Mar 312011

If your store carries the 5 ct Zyrtec 24 hour, Heather found it on sale at her Target this week only for $4.76.  There is a coupon stack available to get this FREE. Although the 5 ct is small- it is not a trial size and can be found in the regular Pharmacy aisles with the rest of the Zyrtec.

Zyrtec 5 ct 24 hr Adult Allergy Relief $4.76 (Sale Price)
-$4/1 Zyrtec Allergy Relief ETS Target Web Coupon x4/30
-$2/1 Zyrtec, any ETS
= FREE after a stack

You can still grab it free even after this week since it is only $5.29 regular price if your store carries it in this size.

-Thanks for the deal & picture to Passion for Savings!

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11 Responses to “FREE Zyrtec 5 count 24 Hour at Target with Stack”

  1. Mary LaB says:

    Why does target reduce the manufacture coupons down instead of scanning them and us getting the extra money?

    This is what all the targets are doing now which means they are making money from the manufacture coupons by turning them in for the full amount and not giving us the extra on them.
    Example: $3 off excedrin coupon from target $1 off from manufacture they scan their $3 off coupon and only give 59 cents off for the manufacture coupon. Then they turn that manufacture coupon into the company and get the full $1 + on it which means they are scamming the manufacture.
    They use to scan them and we would get the extra off now they key it in by hand. I think I need to call the main office and let the ,manufacture companies know what they are doing. They should not be allowed to collect that full amount on the coupon when they do not deduct it from our sale.

  2. Julia Gilsdorf says:

    I just did 2 of this deal (in two transactions) it worked with no beep! I even got the overage! Thanks so much :)

  3. BlasterMan says:

    If you go to Costco, the store brand there sells 365 pills (one a day for a year) for $17.

  4. Kim K. says:

    Mary- they have never down that to me on a Target/Manu coupon stack. I just got a bunch of Excedrin with overage. I think it just depends on the cashier/store. If I just have a man. coupon that is more than the price of the item they sometimes adjust it down but not all the time.
    Thanks for the deal! Love Zyrtec!

  5. Kim K. says:

    Can’t we also use the $6/2 from one of the previous inserts(I think 1/19SS but not sure)?

  6. nikki says:

    Kim, never thought of that $6/2, that would be a great deal if we could! I still have a few of those!

  7. Chris says:

    I might try this one tonight. I think the problem with using a $6/2 is that the Target Qs say “limit one coupon or offer per transaction”. So it is probably YMMV.

  8. Kerry says:

    Hey Kim- I think it excludes trial sizes or is for 25 ct or larger?. cant check right now but if someone can confirm that for me that would be great. TY!

  9. Penny says:

    Used the $2 manu.Q and $4 target Q on the 5 ct. packages today. I got a few other items and left the cashier scratching her head even after I paid up the 21 cents total that I owed.

  10. Samantha says:

    Should you give to Target coupon or the Man coupon first?

  11. Kerry says:

    I always recommend giving your Target coupons last. Many times it doesn’t matter but if you get in the habit, it is easy to remember when it will matter.

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