lay Fritos & Cheetos, Select 3/$7
Doritos 11.5-14.5 oz – 2/$4
-$1/1 Frito-Lay Baked Snacks: incl Doritos 8.75-11.5 oz TQ PRINT x12/11
*If 11.5 oz baked varieties of the Doritos are included- it will be $1 a bag

Eggs, 1 dozen Grade A .99
-.55/2 Dozen Eggs Zip 90210 SmartSource
= .72 cents each after a coupon wyb 2

Gold Medal All Purpose Flour 5 lb $1.50

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (Steamers shown) 11-12 oz – 2/$3
-.50/1 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, Any. HERE
-$1/2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Vegetables Manuf. Q on Target Site PRINT
-.50/2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Frozen Vegetables, any 11-14-10 GM x1/8/11
-.50/2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers frozen vegetables, any – 10-03-10 GM x11/27
= as low as $1 each depending on your coupon

Heinz Gravy .79
-$4 Off ButterBall Whole Turkey wyb 4 Heinz Gravy, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls or Stove Top 11-7 SS
-$1/3 Heinz Gravy Manuf Site- Sign Up Reqired)
= as low as .46 cents each after coupon wyb 3

Keebler Townhouse Crackers or Club Crackers 16 oz $2.50
-$1/1 Cream Cheese 8 oz+ wyb Keebler Town House or Club Crackers (excl ss) TQ PRINT x1/8/11
-$1/2 Keebler Townhouse Crackers 9.5 oz or Larger (on SnackPicks) HERE
-$1/2 Keebler Crackers 7.7 oz+ 11-14-10 RP x1/9/11

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Keebler Townhouse or Club ($2.50) and 2 Cream Cheese ($1.19) = $7.38
-$2.00 $1/1 Cream Cheese 8 oz+ wyb Keebler Town House or Club Crackers (excl ss) TQ PRINT
-$1/2 Keebler Townhouse 9.5 oz+ (on SnackPicks) OR $1/2 Keebler Crackers 11-14-10 RP
= $4.38 for 2 Townhouse Crackers & 2 Bricks of Cream Cheese

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz Brick $1.19
.50/2 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz+ Target Coupon PRINT x12/15
= .94 cents each after Target coupon wyb 2

Kraft Cheese, Block or Shredded 6-8 oz $1.80
-$1/2 Kraft Shredded or Block Cheese 7 oz+ Target Coupon PRINT x12/15
-.75/1 Kraft Natural Cheese Shreds & Chunk (manufacturer’s Coupon on Target Site) HERE**
**For some reason only some people can successfully print the manufacturer’s coupon.
= .55 cents each after a stack wyb 2.

Market Pantry Cooked “Frozen” Shrimp Tray 11 oz $4.50
-$1/1 Market Pantry frozen shrimp Target Coupon PRINT x12/4
Since the ad calls this a cooked “Frozen” Shrimp tray- I think it’s worth a shot! = $3.50 after coupon

Nabisco Wheat Thins 5.5-10 oz $2
$1/2 Nabisco Crackers Excl Single Serve Target Coupon PRINT x12/15
-$1/1; $1/2 Nabisco Crackers, 5.5 oz – 16.5 oz – 11-14-10 SS
-$1/2 Nabisco Cracker Products 8-16.5 oz
-$1/1 Wheat Thins, any HERE
= as low as .50 cents each after a stack depending on your coupons

Nabisco Triscuits 8.5-9.5 oz OR Ritz 14.5-16 oz $2
$1/2 Nabisco Crackers Excl Single Serve Target Coupon PRINT x12/15
-$1/1; $1/2 Nabisco Crackers, 5.5 oz – 16.5 oz – 11-14-10 SS
-$1/2 Nabisco Cracker Products 8-16.5 oz
= as low as .50 cents each after a stack depending on your coupons

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies 7.5 oz $2.50
*Look for $1/2 Target Coupon Peelies on the Cookies
*Look for $1 Off Milk wyb 2 Pepperidge Farm Cookies Manufacturer’s Peelies
-$1/1 Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Any
= as low as $1 each if you can find the Target peelies too!

