May 212012

For some bizarre reason- the Colgate Optic White 4 oz toothpaste is included in the offer for a FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb select Crest and Oral-B Products thru 5/26. But as strange as that may be, it is true, and it did come up on the register as included when they looked it up for me, so it makes for awesome deal on this Colgate Optic White toothpaste. If you have 2 computers to get enough prints you could do the following…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Colgate Optic White ($2.99) = $8.97*
*Note- it appears it is the Cool Mild Mint Variety only
$3 (3 $1/1 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste zip 30187
= $5.97 – $5 Gift Card wyb 3
= 97¢ for 3 or 32¢ each after coupons and gift card

If you don’t have 2 computers, there is also a .75/1 Select Colgate Toothpaste (Optic White included) in the 5-13 SS, so youcould use two $1/1 printables and a .75/1 insert coupon and pay $1.22 for 3 or .40 cents each after coupons & Gift Card.

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51 Responses to “Colgate Optic White Toothpaste Only 32¢ at Target”

  1. Rebecca says:

    THe link isn’t leading me to the prinatable coupon. Is there a diffrent zip I should enter?

  2. Michelle says:

    the .75 cents off in the 5/13 SS may be $1 in some areas…mine was! Just a heads up.

  3. Bernadette says:

    Mine was $1 off too!

  4. Angela Gonzales says:

    I don’t see the printable.. can you tell what zip to try .. says beverly hills, ca but no colgate .. thanks

  5. Kerry says:

    zip 30187 for me

  6. Kristin R says:

    Bernadette and Michelle…where are you with the $1? I am at work and can’t check my insert. I am in Minneapolis.

  7. Jo says:

    I love your site but sucks that you dot give reader’s credit for finding good deals either. Obviously you’re not the only one finding them. Just saying.

  8. Angela Gonzales says:

    thank you the 30187 worked 🙂

  9. Kerry says:

    Actually Jo I find that a little insulting since I thank my readers, and other blogs all the time on my site. I spend hours at Target every week, a large portion of it on Sundays, finding as many unadvertised deals as possible- one of them being the colgate picture above that I took yesterday.

    I saw your comment on a previous post from today that you found the colgate too. is that what you are referring to by me not thanking you for your comment that you found it too? I checked my e-mail I don’t see an email with pictures from you or anything? So I am confused by the harsh comment- if you have followed TT for any length of time at all- you know me not thanking readers is simply not true.

    Even though I spend hours at the store every week- no I cannot find every deal by myself, and therefore appreciate greatly the input and e-mails I get from readers on deals I do not already find myself and I am happy to thank them when it’s news to me.

    It is not my intent to ever make a reader feel like their input is not appreciated, but I hope this clarifies that I also do not normally thank readers for deals that I have already found that just haven’t been posted yet.

  10. Denise says:

    Wow, Kerry! Sorry you had to put up with that unnecessary and UNTRUE criticism! You are always thanking people for helping! Just wanted to give you a pat on the back–sometimes you have to correct haters and move on! =) Some people are just rude! =)

  11. julie says:

    Hi Kerry, I love all your hard work- thanks for all you do. I think if people want credit they can start their own blog!

  12. Sue says:

    If they need credit that bad they clearly have
    a self esteem issue, it’s not the cure for cancer.
    Just saying

  13. Jane says:

    Kerry, I’ve been following your blog for more than a year now and you have always given credit where it’s due! Thank you for all your hard work every week (especially on Sundays!!).

  14. Sue says:

    Kristen, we only got .75 in MNPLS

  15. Lisa says:

    Kerry keep up the good work I love TT… I printed the colgate on one PC and the other gives a this coupon must have run out. Blah enough coupons for one deal would have be nice, this is the only TP my lil sister uses so I was so excited when i saw this posted. Thanks again for all you do!!

  16. Bernadette says:

    I went in today. Though it didn’t prompt for a gift card at my Target, my sales associate went back to the aisle and saw the sign and went ahead and just took $5 off my sales total.

