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I know this is going to be painful for some of you to watch, so you may want to skip this post if Target dangled a Free Frozen Food Bag in front of your eyes instead. I wish this deal was everywhere, & feel sorry about those of you who got stuck with the bag deal. :( But I just can’t help but report my AMAZING trip today & if everything wasn’t frozen I would do a My Haul Could Be Your Haul Giveaway because I certainly had a haul today. TWO Hauls to be exact!

Yep that’s right, TWO trips, several hours, lots of clipping & snipping (& mumbling & grumbling from my husband for making him clip and snip) and ten frozen fingers later… my 4x6x4 chest freezer & regular freezer ARE PACKED to the top! If I had any more room I would go back for another round! Absolutely incredible deals today! Oh my goodness. I have to say it again! OH MY GOODNESS! Holy Cow I was in Frozen Food Heaven at Target Today.

While it would just take me forever to lay out all my transactions, the final outcome of my frozen food venture alone was… 22 Frozen Food Deals (or 154 products). After Gift Cards & a mountain of coupons I spent a total of $28.01 for 154 items, or approximately .18 cents an item. CRAZY GREAT! I got lots of different things too…Skinny Cow Cups, Smart Ones, Morningstar Farms, Healthy Choice, Boca, TGI Fridays, Market Pantry Frozen Chicken, Ore-Ida Easy Fries, Tony’s Pizza TONS & TONS of Veggies- Bird’s Eye, Market Pantry, Archer Farms.  Oh How I just LOVE Target on Days Like this!

Here’s a few of the transactions I did today. And just a note- while my friend Christie had huge round signs like the one above left on practically every freezerdoor- my store did not. They had on some items unadvertised (like the Smart Ones & Market Pantry) and what was advertised- but on nothing else AND everything was still part of the deal. ANYTHING Frozen despite no signs.

DEAL IDEA: Buy 21 Bags of Bird’s Eye Frozen Veggies ($1.02) = $21.42
-$7.00 (use seven -$1/3 Birds Eye Steamfresh varieties, any – 01-23-11 SS or $1/3 Birdseye
= $14.42 – $15 (get back three $5 Gift Cards for buying 21)
= .58 cents money maker after coupons and Gift Cards

Tony’s Crisp Crust Pizza 9.73 oz 5/$5 (PC thru 3/12)
-.50/1; .50/2 Tony’s Crispy Crust Pizzas 2-13-11 SS x4/30
-$1/2 Tony’s Pizza Products
= a $1.50 money maker after seven .50/1 coupons & Gift Card!

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Entrees, Assorted Varieties $1.80
-$5/10 Smart Ones Target Web Couponx3/26
*Watch for Purple $3/10 Manufacturer’s Coupon Peelies
-$3/10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Coupon
-$1/5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones (Manuf Site)

DEAL IDEA: Buy 10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones ($1.80) & 4 Tony’s ($1) = $22.00
-$5/10 Smart Ones Target Web Couponx3/26
-$3/10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Coupon OR Peelie
– $2 (use a combo of .50/1; .50/2 Tony’s Pizzas 2-13-11 SS OR -$1/2 Tony’s Pizza Products
= $12.00 – $10 (get back two $5 Gift Cards for buying 14)
= $2 for ALL 14 products!

Ore Ida Easy Fries .99
Buy 7 and pay $1.93 after Gift Card or .27 cents each

Skinny Cow, Ben & Jerry’s, Edy’s or Haagen Daaz Cups $1.02-$1.25 (Regular Price)
Buy 7 and pay as low as $2.14 after Gift Card or .30 cents a cup

There’s just so many deals you can do- a combo of things- whatever you do & don’t have coupons for. Here’s a list of some items to look for and coupon matchups…

Market Pantry Frozen Mini Chicken Sandwiches $2.84
-$1.50/2 Market Pantry® Frozen Chicken Items Target Web Coupon x3/26

California Pizza Kitchen Singles ($2.54- $2.89)
$1.25 on any one (1) California Pizza Kitchen product

TGI Fridays 12-15 oz Appetizers & Sliders $4.79 (Regular Price)

$4/2 TGI Friday’s Frozen Appetizers 12-15 oz Target Web Coupon x3/26

Edward’s Pie Singles 2 pk $1.99-$2.29 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Edwards Pie Singles 2 pack 2-6-11 SS x3/06

Alexia Sweet Potato Fries 15 oz Pkg $1.94 – $2.39 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Alexia Frozen Item Target Coupon Live Well Booklet x2/28
-$1/1 Alexia Product (Facebook Coupon) or HERE

Market Pantry or Archer Farms Frozen Vegetables $1.09 (Regular Price)
$1/4 Market Pantry or Archer Farms Frozen Vegetables Target Web Coupon x3/26