Pepsi Products 12 pk cans or 6 pk bottles 4/$12
-$1/2 Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew 12 pk 12 oz Soda Target Store Q HERE
*Look for B3G1 Free Pepsi Product 12 pack Cans Manufacturer’s Peelies (Spotted on Mountain Dew)
*Look for the peelies on the mountain dew- you can buy 2 MD and 2 other Pepsi and pay $8 for (4) 12 -packs. Or if your store will allow 2 TQs buy all Mountain Dew and pay $7

Stove Top Stuffing .79
-.50/2 Stove Top stuffing mixes 6-oz. Target Coupon PRINT x12/15
-$1/2 Stove Top Products
-$4 Off a ButterBall Whole Turkey, wyb 4 Heinz Gravy, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls or Stove Top 11-7 SS
= .04 cents each after a stack wyb 2

Swanson Chicken Broth 14 oz can – .50
-.50/5;.75/5 Swanson Chicken Broth Can 14 oz 11-7-10 SS x1/31/11
= as low as .35 cents a can depending on your coupon

Snickers Holiday 11.5 oz Bags 3/$8
-$1/3 Mars Candy (3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Snickers, M&M’s, Twix) 8.5 oz + TQ 11-14-10 RP x12/13
-$1/2 Holiday M&M’s, Dove, Snickers, Twix, MilkyWay, 3 Musketeers Mini, 11.5 oz + 11-14 RP x12/25
*If you need more candy in your life 😉 or are making up gift bags- etc- the best deal here is to buy 6 bags, use two $1/3 TQs and three $1/2 Qs and pay $10.99 for 6 or $1.83 each. Not super hot- but still a break.

Dry Idea Deodorant, Select $1.99
-B1G1 Free Dry Idea or Right Guard Product 10-31-10 RP x11/30
-$2/1 Dry Idea (People Style Watch Aug 2010) x12/31
-$2/1 Dry Idea InStyle, September 2010
-$1/1 Dry Idea Product, any HERE or HERE
If your store allows, buy 2, use a B1G1 along with a $1/1 and pay .99 for two. If you have a $2/1 – free!

Holiday Gift Sets (Axe, Caress, Dove, Olay, Old Spice, Schick Intuition,Venus Embrace) $8.99
*Note: This may be one to watch for if the Olay Gift Sets are Body Wash. I hear the ones at Walmart are coming with coupons and a magazine subscription you can refuse for a refund. If something similar happens with the ones at Target- there is the -$5/1 Olay Body Wash wyb Any Secret 10-31-10 PG x11/30. Since buying a .97 cent travel size Secret qualifies you to use this coupon- it may be a nice deal. But a heads up that some Target stores do not allow coupon use on a Gift Pack.

Gerber Graduates Finger Foods incl Lil’ Crunchies and Puffs, Select 4/$7
*There is Catalina Deal on Gerber Products at Target- See the Catalina Section of Special Deals Page
-$1/2 Gerber Graduates Snacks 11-14-10 RP x1/16/11
= $2.50 for 2 after a $1/2 coupon or $1.25 each. BUT…

There is a current catalina deal running at Target right now- no guarantee that it is at ALL stores- but if you find it, you can get a great deal. It is for a $5 Catalina coupon OYNO wyb $20 in Gerber foods. Check the Special Deals Page for more details. If you have no need to stock up on that many snacks- consider splitting the deal up with a friend. OR splitting it up with other food purchases. With other Gerber Foods likely on sale – you may have to tweak scenario #2 a bit- since you need to reach a $20 threshold. Here’s a couple ideas for you…

DEAL IDEA #1: Buy 12 Gerber Graduate Snacks ($1.75) = $21.00
-$6.00 (use six $1/2 Gerber Graduates Snacks 11-14-10 RP x1/16/11
= $15.00 – $5 Catalina OYNO Coupon
= $10.00 for 12 Snacks or .83 cents each

