May 272012

Here’s a super nice clearance find that Katie just e-mailed me. She found select varieties of Market Pantry Juice Cocktails (Cranberry Pomegranate & Cranberry Raspberry) on clearance for 50% Off at her store down to $1.22. If you find the same- there is a great $2/2 Market Pantry Juices excl single-serve size Target Coupon on the Shopkick App (x6/8) you can use to get a great deal- as low as .22 cents if you find them too!

If you don’t have the Shopkick App, there is also a $1/2 Market Pantry® Multiserve Juices Target Web Coupon x6/16 that is still available to print

-Thanks for the deal and picture to Katie!

Shopkick is a free downloadable application for iPhone or Androids that automatically recognizes when you go into participating stores, including Target. You earn points called “kickbucks” for anything from entering the store to scanning select bar codes while there that you redeem for different rewards including Target Gift Cards. You will also get scannable Target Coupons which you can redeem at checkout. You can sign up for the Shopkick App HERE.

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6 Responses to “Clearance Alert & Coupons on Market Pantry Juice”

  1. DANAE HORACE says:

    I took a bunch of clearance pictures how can i e-mail them to you?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    There were some juices at my Target (Cincinnati, OH) marked down to $1.08 as well.

  3. Thia says:

    Well how about a nice cool drink at Burger King – 12oz fruit smoothies are only $1 no coupon necessary. Google Burger King to find a location. May 26 – 28!

  4. Kerry says:

    Hey Danae- you can email them to mee at kerry @ totallytarget dot com TY!

  5. Kait says:

    All the ones on clearance for 1.22 were the diet or light ones that have splenda in them 🙁 the 100% juice ones were still at 15% off, guess I’ll check back in a week…

  6. Tarri says:

    Found Grape for 1.34 and Cranberry for 1.22, both were the light kind.

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