Boca Meatless Products $2.74 -$3.49 (Regular Price)
-$2/2 Boca Frozen Items Target Web Coupon x4/15
-$1/2 Boca Meatless Product 1-2-11 SS x2/27
-$1/2 Boca Meatless Products or HERE at zip 90210

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, Select Varieties $1.27 (Regular Price)
-.50/1 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, Any. HERE

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables Healthy Varieties 7-12 oz $1.27 (Regular Price)
-.60/3 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables 2-13-11 GM x4/9

Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees $1.79 – $2.04 (Regular Price)
-$1/2 Healthy Choice Frozen Meals Target Coupon Live Well Booklet x2/28
-B5G1 FREE Healthy Choice Frozen Meals – valid up to $3.00 01-02-11 SS x2/28
-$1/2 Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees, Any– AllYou, January 2011 x3/27

Michelina’s Lean Gourmet, Select Varieties 8.5 oz $1.02 (Regular Price)
-$1/5 Michelina’s Lean Gourmet

Old Orchard Frozen Juice Concentrate 12 oz $1.19 (Regular Price)
-$1/4 Old Orchard Frozen Juice Concentrate

Red Baron Singles OR By the Slice Assorted Varieties 2/$5 (PC until 3/12)
-$1/1 Red Baron Singles Product 1-23-11 SSx4/30

Totino’s Pizza Rolls 15 ct Boxes $1.52 (Regular Price)
-.40/2 Totino’s Pizza Rolls Snacks 1-30-11 SS x4/23
-.50/2 Any Totino’s Products on Totino’s Site HERE

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156 Responses to “Frozen Food Heaven at Target & Deal Scenarios”

  1. Maryjane says:

    FYI ~ if you have the register price check a frozen item it will say at the bottom if it is included in the GC deal. I bought a pack of MP boneless chicken wings and pot pies for my first 7 and no GC. The CSM came over and SURPRISE ~ the $.62 pot pie WERE included and the $4.57 chicken item wasn’t!

    My 2 day total is 102 items for just under $10 ~ pot pies, burritoes, Banquet dinners, Maria C. meals, pizzas frozen vegies! I will swap pizza night on Friday for a full freezer any day!

  2. amy says:

    I am so damn excited about this deal with my calculations i should be able to get 22 items for a buck -18!!

  3. caryn says:

    do you think this would work buy 14 tonys pizza pay $7.00 oop and get $10.00 back in gift cards ?

  4. Liz says:

    After several transactions, and a few errors I finally got to load all my food into my freezer! :)

    The man that was scanning my items, had given my the wrong Gift Card back on my last transaction (and I had a a feeling it wasn’t right) because he kept saying “I don’t know what I did..” so with that said I made sure I had customer service scan my card to see if there was anything on it. Sure enough, he had given me the wrong one back and it was EMPTY! So she went over to his station and grabbed all his cards and scanned them until she found mine with $5.00!!! 😀 Buuutt, my story doesn’t end here..

    Once I get home, I am putting all my items away and calculating everything – I realize I am missing a $5.00 GC! Ugh! So I get back in my car and drive all the way back and talk to customer service again, I had bought some of the Banquet Pot Pies along with tons of other goodies … but for some reason I didn’t get a GC for the pot pies even though I had other frozen items on the receipt as well … and I had purchased the pot pies in a seperate transaction with other items and they went through just fine. Anyway, there was no way for them to give me a GC so they gave me $6.00 in cash back with their ‘Apology Coupons’. They were super nice and kept telling me “I don’t know why it did that because you bought the pot pies before”. All in all, I am pleased. Spent $27 ish dollars for 50 items! (Not all of my items were ‘cheaper’ items because they were things that I was going to have to buy anyway, so this just sweetened the deal) and I still have a $5.00 GC & the $6.00 cash they gave me back which I will consider a GC for next time 😉

  5. Liz says:

    Okay, okay, okay.. I aboslutely LOVE Target & I didn’t think I could love Target anymore, but I was wrong. This deal has made me love Target so so so much! So after my very successful day yesterday, I just HAD to go back and use my other gift cards! I picked up 24 frozen items, 2 up & up pantiliners, 2 up & up ibuprofen, 2 packs of the garnier facial cleansing wipes, 3 garnier shampoo, 1 hair gel, and 2 jugs of up & up bleach .. total OOP: $11.89 BUT I got 2 more $5.00 gift cards, so if you minus the gift cards I paid just $1.89 for 36 items, or $.33 for each item! My freezer is full of goodies .. and I am thinking I will have to make another trip tomorrow, so my freezer better make some room! 😀

  6. Sarah says:

    I did two trips 42 items well I’m not sure because I got other items too I think I got all in all $100 bucks worth for $25 but that includes items not in giftcard deal like milk and laundry items. Anyways overall one of the best trips I’ve had. I love target it seems like this time of year they have great deals!

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