Aug 152011

I found a couple unadvertised deals on HP products at my store yesterday. Please keep in mind that unadvertised gift card deals can be regional and may not be available at all stores…

FREE $10 Gift Card wyb (1) Select HP Photo Value PackOR Ink Twin Pack
Deal and prices valid thru 8/27. Deal and prices may be regional and the prices vary depending on which type of ink/value pack etc. There were LOTS of different numbered cartridges/value packs included at my store- too many to list. It’s a nice deal- so I hope you find it at your store too!

Secondly- there was a $5 Gift Card being offered for purchasing (1) $19.99 HP paper/ink bundle pack (mine were on an endcap off the ink aisle). These include an HP #61 Ink Cartridge shrink-wrapped together with two 500-sheet Reams of paper with ColorLok Technology. These bundle packs are only available with the #61 cartridge, but if that’s your number- it’s a nice deal…

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb HP#61 Ink & HP Paper Value Pack $19.99
Deal and prices valid thru 8/20. Deal and prices may be regional.

DEAL IDEA: Buy HP #61 Ink & Paper Value Pack $19.99
$1/1 HP Paper with ColorLok Technology zip 90210
=$18.99 – $5 Gift Card Back for purchasing
=$13.99 for an HP #61 Black Ink Cartridge & two 500-sheet Reams of HP Paper

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18 Responses to “Unadvertised Gift Card Deals on HP Ink & Paper”

  1. bdstrom says:

    Argh, again… why does it have to be 60/61 pack? Also anyone notice whenever HP printer ink goes on sale, the price is actually the same? If you move the price cut tag for the retail price… the price is same!

  2. Ellen H says:

    @bdstrom, I noticed with a lot of Target deals that include gift cards, the item price doesn’t change, it is that you are getting a gift card with the purchase. Just wanted to let you know, it isn’t just the ink.

  3. Tricia says:

    Yeah the sign has to say sale for it to be on sale. I’m excited about a gc w/the 60 though! I hope I can score some. You can go to HP and take and sign up for a discount. They emailed me the offer, but it was jsut a code and never specified what the discount was. I’m sure it would at the end of placing a order. I think it also had free shipping when you spent $50.00. Good luck!

  4. Pat McNicol says:

    Walmart is also giving a $10.00 gift card when you buy a twin pack. I think it is on all hp twin packs, my size is the 60 but I do think the ad said all hp twin packs.

  5. Dana says:

    There is a deal on HP ink on it’s really cheap so it’s probably refilled cartridges or something. I think shipping is $4 or $5. Just FYI for those who need ink.

  6. lori says:

    There is also a mail in rebate for a $15 subway giftcard when you buy $75 of HP ink in one transaction.

  7. Cindy says:

    hum? I can’t find the $1 Q on….anyone else having problems?

  8. Cyndee says:

    I couldn’t find the coupon either. It must have dropped off.

  9. Kerry says:

    Darn it guys- they must have just pulled it- promise it was there this morning!

  10. Bindi says:

    This is definitely regional. I cannot find this at my local target(s) at all.

  11. mery says:


  12. Stefany says:

    This deal goes til 8/27 per my store sign. I believe all combo packs were included.

  13. colleen says:

    Mery, what does your $5 coupon state (is it a target coupon)? I will mail you a infant care coupon…I moved to an area where WAGS doesnt exist=(

  14. Me says:

    @Pat, the Wal-Mart in my area is not offering that deal (I think we get the ADS out of Phoenix, AZ.) :( I got my ink at Wal-Mart and ended up taking it back after seeing the Target deal. I might even go back and get another ink! I think it’s a pretty good deal. :)

  15. AmyLynn says:

    if you buy more than one in a transaction, do you get more than one gift card?

  16. Kerry says:

    @AmyLynn- yes you will

  17. MySweetLoves says:

    Kerry ~ Thank you SO much!!! I was in need of the 61 HP ink so was able to buy one black twin pack @ $24.99, then rolled my $10 gc into a 2nd purchase of the same pack for 14.99 oop w/ another $10 gc to spend on extra stuff I needed! That made each cartridge just about $8 each! yay!!!

    In case any one is interested, the #61 ink is used by my little HP Deskjet 1050 print/scan/copier that I purchased during Black Friday at Walmart for $20. My SIL said she purchased the same printer/same price the year before. Makes for a cheap printer that takes cheap ink and works like a charm (I only use it for printing coupons so I don’t have to use our better printer w/ expensive ink). Thanks again Kerry!!! ~ Tara

  18. Abby says:

    Is this deal still going on???

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