Apr 032011

So in this morning’s Smart Source Insert there was a new rebate, effective on purchases made as of today on Shark. So I got out my magnifying glass and almost hurt myself as I read through the teensy print twice. I then got a big chuckle, since at the very bottom of the ad it says in big letters “Offer Valid in Addition to Retailer Savings”. So I could have saved my eyes the workout but oh well. 😉 So since we have the Gift Card Deal this week, it might be a nice time if you are considering buying a Shark.

I cannot find the form on line, so you will have to have gotten it in your paper to take advantage or you can see if a clipping service has it in. I haven’t gotten a chance to check it out if anyone has them in stockm but will try & peek around in a bit. So here’s the deals valid thru 4/9 with the new rebate…

FREE $20 Gift Card wyb Select Shark Items*

*Shark Vac-Then Steam $149
-$20 MIR wyb Shark Vac Then Steam 4-3-11 SS x5/17
= $109 after Gift Card & Rebate

*Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop $129
-$10 MIR wyb Shark Pro Steam Pocket Mop 4-3-11 SS x5/17
= $99 after Gift Card & Rebate

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19 Responses to “New Shark Rebate = Better Gift Card Deal thru 4/9”

  1. Laura says:

    It’s funny you just posted about the Shark deal as I had just come over here looking a few minutes ago to see if you had more info on what the Target GC deal includes too! :)

    Did you notice on the Target ad that it states “Free GiftCard offer also available on other selected Shark Items”? Any clue what that may include?

  2. Kerry says:

    I did Laura- and will definitely check on it when I am in today. the rebate is also good on the Navigator, so will check into it today. :)

  3. Jen says:

    Does anyone use these products? I’m looking to get a steam cleaner for my floors, but have never used any. I would love to know what you think of them or how good they work. Thanks!

  4. Kerry says:

    Hey Jen- I have a Shark Steam Mop. I bought it about 4 years ago and I like it. It does a nice job in my opninion, although for tough spots- elbow grease is needed. I like that no chemicals or cleaners are needed- and I heard that you are only supposed to use distilled water in it to lengthen the life- so that’s all I use. it’s cheap enough and a jug of it lasts a long time. You can just throw the pads in the washer when yo are done and they last a long time too. Personally I would reccommend it- and it will get most things up off the floor with ease- but again- occasionally some extra umph and elbow grease is needed.

  5. Lesley says:

    We got the Steam Pocket Mop at Costco and paid $79.99! I LOVE this thing! It is awesome!

  6. Sean says:

    Hi. I couldn’t find this rebate in my Sunday’s 4/3 SS coupons? Am I going blind or is this a regional rebate or something? If someone finds it online…please post a link. Thanks.

  7. Katie says:

    Got mine today! I’ve been waiting to get one – and the rebate and gift card made it a great deal. I’m always a little hesitant with infomercial things, but this is awesome. I had already mopped this morning, but decided to see how much extra dirt it would pick up and it was disgusting!! It does not vac around the edges of the room because of where the dirt inlet is, but if you sweep the perimeter of the room into the center, it does an awesome job. I love the fact that I’m not using chemicals because my husband and son (1 of 5 kiddos, a dog, a cat, a fish and a hamster all messing up my house daily)have chemical sensitivities so this is great for them. I paid $149-$5 gift card from the dove/suave deal the other day, plus got the $20 rebate coupon and the $20 gift card. I’m really happy with it!

  8. Jennifer K says:

    I got mine today it is great! Chemical free so great for my pets and kids! I find that my laminate flooring always shows streaks when I wash it, but with the Shark there aren’t any.
    I have an extra rebate if anyone needs one…

  9. Audrey says:

    I have the TQ home mailer, get a $5 gc when you spend $50 or more. Do you think it can be used with this deal?

  10. Katherine says:

    My grandma has the Vac-then Steam and it’s awesome! I love how it sanitizes the floors :)
    I just bought a Bissell PurePro Vac at Walmart on clearance for $75 (regular $169) plus it has a $10 rebate.
    The Steam Pocket Mop is definitely next on my list 😀

  11. Christina says:

    Sean, I have extra if u need it mailed to you, I guess it was regional.

  12. Sean says:

    Christina or Jennifer thanks a ton if you could send it to me I’d be so grateful. Don’t know how one messages to individuals on this forum…but here’s my email…send me a message and I’ll respond with my po box: sarasota40 (at) mail.com. Thanks.

  13. Christina says:

    Sean, sending email from fairys….

  14. Paula Drew says:

    Just wanted to say “hey” to a fellow Floridian (Sean). I’m assuming you are in Florida because of your email address. I live in Sarasota County (but not Sarasota). I’ve always wondered if I would run into a fellow Totally Target follower in the store.

  15. Sean says:

    Hi Paula, yes I am in Sarasota! So we are neighbors! You might see me hitting the Target clearance isles at our local store with coupons. :) Hey, did you get the above MIR in the Sarasota paper? If so, where….I searched and searched with no luck. Btw, the wonderful Christina is sending me an extra MIR for this great deal. So everyone thank Christina for her help!

  16. Lauren says:

    Does anyone else have the rebate for the Shark Vac it didnt come in my paper. My email is unctwinkles at yahoo dot com. Thanks!!

  17. Heidi says:

    Jennifer K – Do you still have an extra rebate? We just bought a house with hardwood floors and I think this vacuum is my answer! Thanks!

  18. kristi says:

    I also did not receive the coupon in my smart source, I know the offer ends today if anyone is online could you please email me the coupon. Thank you in advance

  19. Greg says:

    Jennifer K.
    i know it’s a week later but do you still have the extra rebate?
    Greg in Apex NC

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