Nov 232011

Did you know offers FREE Stamps and FREE Shipping every day?! And today they are offering 70% Off sitewide! (limited to the first 1o0,000 cards). And you can go thru ShopatHome to get 5% back on all purchases.

Their cards start at $1.29 – with 70% Off that’s .39 cents minus a first class stamp (.44 cents), is like getting your card better than FREE after the FREE Postage! You can get up to $5 in FREE Postage on your cards with their FREE stamps promotion and even if you choose not to do that- all orders ship FREE, so .39 cents for a custom card shipped is a pretty nice deal in my book!

1. Sign in or log in to ShopatHome to get 5% back on all purchases & click “Shop Now”

2. Choose and personalize your card (starting at $1.29)

3. Approve Your design and click on Next

4. To get your FREE stamp, choose either to have it mailed to the Recipient, or choose “Ship it to Me in a Package” and then choose “Print my return address and recipient address and add FREE postage.”

5. Next put in your return address, put in recipients address, and choose select recipient and then choose add to cart.

6. When you get to the billing screen enter the code BLACKFRI in the promo box

This way you will get your card for as low as .39 cents plus it will have a stamp on it! And if you are new to ShopAtHome you will earn a $5 bonus for signing up and once your ShopatHome account reaches $20 they will send you a check!

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5 Responses to “Cardstore: 70% Off, + Free Shipping & Free Stamps”

  1. suzstar says:

    I’m very unhappy with this company. I ordered holiday cards about 2 weeks ago, after I saw postings about their “Surprise Me” sale. I’d never heard of Cardstore before, and wasn’t familiar with their practices. I thought that by ordering my cards very early in the season, and by being a new customer, I would be getting the best deal. Not true. I ordered at 50% off, only to see the discount drop to 60% off the very next day, and 70% the day after that. And then I found out it had been 80% off two days prior. I called customer service less than 24 hours after my order to see if I could cancel my order, and they said it wasn’t possible because it had already been sent to the printer. I greatly dislike companies that “play” around with their discounts like that, so I feel as though I have to play the discount lottery in order to get the best deal. Leaves me feeling foolish and deceived, and as a deal-seeker it leaves me feeling frustrated that I was trying to seek the best deal out and missed it. By about $30. That’s a lot of coupons and Totally Target deals to make up for a loss that big.

  2. Miranda says:

    I also ordered at 50% off, and while I always hope to get the best deal, I am still pretty thrilled at getting 50% off! As a business owner sometimes deals are based on current sales, inventory etc. Suzstar – you should not feel foolish, you saved 50%! Better deals often come around and as a deal seeker you know that sometimes you miss out on the best ones. Thank goodness for sites like TT that help us make good deals ALL year long!

  3. Suzee says:

    I am excited about the savings! Not willing to play “roulette” in case a better deal comes along, I am thrilled with the current offer and am buying and not looking to see if a better deal comes up after I buy! Thanks for posting!

  4. suzstar says:

    Miranda, I agree, I was still happy to get a discount. But it’s just frustrating to see that the deals changed SO quickly. I understand that offers do change, and sometime you win, sometimes you lose. I guess I just felt foolish that I didn’t realize that they changed so drastically by the DAY, not just after a week or so. Oh, and Suzee, I wasn’t looking specifically to see if a better offer came up, I was just on the site checking the status of my order, and saw/figured out that the discounts had changed dramatically by the day.
    My goal with sharing my experience was just to let everyone know the information that I wished I had known before I ordered – this company drastically changes their offers and discounts extremely often, so just beware of the situation when you order. If I had known this, I would have known to wait and watch for a better offer.

  5. Kerry says:

    @Suzstar- I really do wish I had a way to see what everybody is going to be doing when. If I do know something I try and warn ahead of time and yes it’s a bummer and super annoying to see a better deal come up after you grabbed one higher- but it happens all the time.

    but on the flipside- waiting around for a better deal sometimes gets you no deal at all.It is a gamble but I will say that I was extremely happy with my cards from them this year. This year was the first time I had used them and I thought they were so nice- loved that they were matte-like finish and quality paper.

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