Mar 082012

There’s another new fun point-earning opportunity available on Recyclebank.  All you have to do is take a short quiz to learn about different things you can do during your weekend to make a “green” difference.  Just log into your account and click on the “earn points” tab and then scroll down til you see thee Greener Weekends earning opportunity like in the picture on the right.  Then take the short quiz and get 25 points added to your account!

You might want to also scroll thru all the ways to earn points on Recyclebank to see if you have any other opportunities available, as there have been several new ways to earn recently and you don’t want to miss out on easy points! Recyclebank offers lots of great ways to spend those points from gift cards to coupons and more!

Not Familiar with Recyclebank? Recyclebank is a great program that rewards you for recycling by working with a variety of partners. You can add points in many different easy ways, answering quick questions, purchasing specially marked products and trading in your old electronics. You can trade in these points for great coupons, FREE magazine subscriptions and more! Just go HERE to sign up for Recyclebank to find out all the ways to earn and save!

-Thanks so much to Happy for the heads up on the new point-earning opportunity!

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  1. melissa says:

    you can also check out greener weekdays and get and additional 25 points.

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