DEAL IDEA #2: Buy 4 Gerber Graduates Snacks ($1.75)
AND Buy 2 Gerber Single Grain Cereals ($1.72) & 10 Gerber 2nd Food 2-Pks ($1.09) = $21.34
-$2.00 (use two $1/2 Gerber Graduates Snacks 11-14-10 RP x1/16/11
-$1/2 Gerber Cereals 10-17-10 SS x12/17/10
-$3.75 (use five .75/2 Gerber Puree two packs 11-14-10 RP x1/16/11
= $14.59 – $5 Catalina OYNO Coupon
= $9.59 for 16 items or .59 cents per item


Bright Starts Infant Toys, Pictured $3

Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus $29.99
-25% off (2) Bakugan Toys Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24
You can buy a smaller 2nd toy and still get 25% Off both after coupon

Disney Princess My Size Doll $54.99
-50% off Any Disney Princess Doll, Role-Play Dress, Play Set Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24
= $27.50 after coupon

Fisher-Price Little People Airport $19.99
-$5/1 Fisher-Price Toy $19.99+ Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24*
= $14.99 after coupon

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Kitchen $29.99
Fisher-Price Stride-to-Ride Dino $29.99
-$5/1 Fisher-Price Toy $19.99+ Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24*
= $24.99 for either set after coupon

Fisher Price Imaginext Super Friends Batcave $34.99
Fisher-Price Toy Story 3 Shake ‘n Go Speedway $34.99
-$5/1 Fisher-Price Toy $19.99+ Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24*
= $29.99 for either set after coupon

Hasbro Games: Guess Who, Twister, Trouble, Battleship, Operation, Jenga, Monopoly, Connect 4 $7
-$5/3 Hasbro Games (Excl Card Games) Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24
= $16.00 for 3 games or $5.33 each after coupon wyb 3

Hasbro Cuponk Game $7
-$5/1 Cuponk Game Target Toy Book Coupon OR PRINT x11/24
= $2 after coupon!

Hasbro Games: Elefun, BopIt Bounce, Hippos, Battleship, Hoopla $14 ea
-$5/3 Hasbro Games (Excl Card Games) Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24
= $37 for 3 games or $12.33 each after coupon

LEGO Sets: Kingdoms Outpost Attack or Creator Red Car $17
-$5/1 LEGO Toy $14.99+ Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24
= $12 for either set after coupon

Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake Hatbox Sets $27.99
-50% off (2) Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony or Strawberry Shortcake Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24
= $27.99 for 2 or $14 each after coupon wyb 2

NERF Clear Raider CS-35 Blaster $27.99
-$5/1 NERF Blaster $17.99+ Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24
= $22.99 after coupon

V-tech Tote’n go Laptop or Count & Learn Schoolbus $14.99 ea
-$5/1 V-tech Infant or Toddler Toy $14.99+ Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24*
(excludes VMotion,VReader,MobiGo & Disney Princess)
= $9.99 for either toy after coupon

Zhu Zhu and King Zhu Vehicle Assortments $10
-$5/1 Zhu Zhu or King Zhu Vehicle or Playset $10+ Target Coupon (In-ad Q) x11/24
= $5 each after coupon

FurReal Friends GoGo My Walkin’ Pup $44.99
-$10/1 FurReal GoGo My Walkin Pup Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24 or PRINT
-$5/1 Hasbro Furreal Friends Gogo My Walking Pup HERE
= $29.99 after a stack (You MAY find it cheaper at some stores. Some report finding it for $39.99)

Paper Jamz Guitar $18.99
-$5/1 Paper Jamz (Guitar or Drum) Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24 or PRINT
= $13.99 for the Paper Jamz Guitar after coupon

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set $13.99

Disney TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue DVD+Blu-ray Combo $19.99
-$5/1 Disney Blu-Ray $16.99 or Higher (excludes Search for Santa Paws) Target Coupon x11/24
-$5/1 Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue Blu-Ray COmbo Pack OR DVD (Disney Movie Rewards)
= $9.99 for Blu-Ray Combo Pack after stack. Remember you can use this Target coupon on ANY Disney Blu-Ray with the exception of Search for Santa Paws

