Mar 162011

There is a new high value $2/1 Revlon Beauty Tool Manufacturer’s coupon available to print at I was pretty surprised since usually when this coupon shows up it’s a $1/1. But a $2/1 allows for some Free & super cheap Revlon products at Target.

There are Revlon Nail Clippers or 2pk Expert Nail Shapers that sell for around $2.19 – $2.39, plus some Target stores carry a Revlon Compact Nail Clipper for around $1.59, and 10 ct packs of Emory Boards for around $1.27 – $1.47.

If memory serves, these Revlon coupons are usually beepers, so just a heads up that may be the case, but there are no specifications on a minimum product purchase or other indications of exclusionson this coupon. If you are interested there is also a new $3/1 Snuggli Green Manufacturer’s Coupon on HERE as well.

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11 Responses to “Free & Cheap Revlon Beauty Tools with $2/1 Coupon”

  1. Agnes says:

    what’s with all REVLON coupons, they ALL beep, even my cashier said, they always beep even though you have exact item (like recent nailpolish and the nailpolish IS ON THE PICTURE), some cashiers just push them without a blink some won’t accept them.
    I;ll save mine for CVS with friendly cashier Thanks

  2. melissa says:

    well, the coupon upc does not match a majority of their product upcs. If you look for something that is a 00997, the coupon won’t beep. I know some of the nail polishes now have stickers on the handle and those are usually 00997, but a majority of older polishes, which I know CVS has been clearancing out had that short, odd upc on the back of the polish. I’m not sure what the upc on the beauty tools are, so can’t say if it’ll be a beeper or not.

  3. michelle says:

    I cannot find the q’s. is anyone else having a lucky?

  4. Jennifer K. says:

    Rite Aid has Revlon cosmetics and grooming tools 40% off the week of the 27th PLUS you get a $4 Up reward when you buy ten dollars worth. These coupons could really sweeten that deal!

  5. Kiyo says:

    I bought Emory boards for $1.24 and a nail clipper for $2.24 used two coupons the overage went to my other items but to my surprise a Catalina coupon printed for $5.00 when you purchase two revlon beauty tools. So I guess it’s back to Target tomorrow. 🙂

  6. emily says:

    I used this coupon today for a new eyelash curler (2.89). When I checked out, the register coupon printer spit out a $5 off 2 Revlon beauty tools again…even better than the $2 off one. Needless to say, I’ll be refreshing my beauty supply 🙂

  7. carolina says:

    The same thing happened to me today:). Bought 4 pkgs of nail files 1.57 each gave 4 $2.00 off coupon and got the $5.00 off any 2 revlon beauty tools. Went back got 2 items for 2.99 each. Gave the cashier the 5.00 off coupon and got another $5.00 off any 2 revlon beauty products. LOVE IT!

  8. rachael m. says:

    Ditto to what everyone is reporting…..I bought two small nail clippers tonight at target (I think they were priced about $1.60 or so) and a catalina for $5/2 revlon beauty tools printed out. WAHOO!

  9. Jenn says:

    Does anyone know if that would include hairbrushes? What exactly does “Beauty Tools” encompass? It’s kind of vague. Any ideas? Thank you.

  10. Kerry says:

    Hey Jenn- I could be wrong but pretty sure SH doesn’t make a hairbrush, but to me it’s anything that helps in grooming– tweezers, nail clippers, nail files, shapers, trimmers etc. hth

  11. kate says:

    I did this deal today with two packs of emory boards and the $5/2 catalina beeped. She said they were not beauty tools – a tool had to be metal & wouldn’t take the coupon. What in the world?

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