Oct 112011

Woops! I found one more thing in my notes I wanted to mention on the sales this week! There is just a ton of Neutrogena products included in the sale thru 10/15. We still have our $1/1 Neutrogena Target Web Coupon available and you can stack with Neutrogena MQs in the 8-28-11 SS or there are several different printable coupons HERE.

Even the single bars are on sale, but those have been FREE after a stack for many of you anyway for weeks now, as they are $1.97  regular price at many stores. But one of the other things on sale is the Neutrogena Wave, and after a stack & sale it works out to be a nice deal since the printable is valid on the regular Wave too…

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser (Sale thru 10/15)
-$1/1 Neutrogena Facial Skin Care Target Web Coupon x10/22
-$3/1 Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser
= $1.39 after stack and sale or like getting 75% Off
*NOTE* Sale prices can vary by region- I can’t guarantee everyone will find for the same price. I did think the $5.99 was low and scanned to double check but it did in fact come up as $5.39 for me.

And if you want to grab a FREE single Neutrogena Single Cleansing Bar just stack the following…
-$1/1 Neutrogena Facial Skin Care Target Web Coupon x10/22
-$1/1 Neutrogena Facial Cleanser 8-28-11 SS x11/30

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36 Responses to “Neutrogena Wave As Low as $1.39 With Stack & Sale”

  1. DEBBIE says:

    Just an FYI
    The manufacturer coupon I could print 6 times 🙂

  2. Amanda M says:

    I just went to target yesterday and at my store it was 8.99! ya’ll are lucky!

  3. Leslie says:

    I can’t seem to find the coupon on the Target website 🙁

  4. elena says:

    @Deb, me too sweeeeeet!

  5. Rebecca Manning says:

    Does anyone know if this comes with the cleaning pads as well or do we have to buy them seperately?

  6. Brandy says:

    @ Rebecca, I was reading the reviews on the Neutrogena website earlier, and it appears that it comes with 14 pads, or two weeks worth in the box.

  7. Andrea S says:

    Anyone know how much the refill pads are? Nothing worse than an almost-freebie with expensive refills. 🙂

  8. angela says:

    im going there tonight, I have one and LOVE it, my face doesnt feel clean without using it. I think the refills are about 6.99? But on their website there is a 2.00 off refils and you can print that 6 times too. Sometimes target has these on sale and buy 3 and get a free 5.00 gift card so Im going to hold off on buying the refils till they do that again 🙂

  9. Lynn says:

    You guys are lucky, I went to my Target store today and the Wave product was $14.99, no sale! Oh well though, I was able to get two of the bar soaps for free!

  10. Leslie says:

    it’s on sale for $8.99 in my area 🙁

  11. Rachael says:

    Got this today!! There was one left that had a 7 pad bonus with it!! 14 pads are included. 🙂 The refill packs were on sale for the same price at my store.

  12. Andrea S says:

    The Wave was $8.99 (regularly $9.99) in my store tonight. Refills were $5.39. I passed. Left my lot of coupons on the shelf for someone who really needed them. 🙂

  13. Sindi says:

    The Target in Newport News, VA has this on sale for $8.39. I was very upset since I made a special trip there only for this!

  14. joelle says:

    was on ‘sale’ for 7.49 at my store 🙁 darn i was so excited haha

  15. Hien says:

    \Mine was $17.99 sale price – $19.99 Regular Price. Am I missing something? I ran to Target today for this deal and see the price gap 🙁 Even the refill box was 6.99. I am in MN. Can someone tell me why?

  16. jmartcougar says:

    Not on sale here in Houston $8.99 and there was also the bigger one for $14.99 I think I will wait for a sale lol

  17. Lindsay S. says:

    It would be a great idea to get multiples of these, that way you can get the refills (and another new cleanser) for only $1.39 instead of paying the higher price for the refills only. I’m hoping that I find this sale tomorrow!!