Wii Sports Bundle, Game System + Wii Sports & Sports Resort $199.99
-$20/1 Wii Game System,any Target Coupon (In-Ad Q) x11/24
= $179.99 after Target Coupon

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Bundle for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii $75
-$10/1 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Bundle (w/guitar or complete band kit) TQ PRINT x1/1/11
= $65 after coupon

These are just a few of the deals going on right now. For more great deals you can pick up be sure to visit the CHEAP FINDS PAGE and also check on the PRICE CUTS PAGE to see what else interests you. For unadvertised Gift Card Deals & Other Special Purchase Deals check out the SPECIAL DEALS PAGE too. These pages are all updated frequently.

Men’s 2 oz Vaseline Travel Size Lotion .99 (In Price Cut thru 11/27)
Other Varieties of Vaseline 1 oz Travel Size Lotions are .97
-$1/1 ANY Vaseline Lotion 11-14-10 Unilever RP x12/12
= FREE after coupon

Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Asst Varieties 7 oz $1.52  – $1.67
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing, Asstd Varieties 16 oz Bottle $1.67 – $1.70
.75/1 Wish-Bone Salad Dressing Target Coupon PRINT x11/27
-.50/1 Wish Bone when you Sign Up HERE (-Thanks Jen!)
= as low as .27 cents for select varieties of the spritzers after stack!

Air Wick 40 Hour Candle Cherry Tart or Warming Spice Only $2.99 – $4.99 (Regular Price)*
At my store these are not in the regular aisle, but in a rack off to on the side of an endcap
-$3/1 Air Wick Candle 11-14-10 SS x12/26
-$2/1 Any Air Wick Candle – 10-24-10 SS x12/5
-$2/1 Any Air Wick Candle – (Home Solutions)
= as low as FREE with a $3/1 coupon depending on price at your store

Beauty & The Beast Blu-Ray Combo Pack Deal (Check out Post HERE)

Maalox Assorted Fruit Advanced Tablets 90 ct $4.19 (PC thru 12/4)
-$3/1 Gas-X or Maalox ETS Target Coupon PRINT x12/4
-$1/1; $2.50/2 Maalox Advanced Product, any 10-17-10 SS x12/31
= .19 cents each after stack with $1/1 OR use 2 TQs if allowed, and get it for FREE with a $2.50/2 MQ

Fancy Feast Cat Food Deals (Check out my post HERE)

Buy (1) Olay Body Wash ($5.04 – $5.79) & a Secret Travel Size (.97)
*Look for Bonus Packs that contain Lotion & Other Sample Sizes
-$5/1 Olay Body Wash wyb Any Secret 10-31-10 PG x11/30
= as low as $1.01 for both after coupon depending on price at your store.
If you find the bonus packs of Olay that come with a travel size goodie it’s an even sweeter deal.

*Clearance varies from store to store- there are no guarantees you will find the same.  I am so far behind guys today!!! So forgive me – while I ask you to just sort the blog by clearance to see the most recent finds an check the comments on the posts too to see what others have found!

Remember- If you are short on coupons you can use a clipping service (I recommend My Coupon Hunter) and see what’s available. You can also search for coupons on eBay.

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42 Responses to “Best Deals of the Week at Target (11/21 – 11/24)”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is the SECOND TIME!!! since my son was born that the graco deal has been in the weekly ad- if you are considering buying this crib you def. should! I spent WAY too much money on this crib and changing table and I am kicking myself over and over for it. Its great- looks beautiful and is surprisingly easy to put together. My husband got the crib done by himself in about 45 minutes.

  2. Lisa says:

    I agree on the crib deal! I got a different Graco model in white off their website a few months ago when they last had the deal. I love it! Very good quality.

