May 092011

Vistaprint is offering a FREE customized T-Shirt and you will just pay shipping which was just $4.41 for me. I ended up ordering one as a little joke for my husband for Father’s Day. Fortunately my hubby has a great sense of humor, so I poked fun at him for not being that handy at fixing things. You see the tool box in the garage, and the power drill and the bandsaw and everything else in the fix-it corner of the garage belongs to me and he’ll be the first one to tell you that too. So I know he will laugh right out loud when he sees this shirt and happily wear it to the beach or even elsewhere!

They have many designs to choose from, a big shiny red apple perhaps for a favorite teacher, and lots more and you can get creative with your wording to make it a fun, personalized gift. To get your FREE T-Shirt, just go HERE and click on “Get Started” underneath the FREE T-Shirt offer. Next choose your design and customize your wording and select your size. Be sure to select a blank backside to keep it FREE. When you are finished, just skip the rest of the offers to continue to check out. If you choose Standard Shipping it should be right around $4 and it never takes as long as they say it will whenever I choose this option.

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8 Responses to “FREE Customized T-Shirt – Just Pay $4.41 Shipping”

  1. Rocio says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Colleen says:

    Thanks for the idea! Hubby’s birthday is a few days later too 😀

  3. Joanna says:

    I can’t figure out why my shirt is coming up $9.49

  4. Kerry says:

    Hey Joanna, you do have to use their desings, so maybe you uploaded a picture instead? you want to make sure you didnt select any of their offers too, plus the back side of the sirt needs to be blank. hth

  5. Kim B says:

    Yeah my shirt is coming to $6.36, not even including shipping yet…

  6. Kim B says:

    Ah yes, nevermind. I must have used one of the premium designs. Too bad they don’t have a very nice selection of free designs.

  7. kristen says:

    Thanks for the tip- I just ordered hubby an “I Heart Ninjas” t-shirt with a pic of my kids dressed as ninjas (I think my daughter has more ninja costumes than her brothers!!!). It only cost $2.49 to download the picture. With the shipping, it was only around $7- not too bad. Very cute!

  8. Brigette says:

    Small upcharge for plus sized shirts. Still a good deal – great for Father’s Day – thanks!

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