Feb 202011

*Note- this Deal is regional, you will have either this deal or a Special Purchase Deal for a FREE Freezer Bag wyb 6 items.

UPDATE: I have heard from alot of you in emails and comments saying this is truly on ANY 7 Frozen Items, and I just got a phone call from my friend Christie who was very excited and said she felt like a kid in a candy shop because there were signs ALL over the place at her Target saying it is good on any frozen items.  Truly the possibilities are endless!  So if you have this $5 gift card deal in your ad, you may just want to get your tushy to Target!  I am on my way now and will let you know what I find!

So I heard from Sarah in North Carolina, and she found that this Gift Card Deal worked on the 7 Frozen Food items she purchased, NONE of which were the items listed! I am dying to get to the store since this really can turn into an awesome deal with endless scenarios if that is the case! I am sure there are several scenarios in which you will not even need a coupon to get a great deal. I am itching to get there already! :)

Let me know if more of you find this to be the case at your stores & thanks for the heads up Sarah!

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72 Responses to “Frozen Food Gift Card Deal- Working on Anything?!”

  1. christine says:

    Here in McDonough, GA every frozen item is included. Also the Smart Ones have $3 off 4 peelies on them , so buy 12 combine the peeliew with the Target $5 off ten and you pay $4.60 for all and get a giftcard. They have market pantry frozen corn, carrots, peas and a few others for .87 a bag. There is a Target coupon for $1 off 4 market pantry frozen veggies. Buy 8 and use 2 coupons and get al 8 for $4.96 plus a $5 giftcard.

  2. Charlene says:

    I used 2 of the $1 off 4 market pantry veggies. .99 a bag. After GC I got 8 bags of frozen veggies for $1. Time to rearrange the freezer and make more room!

  3. Amber says:

    Worked for me in SE MI!!! There were several different deals- burritos, pot pies, frozen vegis, juice, and the Smart Ones. Don’t forget to use the Target Smart Ones MC AND there was also a $5 MC that I used.

  4. Christine says:

    You all who have the deal are so lucky . . . I’m in southern California and my ad has a free reusable freezer bag (listed value $3.39! even less than some others) when you buy any SIX frozen food items . . . does look cute though.

  5. Lisette says:

    By the way there is one more chance to sign up for the Ocean’s Spray Free Sample, might be the last one so hurry up before they are gone!

  6. Debbie McGrody says:

    Anyone getting the giftcard in PA?
    Just bought 7 Smart Ones & didn’t get the giftcard or the freezer bag :(

  7. Jamie says:

    A huge thank-you to Kerry once again for doing all she does with running this blog, posting the deals and allowing us all to interact so easily and efficiently to get the word out on deals!!!

  8. Michele says:

    I am in eastern NC and we have the freezer bag deal and the gc deal. I purchased 7 birdeyes broccoli and they were $1.02 each.

  9. Jennifer S says:

    It’s even working on clearance frozen foods. My store had TGI Fridays on clearance, works on Tony’s Pizzas which are on Price Cut. Oh and I have done the deal twice on just the MP chicken burritos. They are awesome. This sale ROCKS!

  10. MB says:

    hooray for frozen food month! Clearanced TGIF at 2.33 each with a $4 off tQ,, $1 coupons on stoufer’s from the sample lady, $2.50 Frozen pizza singles w MQ plus a $5 GC :) So sad the freezer’s already packed. I would be back but I had lots of those $2.50 off Jose Ole Qs last week and they take up so much space. I’m with Jennifer- ROCK ON Target. It may be because ( at least my Target) is switching suppliers too.

  11. joei says:

    anyone know if it’s working on ice cream?

  12. Corinne says:

    Love reading the excitement in everyones post! Here in Nor CA, we have the free freezer bag deal! O well better than nothing but its good to know that it’s all freezer foods!

  13. RK says:

    What an awesome deal some of you have. Here in Houston, TX, it’s a free freezer bag for any 6 frozen items. Which I was quite happy about, until I saw this. Oh well … good to know cool deals like this exist. Maybe we’ll get something better next week …

  14. jeanne says:

    Yes it is working on ice cream too. Just bought some ice cream along with some Birdseye vegetables and it too prompted the free gift card.

  15. AZ says:

    To Joei: It worked on Skinny Cow cones….Yeah!

  16. Christina says:

    LasVegas is doing the bag with six frozen. I did the weight watchers deal which rocked.

  17. Christy says:

    Which “region” has this awesome deal? Im in Ohio with the bag offer .. Boo.
    But, this is worth a drive, especially if I can hit a Kroger while Im there.
    Any ideas??

  18. Christy says:

    Nevermind, I can drive 2 hours to Toledo Oh, apparently its part of the Michigan district.
    Thank you google maps, and online ad! Woo Hoo.

  19. Jengerbread88 says:

    I was able to get frozen pizzas, pot pies, individual apple pies, mini containers of ice cream, Smart Ones meals, pizza rolls, Steamfresh frozen rice, and Market Pantry frozen veggies. I also had coupons for everything I purchased. ALL of it went through, with no problems.

  20. Lori says:

    It did not work on the banquet pot pies or fruit pies. :(

  21. robin r says:

    Anyone in Louisville KY that would like to take a road trip with me?

  22. Miki says:

    Just got back from Target and noticed that 6 of my 12 Smart Ones rang up at $2.46 instead of $1.80 (sale price). Anyone else have this problem? Now I need to make another trip to get my difference back. Did receive my GC though.

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