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So we have all been talking about this for weeks, and it seems like this is finally the week where you will see or have already seen the big push on toy clearance. It has been dragging on for weeks and weeks now but with only some items marked 75% Off.Β The big drop usually happens the same day of the week your store typically does toy markdowns.

So my store for example, usually does markdowns in the toy department on Thursday mornings, so I am expecting it to happen tomorrow, but they have been known on occasion to wait for a Friday as well.

If your store usually marks down on Wednesdays, some of you may have had some luck today and I’d love to hear all about it if you did. I have gotten a few emails already reporting 75% Off on many more items like Star Wars, Barbie, Polly Pocket, Matchbox, V-tech, Fisher Price, Zhu-Zhu Pets, Thomas the Tank, Furry Frenzies, UBuild Games, Toy Story Toys, Flick Trix, Girl Gourmet, Easy-Bake, Card & Board Games, Tron items, Mighty Beanz & much more at 75% Off.

Sara, who follows both major clearance sales for Christmas and Summer also found many toys 75% Off at one of her stores today. The picture above is a glance at what she found today and you can check out her post with more on what she found today HERE.

For those who were disappointed and found no major markdowns today- I would get ready and be there early tomorrow &/or Friday if you have interest. And don’t always just go by the signs- if they say 50%, take a look at quite a few of the stickers to be be sure- and remember- the price check scanner is your friend! Good luck folks- may the force be with you! If you have already had it hit at your store today let me know what you found-Β I can’t believe it but I am going to miss it this year. πŸ™ But that’s OK- I think my haul at the after-Christmas sale last year will more than make up for it. πŸ˜‰

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77 Responses to “Target Summer Toy Clearance Update”

  1. Katie says:

    I was snoozing so by the time I got to my target at 10:45 it was completely wiped out. There were several ladies with multiple filled carts. Sure, I was bummed but there will be another deal. And everyone was in a good mood and there was no fighting over toys. One lady had a elmo playdoh set that I had my eye on. I joking told her “let me know if you’re going to put that back!” πŸ™‚ About 10 minutes later she came and found me in the aisles and let me have it! SOOO NICE of her!! Thank you!!

  2. Jessica G. says:

    I was glad I read this last night. I got up bright and early and headed to my local Target. They were just doing the markdowns when I got in. There were some serious shoppers in there that had 2 carts each. But I was able to get $50 in stuff that was all marked down at least 75% off. I am saving it for my son and nephew for Christmas. It feels good to already have my Christmas shopping done!

  3. Larisa says:

    I got the kids out early and headed to Target by 9am, everything was 75% off. To my surprise it was not picked over at all, was able to get Lego sets for $7.50, Transformer toys for $3.25, Playdough set for $3.25, and a bunch more. Was worth the trip to get Christmas shopping done.

  4. Angie says:

    @April – kudos to you! I also had two carts (one full & one half full) and did not clear the shelves. The boxes for the toys for my 6 year old son take up a lot of room, so multiple carts were needed. I scored $450 of toys for a little over $100…my Christmas shopping is DONE!

    I can understand the frustration that some people may be having with their Targets being empty, but I guess that is a regional difference & a little luck is needed. I was there around noon and the clearance shelves were stocked full. People have to keep in mind that the size of the toys can be quite large, so you can’t knock all the people that have multiple carts. Even though I had two carts, I only bought one of each toy that I wanted, so there was no shelf clearing here!

  5. Aarin says:

    in Nederland, TX, I went out at lunchbreak and even though the shelves were well picked over, i was able to get tons of stuff for my little boy, legos, iron man, tron legacy figures, WWF, water guns, etc. My daughter however is a different story, had such a great time shopping, thanks for posting this!

  6. Brianna S says:

    I went today during my lunch break to the chanhassen target and they had just finished or had just started to move all the toys together for 75% off. Got the last trio set for 1.48 after clearance and coupon!!

  7. Tamara S. says:

    No luck at my target (Riverton, UT). They only had 2 tiny end caps that were 30% off :(.

  8. Natalie A. says:

    I went to 2 stores in the Nashville, TN surrounding area. Both stores had items 70% off.
    They were tagged at those prices. Signage said 30% or more.
    We just got back to town last night from vacation, so I was not an early bird.
    We didn’t get to them until 12:30 p.m. and 1:30. There was still a decent amount of stuff and I bought $357.50 worth for $106.91 before tax between the 2 stores. The sweet thing is that I used 2 mfct Hot Wheels q’s and 1 Hot Wheels Target q on the stuff. πŸ™‚ I LOVE gettting these toys for school friend/relative birthday gifts!!

  9. Jana says:

    I went to one store in San Diego at around noon and while the aisle that had all the clearance toys marked “75% off” was wiped out, there was still a ton of clearance items in the other toy aisles mixed in with the regular priced toys so I was able to find pretty much most of what I had been eyeing the last couple of weeks. So excited! thanks totallytarget!

  10. kristina vanburen says:

    fyi. on the price stiker on the top righ tside is a little number. 30, 50 or 75. will tell you the percentage it si marked down to so you dont have to figure. since everything is all jumbled. have fun shopping

  11. amanda says:

    Lots of good finds at my Target in California. See what I brought home for $100 here:

  12. Katie says:

    I was there when the store opened today and absolutely made out like a bandit! I went to 3 Targets today actually! All in all, I bought $504 worth of toys for $124!!! The toy buying portion of my christmas shopping is done! My absolute favorite find was a Fancy Nancy doll (originally $34.99) for $8.74!!! I have been watching it for weeks and there was only 1 left and I knew if it was meant to be, it would be there today. And it was!!!

