Dec 132011

While taking advantage of great savings from Daily Seal sites is an easy way to save money- keeping track of all of the deals you buy can be quite a task. With all the hustle and bustle especially this time of year, it’s easy to lose track of your vouchers and credits- especially when you know you have a long time to use some of them. Couptivate has a solution for you. It is FREE site that will track all your deals for you so that you don’t lose out by letting one expire! No more running from one account to another to check and see what deals you have pending because now they will all be in one convenient location.

Just sign up at Couptivate and add the different deal sites that you use and never let a deal you bought expire or go unused again.  You will get email reminders and you can access your deals on one page.  This is a great way to simplify and organize all those awesome deals, and it is so easy to set up!

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2 Responses to “A Simple way to Keep Track of All Your Daily Deals”

  1. Fran says:

    This is joke, half of the places won’t log in?! is anyone else having this problem??

  2. Thanks for the post.

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