Dec 272011

So I knew when I set out yesterday to Target at 4:30 pm last night that it was way too late to find any tin-foil or paper goods and I was certainly right about that. But I was very pleased to see sooooo much Christmas stuff left over. There were scores of wrapping paper and ribbons and gift bags and tags and more- which gives me a lot of hope that some of it will survive to reach 75% Off- the time when I stock up for the following year. It usually happens 4-6 days after Christmas. Some stores go later than others. I believe for me it was the 31st last year, but some stores may drop as early as the 29th. It is also possible we will only see a drop to 70% this year instead of 75.

Many stickers and signs were on other things I already expected – all bagged candy was at 30% Off and all Christmas was at 50% Off at my store. Lots of clearance was spread throughout the store- especially in home. There were Decorative Poinsettia wreaths and plants, Christmas frames, Holiday flannel sheets (some in solids too), and lots of other items all marked 50% Off – but very spread out in the home department. Also lots & lots of Christmas items in the dollar spot all 50% Off. But for me- half the thrill of Christmas clearance hunting is finding the surprises, the things that are not marked.

So, the next area I explored was one that was definitely neglected with clearance signs but yielded a few surprises if you knew what you were looking for. Target stores can differ greatly in layout, but many stores have a sort of small area set up, usually toward the front of the store with items for the current sales or holidays.

I found not one clearance sign, but upon scanning I found more of the larger jars of Monster Mix and Nuts for 50% Off at $4.99 (look for the ones with tags attached). Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookies had a big price cut sign on them at $2.50- but were 50% Off at $1.50 (50% Off original price of $2.99). So far only the Snowball and Linzer scanned 50% Off for me, but there is a $1/2 Pepperidge Farm Cookies to make them $1 each. But the ones to keep checking are those with the red snowflake design on the package. And I also found Cocktail Mixers Gift Sets marked $14.99 but scanned for $7.49. So if you have an area like this up at the front of your stores- you may want to take a stroll through and see what you can find.

Next I went through the Health & Beauty endcaps and was getting discouraged when gift set after gift set scanned at full price, but then I found one endcap that was not marked but everything on it rang up 50% Off at $4.99. There were Nivea Gift Sets (2 different ones), Bodycology (there is a $1/1 Bodycology Product ETS Facebook Coupon) and 2 different Aveeno Sets (there are $1/1 and $3/2 Aveeno Active Naturals Products ETS in the 10-30-11 SS x12/31). Not one clearance sign or sticker in sight, but all 50% Off.

I could not find any Starbucks Christmas Blend Bags, but if you like the Via, the Starbucks Via 8 ct Christmas Blend were not marked but scanning 50% Off at $3.99. There is a $1/1 Starbucks VIA Ready Brew in the 12-04-11 SS x1/14 and also there is a rebate for a $5 Starbucks Giftcard wyb 3 Select Starbucks Coffee or Via Ready Brew HERE x12/31.

But again these are all items that were not marked and you would never know unless you scan. Yes- clearance differs from store to store- but sometimes a little hunting & scanning on a hunch can pay off. For more items you may be able to find at your stores in the days to come- you can check out the Christmas Clearance Prep List.

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57 Responses to “My After-Christmas Clearance Hunting at Target”

  1. susie says:

    I was at two Target’s today in Illinois and both was still at 50% off.

  2. karen says:

    The Super Target in Tucson was 70% off today… 4 other stores were only 50%.

  3. Michele J says:

    70% off in Buffalo NY..Candy still only 30% off..Alot of wrapping paper and ornaments left.

  4. Francis says:

    Anyone know when 90% off will hit?? I’m gonna check at Target in a couple of hours and come back and let you know what I find… I’m SoCal

  5. Rafael says:

    Just left target in s. fl and it was still at 70%

  6. sadina says:

    Does anyone have the dpci for the holiday ziploc bags?TIA

  7. Alexcia says:

    70% off in our suburb store of Houston, I did though find two of the Bodycology gift sets down to $2.99 and had two $1 off Q’s so each were $1.99 +tax. The plastic casing were a little kinked and the bows slightly messed up but I’ll put them in a nice basket to dress them up for an inexpensive gift.

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