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Since many of you expressed interest in discounted newspaper subscriptions, I have teamed up with Amy Thompson, a Liason for several Western US Papers to bring you some nice deals on discounted Newspaper subscriptions. These are offers which include the option of getting multiple Sunday newspapers delivered straight to your door at a discounted rate.

Here are the current offers which you can take advantage of by clicking on the link to the paper in your area below. These are private, secure order forms, but Amy is more than willing to take your orders over the phone if you prefer. Just give her a call at 562-507-1605 and she will also be happy to answer any questions you may have….

Residents of the Riverside/Temecula areas can purchase a Sunday subscription for $15 for 5 weeks.
Go HERE to Subscribe or purchase a Press-Enterprise Subscription

Subscribers pay $20 for 20 weeks of Sunday papers and you can get up to 1 Sunday paper delivered.
Go HERE to Subscribe or purchase a San Diego Union Tribune Subscriptions

Residents of the Greater Los Angeles, South Bay and Long Beach areas can purchase a Sunday paper for $30 for 26 weeks.
Go HERE to Subscribe or purchase a Los Angeles News Group-Metro Subscription

Residents of the these newspapers delivery areas can purchase a Sunday paper for $30 for 26 weeks.
Go HERE to Subscribe or purchase a Los Angeles News Group- San Gabriel/Inland Subscription

Subscribers get charged once a month and can get 5 Sunday papers plus 1 daily paper delivered Monday – Saturday for $18 a month. (NOTE the Idaho State Journal does not include Smart Source Inserts) Go HERE to Subscribe or purchase additional Idaho State Journal Subscriptions.

Subscribers pay for 6-month subscriptions up front and can get up to 1 Sunday paper delivered:
CURRENT subscribers can add up to 1 Sunday Only 6-month Subscriptions for $19.50 each
NEW subscribers can get up to 1 Subscription. The initial subscription is $40.50 for 6 months (Mon-Sun paper).
Go HERE to Subscribe or purchase a Las Vegas Review Journal Subscription

Subscribers pay up front for a year’s subscription and can get up to 2 Salt Lake Tribune AND 2 Deseret Morning News delivered, for a total of FOUR Sunday papers delivered. Each weekend Edition is $20 each for 52 weeks. if you choose all 4 papers your total will be $80. Go HERE to Subscribe or purchase additional Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret Morning News Subscriptions.

UT- THE STANDARD EXAMINER (Available in Box Elder, Weber, Morgan and Davis counties)
Subscribers get charged once a month and can get a 3, 4 or 5-pack of Sunday papers delivered. These are monthly rates and you can access the contact number in the link below to get the current monthly rates.
Go HERE to Subscribe or purchase additional Standard Examiner Subscriptions

UT- THE HERALD-JOURNAL (Available in Cache and Box Elder counties)
Subscribers get charged once a month and can get up to 5 Sunday papers delivered:
3 Sunday papers each week, $15.50/month
4 Sunday papers each week, $17.75/month
5 Sunday papers each week, $19/month
Go HERE to Subscribe or purchase additional Herald-Journal Subscriptions

Newspaper rates do change occasionally, the actual order forms have the most up to date rates and information.

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24 Responses to “Discount Sunday Newspaper Subscriptions”

  1. AdamHouse says:

    For Orange County there are pretty good deals for the LA Times, which tends to get better/more inserts. You can get a subscription for around $10 and then sign up for EZ Pay and get a $10 Target gift card as a thank you.

  2. CORTNEY VW says:

    Any good discounts for the East Coast…Maybe NC???

  3. Leslie says:

    I used a discount code to receive 3 Sunday LA Times for $29.52 for a year.

  4. Sandi says:

    Thanks for posting! I have been looking for a way to get more papers!

  5. SuzeeQ says:

    Target gift card as a bonus.. count me in…!

  6. Jan says:

    Thanks so much for posting this subscription deal. I talk to Shannon and added 2 more subscriptions with SAC Bee! I love your blog!!!

