Apr 122012

UPDATE:  Over now folks, will announce the winners in the a.m.!

Starbucks is such a great place for picking up a sweet treat or delicious drink, especially if you have a Starbucks inside your Target!  I know lots of you love Starbucks as much as I do, so here’s another giveaway for a Starbucks Gift Card so that you can treat yourself to something yummy! For this giveaway, THREE lucky winners will receive a $10 Starbucks Gift Card so that they can pick up a sweet treat on me!

To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Facebook and email entries will not count, so be sure to leave a comment on this post. One entry per person please. I will pick 3 winners at random when it ends. This giveaway will go until sometime late tonight – not sure when – but as long as the comments are open you can enter! Good Luck Everyone! :)

*Note- this is not a sponsored giveaway, Prizes are being provided by TotallyTarget

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2,141 Responses to “Quick Giveaway: 3 Win $10 Starbucks Gift Cards”

  1. Lauren Sullivan says:

    Love Starbucks…Being 23wks pregnant I still go there every time I grocery shop at Target…Decaf of course! Plus that means my DD4 can a sip of the Iced Ones since they are decaf and that makes her thrilled.

  2. Betsey Roth says:

    We love Starbucks and Target!!! Check out and head over and have a treat and a cool relaxing drink!

  3. Debra F says:

    This would be a great birthday present for me today! Thanks for the chance, Totally Target!

  4. heather ballengee chandler says:

    THank you for the chance. Hope to win and share with a friend.

  5. kristi Wilkerson says:

    Could definately use one.. ♥ my Starbucks..

  6. Christina Karr says:

    I could use some right now :)

  7. karen says:

    Me too!!! quad shot over ice.. yummmmmy! would be great for a mommy’s pick me up date :)

  8. Tracy says:

    Have been craving a Starbucks!

  9. Jackie says:

    This would be awesome for my daughter’s gift basket for final week at college:)

  10. Kim G says:

    Pick me! Thanks!!!

  11. tifani comer says:

    Hope I win :) Thanks for all you do!!

  12. Alice says:

    Would love one of these!

  13. Andrea says:

    I Love Starbucks and Target!

  14. Chris Thurston says:

    Starbucks and Totally Target are awesome!! Hope I win so I can use the giftcard at the Starbucks inside of my local Target.

  15. Christy I Davis says:

    I would really love to win! I love Starbucks! Thanks!

  16. Marie says:

    I could really use this!!!

  17. Mike says:

    Would love to win of course for my wife. For some reason when I hit submit the first time it didn’t go through. hope this works.

  18. Kim says:

    Sounds delish :) Tasty treat and a caffeine hit all in one.

  19. Shaina says:

    i’m a SAHM with a 3 and 1 yr old…i could use the pick-me-up! love your site!

  20. Jenny Young says:

    Would love me some Starbucks!

  21. megan says:

    Would love one of these right now! YUM!

  22. Melissa Valencia says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Kristie says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  24. joni says:

    sounds like fun thanks!!

  25. Casey B says:

    I would love to win a Starbucks giftcard!!!

  26. Mary Jo says:

    LOVE Starbucks! My Target is FINALLY getting one!!!

  27. Patsy says:

    I love Starbucks bakery!

  28. elizabeth sawyer says:

    yum yum I’d love it!

  29. Catalina Guerra says:

    Yummy. I love Starbucks!!!!

  30. Jessica B says:

    I love a latte!! :)

  31. Carrie says:

    Would love this. Thanks for the opportunity

  32. Sara says:

    I LOVE their mocha coconut Frappachinos!!!!

  33. Kelly Carver says:


  34. sara q says:

    yea starbucks!!!

  35. Allison says:

    I swear the chai tea lattes taste better at the Target Starbucks than at the freestanding locations. Yum.

  36. didijojo says:

    Yummy! Thanks for the chance!

  37. Kelly Mulhern says:

    I could always use a yummy cup of coffee.

  38. Crystak says:

    Thank You for doing this for us! I could def use one after the kind of week ive had :)

  39. sandy o says:

    I bought one of those 10.00 deals off groupon and gave it to
    my daughter to get treats at lunch at our starbucks in Target
    , they said they would not
    take anything but a real gift card:(

  40. Ashley says:

    Since I’ve had my daughter I never have enough money to splurge on Starbucks, so I would love to win a Starbucks gift card!!!

  41. Laurel Piatt says:

    This would be AWESOME LOVE Starbucks!!!

  42. Jerry says:

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  43. Holly W says:

    Love Starbucks & Totally Target! You have a great Page thanks for all you do. :0)

  44. Rachel Sanford says:

    I would absolutely love to win one!

  45. Karolina Cunneely says:

    This is such a wonderful giveaway!!! I would LOVE to win one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. :-)

  46. Sandy says:

    Ooooh! I could use a Starbucks Iced Coffee now :)

  47. Jodie says:

    LOVE Starbucks!!

  48. Anton says:

    You guys are great! I always come here to check out what deals target is offering before I go. And nothing beats ending a shopping trip at Target than having a Starbucks coffee :)

  49. Jena says:

    I would love to win one of these! Thank you! :)

  50. Michelle says:

    I love Starbucks and would love to win gift card!

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