Jan 192011

There seems to be a ton of clearance in the baby department. I saw Avent bottles, Aveeno Baby Lotion, Burt’s Bees baby items, Huggies Gift Sets, Diaper Bags, Edie Bauer Accessories, Fisher Price Monitors, Crib Bedding Sets, Bath Sets and more.  I also saw that the winter themed Gerber blanket sleepers finally got marked down to 50% off.  And don’t forget the Gerber apparel coupons HERE.

I also saw a ton of Trumpette Too and Circo Shoes and socks at 75% off. But here’s why you have to develop a close personal relationship with the scanner and sometimes take tags & signs with a grain of salt… Sign above on Trumpette too & other stuff 30% Off. But most items actually 75% Off. Some items tagged 30% off. But actually scanning at 75% off. Clearance can be different & vary greatly from store to store- but just in case SCAN SCAN SCAN! :)

In the grocery department I saw Skittles Fizzled Fruits and Stride Shift Berry flavored 3 packs of gum for 50% off.  Also saw Archer Farms chunky and creamy organic peanut butter 30% off down to $2.83.  In the coolers I saw a ton of yogurt on clearance: Dan Active 4 packs, Dannon light & fit single cups, Fage Total large sized tubs, Chobani single cups in pineapple flavor, Stoneyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt Plain 16 oz tubs.  All of it seemed to be 30% off, but remember to check your expiration date when picking up perishables.

There were also a lot of cleaning products on clearance in the household section.  Much of it was only 15% off but something I like to report just in case you want to look for a bigger drop at your store.  Some of the things I saw were Soft Scrub Total kitchen, Windex Nature’s Source glass cleaner, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner in country scent, Pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair, and Swiffer dusters 10 count Febreze refills. You can check the Coupon Database to see if there’s a coupon for anything I have mentioned you may have  interest in.

Jackie wrote in that she found a ton of clearance in bedding at 50% off, and some items were actually scanning at 75% off.  She was able to pick up a Fieldcrest Comforter originally priced at $109.99 for just $12.98.  If you are in the bedding department at your store, you might want to scan any items you are interested in just in case they may be lower than marked. – Thanks Jackie!

Also- Heather from QueenBee coupons spotted lots of clearance deals. SHe has a pretty extensive post with pictures on her clearance finds HERE if you want to take a look. One of the hot things she spotted- was Dyson vacuums for $224, regular price was $448. Some other things she spotted were SunBeam Mixers and red & green storage containers. -Thanks Heather of QueenBee Coupons!

This is something that surprised me- I guess I just have never used my REDcard in there or didn’t notice if I had. But Rebecca let me know that when using her REDcard at the Starbucks location in her Target and got 5% off. It may not be a huge savings, but good to know! – Thanks Rebecca!

There is a good deal on Kodak Gallery for Target where you can get cheap 4×6 prints through 1/22 when you select same-day in store pickup.  Just go HERE and order twenty 4×6 photos for .10 each or a total of $2.  When you go to pick up your prints in Target, use the $1/20 4×6 prints Target Web Coupon and you will only pay $1 for all twenty prints!   Veronika also got a coupon in her order for $1/$4 Kodak Gallery order, so you might want to get more prints as you might be able to stack the coupons for even bigger savings.  -Thanks Veronika of Fabulous Daily Deals!

If you have a Publix nearby, Jill let me know she found a $2/2 manufacturer coupon in the Publix Greenwise Magazine you can find in the front of most locations. This coupon does have “Redeem at Publix” in very small writing, but not “Only” at Publix, so may work just fine on the Special Purchase deal I mentioned HERE. -Thanks Jill!

Please feel free to share what you have found for clearance lately in the comments below. Or if you have a blog and want to share a TARGET clearance post or just a great recent TARGET SHOPPING TRIP please feel free to link up to your post below

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15 Responses to “Clearance & Tidbits From My InBox”

  1. canfieldcouponer says:

    In regards to using the Redcard…I have even used it at the cafe when getting my kids the “keep them happy” popcorn and slushies!!! Easy to just swipe the card.

  2. mary says:

    I saw 75% on some of the wall sconce candle holders in the candle aisle. Style selection was a little limited. I got a set with 3 wall sconces in it for $3.92. There were also some of the Yankee Candle holiday scents in jars that were 50% off. As always, YMMV if they are marked to 75% off at your store. One store I visited had the sconces still at 30-50% off.

  3. Natalie says:

    The 10 count of Tide Stain release in wash booster packs have been ringing up at my store at $1.98 instead of $3.99, as they are tagged. I tore all of the $1 off of any Tide coupons out of that P&G coupon booklet offer from the fall and scored three of them for $.98 each!

  4. Gina says:

    I spotted a BUNCH of electric blankets marked down 30% the last time I was at Target. I’m hoping to grab some of these for Christmas gifts this coming year. I just hope they are marked down a little more when I go today. Lord knows I could use one myself, I am ALWAYS cold. :)

  5. jennifer says:

    Hi Gina…I saw those blankets too! Will you please post if they have gone down any lower after you find out today? Thanks so much!

  6. Becca says:

    I am currently “stalking” some sheets that are at 50% and waiting for them to go to 75%. At one store they went 75%, but the other one (that has the ones I want) is still at 50%. I was hoping from a schedule I found online that domestics are reduced on Tuesdays, but I checked yesterday and they weren’t. Any idea how long things are at 50 before going to 75?

  7. I just wrote up a post and was coming over to tell you about it, but it seems that you have beat me to it.

    Some things I found: Kids Bath Sets $4.24
    Travel Systems and strollers 50% off!! Maclaren stroller Regular $99 on sale for $49!
    BOTTLES– Super cheap
    Earth’s Best Stuff Marked down 50% off $1.04 for 4pack juice boxes.

    I think you mentioned everything else.

  8. Christine says:

    There’s an electric blanket for I think a little more than $20 plus free shipping on Target’s daily deal for today: http://dailydeals.target.com/?ref=sc_iw_ss

  9. Allison says:

    Heads up on the Glade Candles, Holiday Collection. I just came back from my Target this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see the candles/sprays clearanced at 75%, only $.74 ea! Sweet deal especially if you still have the $3/3 Holiday Collection coupons.

    I picked out 16 candles, and still left behind a good 50 candles/sprays… plus I left behind my extra $3/3 coupons for others to enjoy:)

  10. Allison says:

    Oh! I forgot… the coupons were coming off at $3 with no beepage!! $.78 overage :)

  11. Sarah says:

    Ugh, Gerber coupons are printing HUGE, one per page and half is off the page. Any suggestions?

  12. Sarah says:

    Ok, I had to open the print preview and shrink it down to 60%.

  13. Brigitte says:

    I found the Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread tea bags on clearance for $1.50 (not really that much cheaper than the normal price), but there were $1 coupons in the Sunday paper making for some really cheap yummy tea. They also had a candy cane flavor on clearance. They were also on the regular isle with all the Celestial Seasonings tea.

  14. Joy says:

    Target in Roseville MN had a ton of Axe gift sets at 50% off last night. Someone must have found a box in the back. If someone still has a $3 coupon around, it will make a great deal.

  15. Nicole says:

    There were $1 off coupons on all of the gerber 2 pk sleepers in my store. They came to $3.98 I think. :-)

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