Jun 212012

Wow! This is one super-high value coupon for a whopping $5/1 World’s Best Cat Litter on SmartSource! The 8 lb bag sells for $8.49 at Target regular price, so just $3.49 after coupon.

*There is also a $3.00 off World’s Best Cat Litter™ HERE and there is also a Try Me FREE mail in rebate for a 7 or 8 Pound Bag valid thru 12/31- you can go HERE to print the form.

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14 Responses to “New $5/1 World’s Best Cat Litter & Target Deal”

  1. Amy says:

    Awesome! I just bought this today with the $3, but I’ll certainly use the $5!! Thanks

  2. Sherry Sevier says:

    I don’t see it! 🙁

  3. sue says:

    Don’t see the coupon. Is there a special zip code to use?

  4. Amy says:

    It was on page 3 at zip code 76109 for me

  5. robin says:

    Thanks. I saw on page 4 under zip 55117

  6. Jennifer says:

    Can’t find it anywhere. Tried both of the above zip codes and several others and can’t find it. Bummer! 🙁

  7. Jennifer says:

    Found it. Went directly to SS site and typed in zip 55117. Unfortunatey, said I had already printed it on both my computers. Never had printed this coupon. Oh well, Tidy Cats for me.

  8. Kerry says:

    try switching browsers mayve? I hope that helps- not quite sure some are seeing it and not others. Frustrating I am sure 🙁

  9. Mary says:

    i would love to try this but im always worried to switch cat litters because i know they may not use the litter box if they dont like the change…*sigh*

  10. Jackie says:

    Did not show up with Mozilla but worked in IE! Thanks!!! Only type of litter I can use for my cat – no dust!!

  11. jane says:

    All I see is the $3.00 cpn no matter what zip I use or what browser. Ya know coupons.com can track your exact location by your IP….I’m wondering if they are experimenting on making coupons available only to the area they were targeted for? I know that the manufacturer’s are complaining about zip codes being posted because it wastes their advertising dollar to have cpoupons printed in areas that don’t need a sales increase. Just throwing that out there 🙂

  12. Kerry says:

    @Jane- the $5/1 coupon is not on Qs.com it is on smartsource hth.

  13. Leslie says:

    Well, I was able to print 2 from one computer, then when I went to print it from the 2nd computer, their telepathic abilities let them know I had already printed it 😉 This is amazing litter! It’s all be use. One 8lb bag last our one cat 30 days (we scoop very frequently). It never smells like ‘dirty’ litter even on the last day!

  14. Darry says:

    This litter has a strong odor. I put it in a separate box (just in case) and the cat refuses to use that box. I have been mixing it in with the tidy cat just to get rid of it. Thank goodness for the rebate.

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