  3. Sarah says:

    Has anyone found the airwick candles? I’ve looked at two Targets and can’t find them. I did just notice Kerry’s wording “rack off to on the side of an endcap”

  4. Michelle says:

    The Gerber catalina deal is actually $2 oyno when you spend $10, $3 off when you spend $15, or $5 off when you spend $20. I did the deal last week and the machine spit out a $3 off your next order coupon thanks from Gerber. When I went to redeem it, the checker tried to tell me I had to use it on Gerber products but her supervisor said no, it was ok. The wording is a little vague, but it does say not good on RX or other items prohibited by law.

  5. Michelle says:

    In my Super Target, the Airwick 2.99 candles were on the little wire shelf at the end by the refrigerator.

  6. Cassy says:

    I am crossing my fingers that the Leapfrog Tag books will be free tomorrow. I know a very deserving little girl that would love them!

  7. SuzeeQ says:

    Yep Michelle, that’s what’s on the special deals page. Best part is, it should work with the price before applying coupons : )

  8. Teasa says:

    I went to Target today and did this deal:
    (1)Olay In-Shower Body Lotion – $3.99 & (1) Secret Travel Size – $0.97
    -$5/1 Olay Body Wash/In-Shower BL wyb Secret deodarant Q
    $0.04 money maker
    Not sure if the In-Shower BL is the same price at all stores or not, but it’s worth looking.

  9. Mel says:

    I received my Target flyer today, and all the coupons are valid now. I made a late night trip for the Rapunzel doll and matching dress to avoid going early in the morning. It was still crowded!

  10. jane says:

    I can’t find the 75 cent Kraft mfr coupon on the Target website. Any help?

  11. kj11 says:

    How do you get the deal on the crib, is it a coupon? I just called my bff to put it on hold and she is going in tomorrow? Does she need a flyer or will it just ring up that way?

  12. keli says:

    Anyone know if the ButterBall Turkeys are still $0.88/lb?

  13. Elizabeth says:

    You said that targets run out of the ads. In Kansas they don’t even have the ads. I think they are going green and only post them up. I find that annoying since I don’t get a paper.

  14. Alicia says:

    Can anybody please tell me where to find the manufacture coupon for cheese on the Target site. I have searched and searched. Thank you

  15. diane says:

    I have been using the $5 Olay/ Secret coupons like this: I go to the trial&travel section and pick up 4 Olay bars and 4 Secret deodorants (they even had some full size Secret 24 hour there today!) Each item is .99, and I use 4 of the coupons, and get almost $12 ahead to spend on other items!! The coupons are ringing up correctly for me automatically.

  16. Cassy says:

    WOW!! Great idea Diane!!! I used mine on a huge bottle of body wash lol

  17. shannon says:

    I have a question??? I bought one of the Toy Story Tag Jr. last week, and I was wondering if all of the Tag books will work with it? Or do I specifically have to buy Tag Jr. books????………Thanks

  18. Kerry says:

    I believe Tag Jr. Only books will work- I went staright to the Tag for Austin though- so not positive- but that would be my guess

  19. Cassy says:

    Kerry, I got some Tag Jr books today! Happy to report I got all 6 for FREE! Got a lot of great deals! There were people standing outside of Target about 30 minutes before they opened today. It was likc black Friday! Oh, and I used the Ponds wipes bonus pack thing, but it didnt prompt a gift card. I caught it though and the manager took $10 off my order because I bought 4 of them. 🙂

  20. Kerry says:

    Hey Cassy- the ponds ended yesterday unfortunately- figures – there is a new Q on RP! Curious about the Tag Jr- as the ad said it excluded the Jr?

  21. Ileana says:

    Cassy my store was a mad house too! Maybe we were at the same one LOL

  22. Cammy says:

    WOO HOO!! WOO HOO!! The tag books deal is fantastic. Kerry thanks so much!!!! I was the first one in the store today. Picked up a few other quick deals. Couldn’t do it without your site!! Thanks again!!

  23. Jessica B says:

    I just got back from Target- just wanted to share that I used the $5 off any 1 fisher price toy $19.99 or higher on the little people nativity which was only $13.99-no beeps! Even better deal at $8.99!