  18. Edie says:

    Anyone in the pacific northwest finding these on sale for the pictured price? Might be heading to Target tomorrow, don’t want to print out the coupons unless I know I’ll use them. 🙂

  19. Angela says:

    mine was 8.99 too :*( and I waited to get the mouthwash, it was still too expensive for me w my coupons and they had a ton left, Wait a week and they will go down more 🙂

  20. lisa says:

    I went to 4 targets in my area because I work for target and I love to check out all the clearance because we dont always mark down at the same time. and at every store I went to the wave was on sale for 8.99 and only the pads were 5.39 so not sure what the deal is

  21. Kelly says:

    just the cleanser pad refills were on sale for the $5.39 price. The tool itself you have pictured was on sale for around $8 at my target. BUMMER!

  22. Glo says:

    I saw the newer version for 14.99 but I also looked and they had te one pictured but for 8.99 in south Florida. I was also bummed I was going to buy a few for gifts.

  23. sarah says:

    The Target I went to in Bonney Lake, Wa had them listed as 8.99.

  24. jiao says:

    Booo…no more $3 coupons left

  25. Rene R. says:

    I got the wave for 1.39 after stack at my 91344 Target. Also used the coupon for 2 dollars off the refills and used the target 1.00 coupon. pretty good deal thanks!!

  26. Shelly says:

    In MN target the wave was on sale for $7.19. Not as sweet of a deal as the rest of you, but i got one anyway to try! 🙂

  27. trish says:

    Wow, i was also bummed. In colorado, it was on sale at $13.50. Bummer. The pad refills were 5.39. Weird to see the differences across the country.

  28. Kerry says:

    Hey guys- while I don’t know the exact reason for such a wide range of price fluctuations on this product- I have a couple of guesses. it is possible some stores will be discontinuing it and therefore the inventory has been reduced at these locations in order to move it off the shelves. It’s possible there was a change to the product and stores with older product/bar codes are reducing the price- there’s many reasons and sometimes they don’t always make sense- but I always try and note on my posts that prices/sales/etc can vary by region. I never set out in my posts to convinve everyone that they can go and find the exact deal at your stores. While many times you will, there will be times you won’t. While I wish each store had the same exact price 100% of the time- that is definitely not the case.

  29. Tracie says:

    Bah, I signed up and took the survey and there are no more prints available. grrrr

  30. Renee says:

    While my Target in Ohio had this priced at 8.99 so I passed, I noticed that in the kid’s books section there were some books that were oddly priced- I got a Junie B. Jones book for .98 (something about Peeps), 2 Magic Tree House books were priced at .98 and $1.18 (one was about Penuins and the other about Pirates), a Tinkerbell Level 3 learning to read was $1.29 and a Barbie book with “fuzzy” stickers was .88. All these books had these prices on the label on the shelf where they were located. If you find any of these it’s a great deal especially when the chapter books are regularly $3.99-$4.99. Using mine as Christmas presents/Christmas classroom book exchanges!

  31. Linda says:

    No more Q’s for me either….boooo 🙁 Even after I took the time to enter all my information…

  32. I think they might have reset the prints, because I had no issue getting the Neutrogena $3 off just now.

  33. Linda says:

    It told me there was no more, then when I looked in my email, it was there…whoo hoo!

  34. Kennedymoore says:

    The Target in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has it for $14.99. I almost died when I saw that price. I printed six of the coupons and was all ready to “make a deal”. Please post what states you are finding the $5.39 and $8.99 in. That would be helpful to everyone! Thanks.

  35. Kris says:

    Bought two regular Waves last night for $1.39!!! Ty everyone!

    In regards to the price differences, the Wave Sonic was $15.XX and the regular Wave was $5.39. Also, I noticed that the Wave Sonic was on the shelves next to all the other Neutrogena facial products and the regular Wave was in the cosmetics aisles with other facial cleansers. I would never have known had I not been looking at the ELF and Maybelline cosmetics. I had just assumed the Wave was not on sale in my area.

    I hope this helps some of you!

  36. Maria Butler says:

    I went to my Target yesterday. I knew the sale would be over, but was so bummed to see the regular price on the Wave was 7.99!!! I live in the Charlotte area and that is alot more money! :'(

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