Nov 072011

Halloween clearance should now be at 90% Off for most of you if not all of you if your store has anything left. It will be very hit or miss but if you are headed by a Target- you may just want to pop in and see what you can find that you can tuck away for next year! I got a couple pics in my inbox today from Vanessa of what she spotted at her store this morning. She picked up a Star Wars Pumpkin/Carving Pattern set for just .60 cents after clearance.

She found a lot left at her store- bagged candy was at 70% but everything else seemed to be at 90%. She saw kids costumes, marshmallow bagged treats, pet costumes, carving kits and decorations, Halloween garland and other decorations, trick or treat containers, party bags, party invitations, Halloween themed tights, party favors, craft & activity kits, party games, gift bags and more.

Let me know if you find/found anything good! and Thanks for the pics to Vanessa!

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17 Responses to “Halloween Clearance Up to 90% Off / Candy 70% Off”

  1. Kate says:

    I too found 90% clearance this morning. I picked up a princess costume for $2.50 and a ballerina for $3, they were in perfect condition and not missing anything. Also, the mac & cheese was $.12, but it was still in the same grocery isle with the other mac so be sure to check there.

  2. amanda says:

    I found the lego sets you mentioned last week in halloween 90% off! they were 37 cents each! also got a darth vader costume, obi won, storm trooper

  3. Casey says:

    I snagged a jack-o-lantern cookie jar for $5.99, kid’s socks for $.30 cents, adult socks for $1.50! They also had some neat skull decorations that light up for $2.40. I got quite a haul!

  4. vanessa says:

    Amanda …. what lego sets are on clearence? I must have missed that post! I have 2 lego fanatics at home!

  5. Mayra says:

    Vanessa- I think Amanda is talking about the small Lego sets that come in bags. You can find them by the registers with the gum and magazines. I bought several yesterday, had the cashier price check the Ninjago and Atlantis sets and they too were marked down without any indication of it being a holiday/clearance item. These will make great stocking stuffers!

  6. Trish K says:

    I went to two different targets and there was no clearance setion of hallween stuff – it had been replaced with ornaments already!

  7. brittany says:

    did anyone see silly string?

  8. vanessa says:

    Thanks Mayra! I will check at my Target today, hope I can find the same deal!

  9. Jessica says:

    My Target Halloween clearance was a mess…but I spent a few minutes combing through and found some great deals! Check out my post about what I scored!

  10. Ilyssa says:

    I spent $5 today when I found my Target Clearance down to 90% off! I got 4 bags of spider web, one dog toy set (2 toys included), 1 dog costume, 4 packs of crafty stuff- pom poms, curly foam, etc, 5 garland, 1 package of black cutlery and one Zoobles set (for a stocking stuffer!). Spent $5 on all! There was still plenty left, including costumes! It’s worth the drive over to check it out. Or maybe call your store to see what they’ve got left over.

  11. Mizzy says:

    I found the 20 oz Planters nuts in tailgate nut mix for 59 cents!!!!!!!! They were in the regular grocery aisle near the end cap and there were no clearance markdown on them. The sign even says its $5.99 but if you scan it is comes out $.59!!! I grabbed 10 of them. They have so much more left!

  12. Smitha says:

    By the time I got to the store today, they had cleared out the candy aisle… :(((
    Decorations and costumes were at 90% off.

  13. Rebecca says:

    I went today and found some good stuff but seeing y’all’s comments, I might need to go back tomorrow. LOL

  14. melody says:

    very little left at my store except for a whole shelf full of halloween oreos… at 29¢ each, they were going fast!

  15. Christina says:

    My Target had a TON of Halloween stuff left, including candy. I’m gonna wait for that to go down even more, but I did pick up a cute wreath that was retail $20 for onl $2 bucks. Anyone wanting to make a costume trunk for dress up for their kids could have a hay day at Target buying cheap costumes!

  16. anne says:

    I just went at lunch to see if there was anything good left – everything was GONE! so bummed. they were stocking all of the Christmas candy and gift sets.
    I did find a whole bunch of McCormick’s vanilla extra for $1.26 on a clearance end cap though. The big bottle too! I snatched some up for upcoming holiday baking :)

  17. lisa says:

    i hit the jackpot yesterday. got a baby onsie for my future nephew and bib, about 40 cents each (90% off) and then cute halloween slipper socks 90% off for 50 cents.
    also doggie halloween costumes fir @ 1.30 or so, again 90% off.
    But went to another Target today and nothing was there =(

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