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UPDATE: Seems from the comments reporting back that it is behaving well at register! Also hear your price cut may even lower as they were $4.04 on Price Cut for Sue- awesome deal whether it’s 4 cents or .22 cents though! :)

So there are several Garnier items on price cut right now, and I went hunting yesterday with the new Target Coupon in mind. I did not get the $2/1 coupon to stack with in my area, so I could not test this out for beeps. But as per the wording on the coupons, I think it should be a go.

Garnier clearly lists the Nutri-Pure Towelettes as a cleanser on their website and the Target Coupon only says Skin Care. But let me know if you do this deal how the coupons behave at the register. It is possible for price cuts to vary by region, but at the very least you should be able to score this item for under a buck as it is only $4.69 regular price.

Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Towellettes $4.22 (PC thru 1/22)
-$2/1 Garnier Skin Care Item ETS Target Web Coupon x3/19
-$2/1 Garnier Cleanser Or Moisturizer, Any – 12-05-10 RP x6/15
-$1/1 Garnier Cleanser Or Moisturizer, Any – 11-07-10 RP x2/15
-$2/1 Garnier Cleanser or Moisturizer – 10-10-10 RP x1/31
= .22 cents after stack and Price Cut

If you did not get the $2/1 manufacturer coupon in your area- Virginia of My Coupon Hunter does have them in stock and I did see a few available when I did a search for Garnier coupons on eBay.

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33 Responses to “Garnier Nutri-Pure Towelettes 22¢ Thru 1/22”

  1. Sarah says:

    ooh, I got those coupons and will definitely try this out! Thanks!

  2. Brigitte says:

    I tried doing this at the online site and it applied the coupon for $2.20. So online the target coupon applies.

  3. Kerry says:

    yay- good idea B! forgot about the online code! very good indication it will fly through at the register too! :)

  4. Sue Lieberg says:

    Just did this deal and they were on price cut at our store for $4.04, NO beeps!

  5. Kerry says:

    Thanks for the report Sue! wahoo

  6. Heather says:

    Woot, I forsee a target trip in my tuesday future!

  7. Kimmie says:

    I just got back and coupons went through with no problem. Thank you! I ran right out the door when I saw this post!

  8. Veronika C. says:

    Kerry, email me your address and I can see you some coupons tomorrow. Since we both live in S. Florida they should get there pretty quick.

  9. natalie0920 says:

    Worked great @ St. Charles Target, no beeps. And, they were on price cut for $4.04!

  10. Aliciah says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get rainchecks on TPC items?

  11. leana says:

    the gel brush cleanser was also 4.04.. picked up one of those too.

  12. Brigitte says:

    Aliciah my store says they don’t give rain checks on TPC items. But before I knew this I had a floor person give me a rain check on a TPC item. So at the time it was possible with the computers, not sure if it is now though.

  13. Brooke says:

    My PC was $4.04 near Tampa. No beeps!

  14. christina says:

    Did this deal at my store today too and they were also price cut to $4.04!

  15. Christina says:

    Just got back they are price cut to $4.17 up here in Jersey. Got em for $.17 each! so excited!

  16. Madison says:

    leana- did the gel brush cleanser also go through with no beeps?

  17. Jamilla says:

    Whoo hoo, I found 8 MQ’s…can’t wait to do this deal (and I’m on my last pack of Ponds towelettes)!

  18. Brooke says:

    Madison – I made it back to Target with my remaining Q’s and got the brush cleanser with no beeps. It wasn’t marked as a price cut, but scanned as $4.04 as well!

  19. Ashley says:

    The MQ coupon’s must have been regional because I do not have any of those in the 3 inserts you mentioned.

  20. naomi says:

    I did the towels and gel brush with no beeps!AAnd they were $4.04!!In the Houston area.

  21. Madison says:

    Thanks for the info Brooke

  22. Ashley says:

    Does anyone have 2 extra that they are willing to share? The MQ’s weren’t in any of the mentioned inserts.

  23. kimme says:

    They’re $4.04 at my Target in Vallejo (just north of San Francisco). I was able to pick up 3 for just .04 each!!! Thank you for the heads up!!

  24. Traci says:

    I got the Target coupon but cannot locate the additional coupon for the savings.

  25. Maria says:

    Just did this deal and they were on price cut at our store for $4.04, NO beeps!

  26. Jamilla says:

    Alert…$2 peelies (exp 3/31/11) found on the Gel Brush Cleansers today!

  27. shana says:

    So sad, I don’t have the mfg q and can’t order them to get to cali by friday :(

  28. aquamarine177o says:

    At Cupertino, CA store the price cut was $4.44 for towelettes (no beeping of Qs at register). Unsigned gel brush cleanser also $4.44.

  29. Sherrie says:

    I got the LAST ONE! I went to both my T stores tonight and in the second store I got the last one! It was way in the back on the bottom shelf. Man I they knew they would go fast! At least I got one.

  30. Sherrie says:

    Oh and it was only 4.04 so with coupons it was ,04!

  31. yvette says:

    went today and could not find these?? where are they located?
    of course asked someone and she didn’t seem to care that
    she couldn’t find any? or even tell me where they should be
    located? I at least would have been okay if I saw an empty
    shelf where they “shoud” have been..but couldn’t even find
    that? any input would be appreciated.

  32. Kerry says:

    Hey Yvette- should be in skincare aisle with all other Ganier skin care

  33. nena says:

    dear shana even after pricecuts are over it would still only be $0.69/pack w/ both qs because the qs won’t expire for awhile if you’re still wanting them.
    -$2/1 Garnier Skin Care Item ETS Target Web Coupon x3/19
    -$2/1 Garnier Cleanser Or Moisturizer, Any – 12-05-10 RP x6/15
    -$1/1 Garnier Cleanser Or Moisturizer, Any – 11-07-10 RP x2/15
    -$2/1 Garnier Cleanser or Moisturizer – 10-10-10 RP x1/31

    thanks a bunch for these amazing deals! i was introduced to q-ing & your site by my cousin in october & i’m so totally hooked! was able to get $0.54 overage from only 2 (ran out of ink) halls cough drop $1mq & $0.50 targetq but my couponing buddy (4y.o. baby boy) found crayola bath paint on clearance of course! bless all your hearts for sharing!

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