Apr 012012

So if you missed the $2/2 Glade printable the other day (no longer available), here’s something that will cheer you up. With the crazy day I am having, I am thankful for an e-mail from Nick pointing out that you can still get this great Freebie with one of the new Target Coupons we have which does not specify any particular type of Glade item…

Glade Aerosol Air Freshener Spray .99 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Glade Air Freshening Item Target Web Coupon x5/12
= FREE 9 oz Room Spray after coupon

-Thanks for your e-mail Nick!

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16 Responses to “More FREE Glade Spray with New Target Coupon”

  1. Anna says:

    Does anyone know or can anyone confirm if the coupon also works on the Glade solids? Thanks!

  2. staci says:

    1.12 in tacoma wa

  3. Karla says:

    Can’t find this coupon on the Target websit…. Could it be gone already?

  4. Debbie says:

    i’ve tried to use the $2/2 on these air fresheners but the register beeped…the cashier said they’ve been instructed not to accept coupons that are over the amount of the items, whereas in the past, they would hit a button and it would adjust to the actual amount. I also had issues using a target coupon and MQ buying scubbing bubbles cleaning items. the cashier had to call manager and the manager told her to override. Is this a new change or is it just a local Target policy?


  5. mharvin says:


    Did you check “household”? I still can see the coupon.

  6. amber says:

    I hope i get overage with the 2/2 glade manf and 2 1.00 target coupons, I will see tomorrow

  7. kelly says:

    I used it when i saw it listed it came to my head these are .99 so i tried it and it worked i got 6 for free using 2 target qs and 2 manufactor qs

  8. Brenda says:

    Amber let us know

  9. Brenda says:

    @ amber….where was the Manf coupon and when…thanks

  10. katine says:

    @ Debbie. I used mines at WalMart, and it beeped, but the cashier put it through. I hope you will be able to use it.

  11. Anna says:

    $1.02 in Toledo but the $2/2 worked just fine here. For the lady looking for an overage, Target has never given me an overage the register autocratically adjusts down

  12. Rebekah Wright says:

    My target doesn’t have the singles – I called to check. They are notorious for removing items from the shelf when they realize something is free. That’s probably what they did this time

  13. Ava says:

    Rebekah, I think you’re correct about them moving things from the shelves. From Thursday-Saturday I went searching for the Princess Vanity tables and found one at a Target. Before Thursday, I saw they had plenty, but when Thursday came along, I only saw one. Yesterday morning, low and behold, there were like 6 right where I saw it before the additional mark downs. Ugh!!! I still love Target though!

  14. Erica S says:

    I find it so RIDICULOUS that Target does at my store too…. Don’t they get their money back
    from the manufacturers

  15. Daphanie says:

    I just used the Target Q and the $2/2 manufacturer coupon had no trouble no beeps they all scanned, made $1.01 on each item. I had 2 manufacturer and 4 Target Q’s so $4.04 total. I think it just depends on the cashier you get.

  16. Gaby says:

    My store has these for $1.19. I used the $2/2. Completely forgot about the target q but $0.19 each is great.

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