  17. Alana says:

    I have been following TT for about a year now and I do notice Kerry thanking others by “name” for deals that they have found that she had not previously posted. I am GRATEFUL for all the time and hard work that you put into creating and maintaining this blog as it has saved me so much $$ whether I am buying food for the house, things for myself or gifts for others and it just makes shopping so much more fun!
    Thank you!

  18. Michelle B says:

    I was just able to print it twice! Thanks!!

  19. Alma H. says:

    I have a quick question do u know if the crest pro-health tp is part of the deal? Thanx for all ur hard work 🙂

  20. Maura says:

    does anyone know if you can mix and match??

    for example if i want to buy 2 crest and 1 colgate would it qualify for a giftcard??

  21. Ami says:

    Kerry- Thank you for the post. I really appreciate all you do and there are many deals that I would have missed if it was not for your site. One example is the 20+ Aquafreshs that I will be donating next week.

    Getting back to this post, I have $1/1 Optic White in Plantation, FL from 5/6 SS.

  22. Michelle says:

    Aloha Kerry! Just wanted to say a huge *MAHALO* for all you do…! Even here in Hawaii there are people who use your site all the time, like me! 🙂 You are awesome and I love the site very much, and I love Target! Just yesterday I paid $77, saved $89 and got $15 back in gift cards! 🙂 Don’t let anyone “rain on your parade” for any reason. Know that you work hard at what you do and that many people appreciate, admire, and use your site all the time. Be blessed! MAHALO NUI LOA!!!

  23. Jennifer Hatfield says:

    I couldn’t find the coupon under zip 30187, I looked under personal care. Could anyone else find it under any other zip?

  24. JoAnn says:

    Oh my goodness…..I don’t need any toothpaste at this time, but thank you, KERRY for finding us all a great deal, many great deals, in fact!

  25. Lori P says:

    Kerry- love all of the hard work you put into helping your readers find great deals. I would most likely miss a lot if I didn’t follow TT.

  26. Sheri says:

    Thank you for your awesome site and all your hard work Kerry. I went today, just as a heads up it is only the “cool mint” flavor not the “sparkle mint” flavor- the sparkle mint will ring up higher and not trigger a gift card.

  27. Claudia says:

    Kerry, you are great! Your site has saved me so much money at Target, whether the deals were found by you or your readers! I’m just wondering if you found a deal and then 50 people found it at the same time, does that mean you need to thank them all?!?!?!
    Anyhow, I wanted to give a heads up to people on the Optic White. If you have sensitive teeth at all, you may want to stay away from this. I bought it in the past and used it for a week. My teeth started hurting and one night I had a toothache so bad that I wasn’t able to sleep! I immediately discontinued using Optic White and my teeth quit hurting within a couple of days.

  28. Melissa Hicks says:

    Just a heads up. As far as Optic White toothpaste, the gift card would only work for me if I bought the Optic White Cool Wild Mint flavor. I initially purchased a different Optic White flavor and no gift card.

  29. Kerry says:

    TY Melissa & Sheri! & TY everyone for all the lovely comments – I appreciate your support

  30. Mardette says:

    Thanks this is a good deal .I love Totally Target and appreciate all your hardwork!

  31. Christine N says:


  32. Lori says:

    Serioulsy? I am a fairly new couponer & I greatly appreciate you & many others finding all these deals for me!!! I have seen you give thanks many times to people that find deals! Keep up the good work & thank you very much TT!!!

  33. Denise says:

    I just went to Target and tho there is a $5 gift card promotion slip under the Colgate Optic toothpaste,you will see that it say nothing about Optic toothpaste on it when you read the print it’s promotion is for Crest and Oral-B Products. I went to the counter and it did not come up as part of the $5 gift card promotion

  34. Carrie says:

    Thanks Kerry for the site. It is an awesome resource!

    @Alma, my Target did have the Crest Pro-Health variety as part of the GC deal.

