Jul 062012

UPDATE: All the glasses are gone for now, but you can try again tomorrow!

The Crystal Light Spring Madness event for today is now live, and today you can get a FREE Mocktails Glass! You will need to go to their Facebook page and choose a Mocktail and complete the activities to become that Mocktails BFF.  Once you have become BFF’s with ALL FIVE Mocktails (if you are already BFF’s with some they will count towards your 5), you will be able to get the freebie.

There are only a limited number of FREE glasses available, but you will be able to see how many are left before you complete all the activities. Just go HERE to get one while they last.

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One Response to “Get a FREE Crystal Light Mocktails Glass”

  1. Christine N says:

    it appeared to only be trying to give out samples today. not sure what the deal is but there was like 4900 left when i became bffs with my last two and filled out the form and it told me i already had a sample coming my way… yeah, cause i got the sample last week. looks like a lot of other people are having the same problem. kind of annoyed that they have it go live and then dont even monitor their fb page to see if there are any problems. now they are all gone and i probably wont get one.

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