  24. Cassy says:

    Ohhhh Kerry, thats probably what it was then! But they didnt take the signs down, so I guess thats why they still gave them to me. lleana, I was at Fenton, MO, but from what I am hearing, a lot of Targets were CRAZY today! 🙂

  25. Stephanie Sieckenius says:

    The tag deal worked great! I bought 2 Tag books at $9.99 each and was able to use 2 $5 off coupons with no beeps!!! Thanks so much for this site! Couldn’t do it without you!

  26. JRFrugalMom says:

    No Target for me today, but that’s awesome that all of you got the Tag books free. Thank you for all the hard work.


    Weekly Savings Linky @ Frugality Is Free

  27. Katie says:

    The leapfrog book deal worked for me! Two books for free! My daughter is too young to use the Tag system, but a book is a book! I got handy manny and Beauty and the Beast! What a deal!

    And I agree – it was like black friday in my Target today too! The toy section was a mad house and the lines were crazy!


  28. April M says:

    I was able to find the Airwick candles where Kerry said she saw hers-at the side of an endcap. Also was able to get 2 of the Leapfrog Tag books but the toy dept was CRAZY! Especially for a non-Mom. Hats off to all you Moms who do it. I don’t know how you do!

  29. CaseyB says:

    I just wanted to make sure I’m reading this correctly…the Tag JR books are ringing up on the BOGO also???

  30. Kerry says:

    No they are not included in the sale, was confused by a readers comment- but they are not.

  31. Shannon says:

    I agree, the Graco crib is a great deal! My mother bought one for her house last year before my son was born. It looks great, she had no problem putting it together, and it’s a great price. I would normally say the changing table is a waste of money (used the top of the dresser myself), but if it’s free, why not?

  32. Kathy says:

    I wasn’t able to print the Leapfrog $5/1Tag Book coupon… it told me that I had already printed too many even though I had never even tried to print one before…. maybe that means they are not allowing anymore? Anyway…. the new issues of Parents and Parenting have inserts with LeapFrog coupons…$5/1 Leapster Explorer or Leapster Game over $19.00 and $3/1 any Tag book or Map over $9.00. Not as good of a deal as the online coupon but better than nothing… Any info on the best price right now for a Tag Book Reader system would be appreciated!

  33. Nicole says:

    Pedegree Good Bites on sale for $1.34/bag, regular price is $3.34. Makes for a freebie with the $2.00 off on 🙂 I’m in Florida.

  34. Cassie says:

    If you still have the $4.00 off Schick intuition coupon printed a while ago, sorry not exactly sure where I printed them. Here is the deal I found today. I was quite excited these are my favorite razors.

    (2) Schick Intuition 6.99 each
    total 14.98
    -(2) $4.00 coupons
    – $5 target gift card for purchasing 2 schick intuition
    = 1.98 for 2 or .99 each!!!

  35. Lisa H. says:

    I found the airwick candles on an endcap shelf by the sm. kitchen appliances.

  36. Leeanne says:

    I received a Target/catalina coupon a few weeks ago for 50 cents of eggs or bread. I am stacking this with the manufactures egg coupon!

  37. MicheleS says:

    Hubby received a $5 off your next $50 Target purchase catalina today! It expired the end of the month. Really not sure what prompted it, since his purchase was $36. Besides that, my purchase just before him was $60. Wish I would have checked out first!

  38. MicheleS says:

    I mean. “Wish he would have checked out first!”

  39. Kerry says:

    oh Micele- too bad isn’ that just the way the cookie crumbles at Target LOL!!

  40. Lori says:

    I price matched the Tag System Kathy from the TRU big book at $29.99 (TRU regular price $39.99) then used the $10 Target coupon and then the $5 manufacturer coupon (system not book coupon) = $14.99. There were reports that some stores had some of the systems marked down last week making them extremely cheap, but there was no such luck at my store. Hope this helps you. The target coupon expires today. Not bad if you ask me. Loads better than $40!

  41. Lori says:

    I meant Target regular price $39.99. Oops. :o)

  42. Kerry says:

    most stores won’t honor a Targt coupon on a price match unfortunately since it goes against a published policy

Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.

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