Mar 012012
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4 Responses to “Printable Coupons for Pampers Diapers & Wipes!”

  1. Teofila says:

    With a new baby coming in June I have to stack up on diapers, wipes and anything baby :)
    TY for sharing!!

  2. Lynn in MD says:

    LOL – so true! I thought P&G had a corporate policy of no printable coupons. Maybe they’re testing out printables?!?

  3. Jonisa says:

    I’m in shock too! That’s a very high value wipes coupon at that!! :D

  4. Rachael says:

    Well its about time P&G jumped on the wagon! I have been hearing something about P&G making some big cuts to their marketing over the next couple years and I believe that coupons fall under marketing, so maybe just maybe they will cut costs by having more of their coupons as IPs vs them paying for inserts.

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