Jul 112011

So now that the $1/1 Up & Up Item of $3 or More Target Web Coupon x8/13 has rolled back around, I thought it would be helpful to ask the readers what their plans are for it. I tried to find things yesterday that rarely have coupons for them or things right around $3. Here’s a list of a few things I came up with but I would welcome any other ideas y’all have! 🙂

Up & Up 1 1/2 inch Binder Bundle (with pockets, dividers & more) $3
Up & Up 7 Pocket Poly Expandable File $3
Up & Up Multi-purpose Printer Paper 500 Sheet Ream $3.49
Up & Up Liquid Fabric Softener 61 oz $3.79
Up & Up Children’s Gummy Multi Vitamins 60 ct $3.99
Up & Up Allergy Relief Medication 30 ct $3.84

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61 Responses to “What Are You Doing with Your $1 Up & Up Coupon?”

  1. I used one of mine on bottle liners. I’m headed to Target tomorrow and hoping to find some good deals for the others. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  2. Audrey Jarrett says:

    that coupon wont print for me

  3. Lynn says:

    Up and Up “tums” antacid – $3.29 at my Target. That’s a good deal with the $1.00 off makes is $2.29 and these tablets seem to work well.

  4. Jennifer C says:

    Does anyone know why the website is acting weird? I tried to print 3 different Q’s last night and it only printed 2 of them…so I tried the other one today again and it’s still saying I’ve reached my limit….what’s the limit you can print?? When does it re-set or whatever? Anyone know?!

  5. Heather says:

    i used it on the liquid fabric softener!

  6. Michelle says:

    The same thing just happened to me. The Up ad Up $3 q was not there yesterday, it’s there today but when I tried to print it gave me a different q and when I tried it again it said I’ve reached my limit.

  7. sherry says:

    I used one on up & up dinner napkins. I think they’re around $3.29. I used another on epsom salts which were priced around $3.

  8. Danea G says:

    I used mine on up and up exfoliated body wash (compare to dove)! $3.29

  9. Lindsey Noel says:

    I used mine on Up & Up disposable plates and kleenex.

  10. Lindsey Noel says:

    Janet – The big flyer you got…by any chance did it have the $2 off Secret or Olay coupon in it? If so, please email me [email protected]. I need to know exactly what it states on the coupon. I had a huge problem at Target and was on the phone with customer service for 45 minutes.

  11. C says:

    I’ll be using mine on their gummy vitamins 🙂
    (gummies are the only way i can handle a multi, lol)

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