May 052011

But you can still sign up if you are new to Heartsyand get $5 credited to our account instantly. And check out the other deals they have to offer or hold your credit for something else.

Here’s a nice deal my buddy Nicole sent me this morning. Heartsy, a daily Deals site of Etsy, is offering a $15 voucher to the PURE Natural Minerals Etsy shop for just $6. If you are new to Heartsy you will get $5 credited to our account instantly when you sign up HERE– so you can grab this deal for just $1!

Heartsy vouchers can be used toward shipping, so there should be plenty of great deals to be had with this voucher! I’m not sure how long the $5 credit offer will be good for so grab yours now. If you aren’t interested in this deal, you can use it on another deal down the road!

-Thanks Nicole’s Nickels!

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