Aug 262011

You have all probably noticed that went through a major site overhaul and everything is sort of shuffled around a bit. Including the Target Coupon Policy.

There are no changes to it, since the update in June anyway, but is no longer located in the same place. So if you’ve been hunting around for it with no luck like I was, Melissa has tracked it down and you can find the Coupon Policy HERE. I have updated my links here on the blog, but I’ve been getting quite a few emails- so figured there may be more of you out there wondering where it went! 😉 It’s always a good idea to print it out and keep with you when you shop.

-Big thanks to Melissa for tracking that little bugger down!

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9 Responses to “Can’t Find the Target Coupon Policy?”

  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks Melissa and Kerry. I was just looking for this.

  2. Melissa says:

    You are VERY welcome! I’m glad I could help you for once Kerry since you help me with this awesome site!

  3. Netty says:

    Dumb beginner question. How do you get the target coupons ( like the back to school or any other coupon that is not a web coupon? Do you have them mailed? Are they in the store?

    Here is an example of one :-$1.50/2 Swiffer Refills Target Coupon 8-14-11 RP x9/30
    How did you get your hands on one of these coupons. ??? Thanks so much

  4. Kerry says:

    @Netty- Target does send out home mailers- but they are random no guaranteed way to get them or request them

  5. Netty says:

    Thanks Kerry…I quess I thought that since it said Target coupon it was something other than the Sunday Paper. I looked at my RP from 8-14-11 and I didn’t have this coupon. ( Must not be one of the lucky ones who had this in their paper. I live in a small town in Iowa so we don’t always get the good ones. :(

    Thanks so much for your quick reply…I LOVE this website. I have learned SO much and learn more daily.

  6. CC says:

    Thank you so much for the update!

  7. Kerry says:

    @Netty- please forgive me- I amswered you incorrectly. I am wiped out- big move is tomorrow and have a lot going on- but still hanging in there! Just trippin over my tongue!

    Anyway- it IS a Target coupon- found in that 8-14 RP. Target does put out insert coupons pretty often, but they are always regional. I am so sorry if I confused you!

  8. Netty says:

    No Problem Kerry…I can totally relate. We just moved 2 months ago with 3 kiddos during my husband’s busiest time of the year. Good Luck with your move. :)

  9. brandi says:

    I wish it had the difference between 1 per purchase and 1 per transaction… If I hadn’t have had a line behind me tonight, I’d have spoken with a manager when my cashier told me 1 per purchase meant the whole transaction. Ugh.

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