  13. liz says:

    Anyone know if it’s 75% in Port Charlotte, FL??? I read through several post but didn’t see anyone say anything about this location… thanks πŸ™‚

  14. JRFrugalMom says:

    I got $121 worth of gifts for $29 at the Target toy clearance sale today, this is definitely the time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. At the after Christmas toy clearance sale I bought all 2011 Christmas and birthday gifts for my nieces and nephews in Europe (and they have been sent off too). At regular price this would never be possible.

  15. tracy says:

    I also work at Target and I’m the fortunate one who marks everything clearance. As soon as the store opened, I could hear the guests running with their carts. I will have to say that everyone shopping were being very nice to us employees and to each other. We tried to be done before the store opened because it’s really difficult to mark clearance when everybody wants you to check prices for them, but I don’t mind. Our shelves in Sherwood, OR were almost empty by 9 am.

  16. Katie says:

    When I went today, there was still quite a bit left. My son is all set for Christmas now! I was only able to get 3 little things for my daughter. Hopefully the next sale will include more girls toys πŸ™‚ When I was at the register, the cashier said that she couldn’t believe how many mom’s were in first thing in the morning for the toy clearance. She said “it’s almost like it was posted on the internet or something”. And I said, “Well, that’s because it was :)” Thank you so much for the heads-up!!

  17. d says:

    our store had 30% and 50% signs up everywhere, and just a few 70% off signs but nothing saying 75%. Plus, most of the 70% items were already gone….. Can’t compete with thrifty shoppers if you have a regular 8-5 job πŸ™

  18. Aimee says:

    I hit 2 Targets (Lowell, MA and Nashua, NH) and both were down to 75%. One was actually in the process of marking them down at about 2:30 – 3PM this afternoon. Neither one of the stores moved the clearance to one aisle, it was spread out throughout all the aisles. I found the summer items (bubbles, some squirt guns) were still only 30%. Tomorrow I might try and hit a 3rd Target in the area and see if they have anything left.

    I had to chuckle to myself, if any of you remember 2 years ago when Mindflex was the hard to get Christmas present and went for I think $80-90, well at both stores I found them for $17. I had to refrain myself from buying one just “because” since I’ve heard it wasn’t that great of a game LOL

  19. Tina says:

    My target was also at 70%, i asked a manager. she told me that they are trying this out in a few stores to see if this is the way the company will go or not. still a lot of great deals! the other targets in the area are 75%, so i hit those up too!

  20. Autumndays says:

    Hi Kerry,

    Quick question. I found the Eric Carle puzzles on clearance for 75% off. I wanted more than 1 so I could use some for gifts. Anyway, I only found one at my local store. I went to a non-local store and found the puzzle but it was marked full-price, no clearance sticker/sign, etc. I asked the manager if I could get the puzzle for the clearance price (I showed her my receipt) but she said “no”. Is this correct? Just seems kind of strange as I know they can adjust prices at the register. Thanks for your help! πŸ™‚

  21. Gail B says:

    I stopped today at the Shoreview, Mn Target and there was still a good selection of toys at 75% off.

  22. Traci says:

    Stopped by the Tucker, Ga. store and they were still marking stuff down so it was hard to get to stuff. The only clearance sign showed only 30 percent off. But the two items I got (tube of Cars 2 stuffed toys and a Backagaun toy) were 75 and 50 percent off at the register. As they always say, scan before you buy! πŸ™‚

  23. Renee says:

    Went today and not excited with what they had- mostly boy items and only 1 Lego (Atlantis) and it scanned 50% off. So either I missed it earlier or it just wasn’t great at my store.

  24. Thuy says:

    I visited 4 Targets in the Central Florida area. Most toys were in the 30-50% range, but it was terribly picked over at all stores. I picked up a few small stocking stuffers, but nothing major. I am keeping an eye on some of the toys left at 30%.

  25. Sherry says:

    Can’t stress enough to SCAN the toys you are interested in, even if they are marked higher. I went back the same day and got a second group of toys, one of which was the Cars 2 Lego Duplo set. This set was passed over because it was marked down on clearance for $27+; however, I scanned it on the red box, and it was $5.04!! A great deal a bunch of people missed because it was marked so high. (Go me! The granddaughters are gonna love it.) So I recommend always scanning the clearance stuff to see if they are marked wrong.

    Best deals of the 2 hauls were the Cars 2 set above and a Vtech V.Reader marked from $49.99 down to $14+. (These are still over $48 on Amazon, and almost $65 at Borders!)

  26. I went last Thursday and they were in the process of marking them down. Many items were still tagged at 30%-50% off but the great ladies at the Easton, MA Target told us to just bring the toys to them so they can scan them to see if the price would be cheaper and majority of the time, it was. Some of the items that we wanted were not 75% off and they told us to check back this Thursday because they will most likely be marking down more toys. Not sure if this is true at all stores but I figured it was worth mentioning.

    On another note, I scored big at the above store but there were some items that there wasn’t enough quantity of (I have 4 nieces & 3 nephews with birthdays from August to January plus Christmas presents for all of them & my daughter) so I decided to hit a few other Targets. What I noticed is that not all items were marked the same between the different stores. At one of the Targets, I saw an item that was still marked and scanning at full price and it was 75% off at the first store.

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