Aug 062011

If you have the Shopkick App on your iPhone or Android, Amy let me know that there are 6 new Target Store Coupons to use. Here are the new ones with the couple of matchups I was able to find…

.50/1 Target Cafe Item Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/19
.50/1 Up & Up Laundry Care Item Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/19
$1/1 Up & Up Air Freshener Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/19
$2/1 Enfagrow Premium Toddler Milk Drink Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/19

$1/1 Biore Facial Care Item Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/19
-$1/1 Biore Product Facebook Coupon When You “Like” them (limited prints)

$1/1 Curel Lotion Item Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/19
-$1/1 Curel Skin Care Product (when you submit your profile on the Skin Advisor)

Shopkick is a free downloadable application for iPhone or Androids that automatically recognizes when you go into participating stores, restaurants and more. You earn points called “kickbucks” for anything from entering the store to scanning select bar codes while there that you redeem for different rewards including Target Gift Cards. You will also get scannable Target Coupons like those above which you can redeem at checkout.

You also get a code to share with friends when they sign up and you will both get 50 Kick Bucks. For example, Amy’s code is RABBIT7476, so if you download the ShopKick app and go to the “Me” tab on the app, you can enter that code under “Got A Promo Code?” to get your 50 Kick Bucks. So once you have the app, you can tell other friends about it by sharing your own code, and you both get rewarded. You can learn more about Shopkick by visiting their homepage HERE and feel free to share your own sign up codes in the comments.

-Thanks for the new Shopkick Target Coupons to Amy of StudentSavingBucks!

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19 Responses to “New Target Store Coupons on Shopkick App”

  1. Rita says:

    Wow – this works on an iPod Touch too ! I rec’d 100 kicks when I signed up. You can check them out on Facebook too to see current offers.

    Please use my code cormorant8884


  2. Nicole t says:

    This is awesome!!! You should definitely sign up!
    Please use my code: Eggplant17897


  3. Maria White says:

    I have never been able to use shopkick at my Target. Horrible signal inside, it just plainly never works.

  4. Jen says:

    Can you only do the Promo Code once?

  5. stella says:

    Thanks. My code is maroon9019

  6. Nalini J. says:

    I signed up recently and I have over 300 Kicks already.
    There is a special promotion right now if you sign up using my promo code: GULL4448 we both get 100 Kicks each!! After Aug.7 it goes back to 50 Kicks each.

  7. Sherry says:

    So the clerks just scan the coupons off the phone?

  8. auntie bubbles says:

    lovin’ it! my code is orange17883

  9. Tori Bat says:

    Sherry- I’m sure they could but I’ve never seen anyone scan the coupon off my phone, and there’s also a long sequence of numbers that the clerk can type in. I’ve used Shopkick coupons at Target and Best Buy! I adore shop kick!! It’s like a big scavenger hunt! While you are out running errands you normally run, open up your app, Scan some products, collect points and then eventually turn those in for a gift card! I’m currently saving my points (kicks) for a $25 Target Gift Card! It’s a lot of fun and they usually have pretty good deals! I’ve gotten 2 different coupons for $5 off any purchase at Best Buy. I doubt anyone will use it, since there are so many other codes posted but mine is: pear8299 (Thanks!!)

  10. Tori Bat says:

    Also, if you like Shopkick you should get a similar app called Checkpoints!! It’s the same basic set up with a few differences. You get “check in” points for checking into a store, restaurant, etc. You also collect coins to use in games for bonus points. It’s much easier to collect points but the better rewards cost a lot of points… If you sign up please use my code: BatsNeedFriends

  11. Emily says:

    I started following shopkicks because of this website’s suggestion. It’s fun, and easy to collect points. My code is PLUM8816 and if you sign up with this code you get an extra 100 points.

  12. Heather L. says:

    This app also works on ipad2. Just downloaded it. Will use the .50 cent off coupon on dryer sheets tomorrow!

  13. Jennifer says:

    oopsy the code is deer8926. Thanks again :)

  14. Dawn says:

    I got 100 and used Amy’s code. This reminds me of Swag Bucks on the internet to earn a little extra. Thanks. I am not sure how you find your code so good luck to those that sign up.

  15. Dawn says:

    Ok, found my code…lol :-) tiger9051. Wow Tiger…hear me roar!

  16. Pamela Durham says:

    I love love love shopkick my profile says that when friends sign up then they get 100 shopkick points and so do I – Pick me pick me pick me – my code is raspberry6228 I have earned giftcards for target and my target has no problem whatsoever scanning the bar code from my mytouch 4G. Use shopkick all of the time. I’m obsessed!!

  17. Tina says:

    Has anyone had any issues with this app? I had to remove it from my phone because it was sucking my battery life even when it was not being used. Just wanted to see if anyone else was having the same issue.

  18. Heather says:

    I just tried it, my code is mallard8877

  19. Dawn says:

    I earned a badge by going through the deals. Hint (try a mart & old navy) It was the back school one. I haven’t had any trouble with the application and it is user friendly. Give it a try. I no longer see it but they did say it would be awareded today.

    There is 5 days left for the special which is for a $25 gift certificate. Need 400 pts. Points add up fast if you tell your friends and they sign up. You also get points when you sign up and use someone elses code. (my code is tiger9051. Of course there are many other deals some less some more. Wonder if anyone will get the number of kicks needed for the cruise!

    They list many opportunities to earn pts by scanning items at stores.
    Target get 70 kicks scan colgate get 50, scan HP ink combo get 10, scan Kraft cheese get 10
    Walmart get Get 10 for scan of HP Ink.
    Staples, Office depot also have scans along with more.

    Then it lists some of the stores deals/sales Example
    Staples Cadoozles mechanical pencils $5 then do the easy rebate and get $5 which makes them free.
    Target save .50 cents on Target cafe item of $1 or more.

    For Resteraunts there isn’t lots of deals that I would use but we do like TGIF once in awhile and shows a $5 off a $15 purchase coupon. I know this one is online but was easy. Plus lits Taco Bells current special of .99 nachos.

    As you look through some of the stores/deals you might get a green balloon that if you select it you will get kicks!!!

    Easy so far and will try the scan feature today. Good luck

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