  7. andrea says:

    How about a deal for us New Yorkers???

  8. mary says:

    Found this deal and started my subscription

    Seattle Time newspaper subscription Sunday Only — Only $24 for 52 weeks! $140 off regular price.
    The Seattle Times home delivery for the Sunday paper only. Enter offer code SUNO24IS
    This promotion is for a 52-week home delivery subscription. Offer rates are only valid in Washington State in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

    Offer is only valid for readers who have not had service in the last 30 days; valid through July 15, 2011.

  9. Wendy U says:

    Can we get delivery outside of the state? I live in CO and would love to get Sunday papers from a different region for different coupons!

  10. stephanie says:

    i need az papers cheaper!!! :(

  11. mary says:

    Any deals is the south? Savannah GA?

  12. Diane says:

    Man..I am so jealous! My paper here in the dallas area doesn’t give any discount for multiple papers. The only way to get them cheaper is to buy double stacks for $5, otherwise it is $3 a paper.

  13. Krysta says:

    I wish we could do something like that in VA – any thoughts on ways I could negotiate for a deal like that on my own?

  14. Tricksy Kim says:

    Diane, I hear you. Wish the Dallas Morning News would deliver multiples. Don’t forget to call and ask for The Briefing to be delivered to you on Saturday though. It comes with inserts and is free. I added Wednesday thru Saturday for free, and sometimes the Weds comes with q’s. HTH

  15. CancerSucks says:

    Anyone know of deals for the Austin paper? I have contacted the Statesman directly but have not heard back yet..

  16. C~~ says:

    For anyone in the Houston and surrounding areas, there is a pretty good deal for home delivery of the Houston Chronicle Sunday paper on their website. The regular price for the Sunday paper is $2.00 or ($104.00 for 52 wks), this deal is for $.50 cents a paper or ($26.00 for 52 wks). I just signed up last Friday and received my first paper on Sunday, so excited about the money I saved. :)


  17. Denise says:

    Anything for Montana? We get skipped on most of the “good” coupons, so any savings would help. I would LOVE to be able to get an out of state deal as well.

  18. Cheapo says:

    I would love to hear if you find a good deal on the Indianapolis Star.

  19. Neal says:

    I did the same as Leslie. I get 6 copies of Sunday LA Times. the OC Register doesnt always have the inserts or they have different inserts (not always the same amount of coupons as LA Times)

  20. jo says:

    @neal or leslie:

    i’m in redondo beach and i was told by a friend (who tried) that they wouldn’t allow multiple LA times subscriptions. i’m not sure what number she called but if you have any info to point me in the direction that worked for you that would be awesome! i’d love to get set up on multiple subscriptions. i only get 1 of both daily breeze and la times…

  21. Monica says:

    Extremely disappointed in my San Diego Union Tribune subscriptions! First week I received 3 SDUT and 1 LA Times… instead of the 6 SDUT I subscribed to. This week I received all 6 SDUT but 2 of the newspapers were missing half of the coupon inserts.

    Then to top it off, I realized that the San Diego Union Tribune doesn’t include the Red Plum or the 2nd Smart Source when there are two. This is my fault for not previewing the newspaper before purchasing. I assumed the San Diego Union Tribune, being the large of the two newspapers for SD, would have all the coupon inserts but this is not the case. Next time I will stick will to my North County Time subscription… even if it cost more!

  22. Brandy says:

    You’re the best! I was paying $96 a year for one paper. Now I’m paying $104 for 4 Sunday papers! Thank you!!!

  23. gladys says:

    Are we able to get newspaper deals out of state? I am in oklahoma city they suscription I have is for wednesday and sunday papers only for a fullbyear for 50dls. I would like to get newpaper from other states too.

  24. mary says:

    This is a central California paper “The Fresno Bee”. The Fresno Bee is offering a fantastic special Sunday only $25.00 for a one year subscription. I just renewed my subscription so the special should still be valid.

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