  35. Kerryanne says:

    I went all the way to my target and I didn’t get this deal. In small print it said it was for crest and oral B tooth brushes. 🙁

  36. Kerry, keep up the awesome work! I know how much time you spend in Target, and it is unbelievable! I can barely even keep up with my own blog 🙂

    Kerry does thank her readers and other blogs all the time. I have sent Kerry a few deals and she’s always great about thanking me for them (as well as the couple times she had me try something out)! And I’m always happy to share, as there just aren’t enough hours in a day. 😉

  37. Katie says:

    Just came back from Target. The cashier refused to give me a $5 gift card because it said “buy 3 Crest toothpastes” at the bottom…she was pretty nasty about it, too. no luck

  38. Alma H. says:

    @Carrie thanx so much 🙂 my dentist gave me a few (6) $2/1 coupons ..oh happy day 🙂

  39. Thia says:

    @ Jo – Totally uncool!! Kerry works very hard and is very thorough in her research. It’s one of the best sites up and has helped many people save lots of money. Notice how her fan base has increased? She’s created a community where she welcomes everyone. Our thoughts, our finds matter to her.

    YOU TOTALLY ROCK KERRY!!! Thank You for everything!!!

  40. michelle says:

    Kristin R…I am in the Boston, MA area.

  41. Corey says:

    Thank you Kerry for all your hard work to help Everyone…. I got this deal as well as many others. Thanx again.

  42. dede says:


    I follow your blog daily and have noticed that you ALWAYS, ALWAYS give people prop’s for finding deals! I just wanted to say that I appreciate EVERYTHING you do from the giftcards to the recipes! It’s great that there’s a website dedicated to all things cheap and affordable at Target my favorite store! LOL! Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let one person or whoever has an issue get in the way of helping other’s and doing what you love!

    You my dear have saved my family ton’s of $$$ and I can’t speak for anyone but myself and say THANKS!!!

    All the way from Virginia! We love ya honey!!!

  43. LIndsey says:

    Love your site.

  44. Terry says:

    It has been awhile since I visited your blog and love the new changes. You do work so very hard and it shows. I am not sure how you keep up with so much information but you are doing an excellent job.

  45. Cindy says:

    Kerry, I don’t post much, but I do read your blog every day! You have saved my family and me so much money at Target!! I truly appreciate all your hard work each and every day. I have been following you for more than 3 years and have always seen you give credit where credit is due. LOVE YOU AND LOVE TOTALLY TARGET!!!!

  46. Brianna S says:

    Check your binders for 1/1 tqs as when you print a registrey there are qs often times for colgate

  47. Liliana says:

    I was only the occasional Target shopper before I started couponing, but thanks to your website I go once a week. You make my life a lot easier by finding great deals for us. It’s time consuming just to cut coupons and organize them let alone finding deals. So, thank you so much for what you do. BTW on the off chance that I do find a deal in the future I do not need a thank you. I’ll be happy just knowing I contributed.

  48. Renee says:

    My store didn’t have signs on ANY of the toothpaste only on the brushes but after reading the fine print saw the word toothpaste. Didn’t want to take a chance on the Colgate not working so just got the 3D white. Had issues with the Target P&G Q though-it wouldn’t go through and both cashier and supervisor said it was only for Crest Pro Healthcare not for any Crest-didn’t argue cause it was .25 but they are getting super picky lately…….

  49. Ginny says:

    First of all….Kerry, you’re AWESOME! I’m so thankful for all the deals you’ve alerted us to!

    I just did this Colgate deal at my store this morning. The sign was directly under the cool mint variety, as you have pictured. It prompted the gift card automatically with no problems. Hard to beat that deal! THANK YOU!

  50. Sam says:

    I did the Colgate deal at the Avon, IN SuperTarget store and it worked without issues, I have 3 computers to print 6 coupons but somehow one of the coupons got hijacked in the waves to the wireless printer so I only did the deal once with 3 coupons. The coupons scanned without issues and the register prompted the cashier for the gift card. Thank you for all you do! I love Totally Target!!!

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