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UPDATE: All the signs were still up at my store tonight indicating you only had to buy 1 but they did have to put it in manually but honored it for me and made no mention of why it was not working nor did they pull the signs. But from reading the comments several of you report Team members saying it’s signage errors and supposed to read wyb 3. Therefore- just a heads up that it may just be a matter of time before the signs get pulled/changed if it was an error. :(

Kelley found a very nice deal today at her store on Snuggle and All. Keep in mind unadvertised deals can be regional and unavailable at all stores- but take a look to see if you find the same – as after coupons it makes for BIG savings on these products. Be sure and watch for bonus bottles of the All Small & Mighty too offering 25% more!…

SPECIAL PURCHASE: FREE Select Snuggle wyb (1) All Small & Mighty Detergent*
Deal and prices valid thru 8/11. Deal and prices may be regional.
*All Small & Mighty Detergent 32 oz (Stainlifter & Free Clear included) $4.99
-$1/1 All Mighty Pacs Or Liquid Laundry Detergent, 24 Loads +, Any – 06-03-12 RP x7/15
$1.50 off wyb (1) all stainlifter AND (1) all free clear
*FREE item = Snuggle Fabric Softener 50 load Liquid or 120 ct Sheets $4.49
-$1/1 All Snuggle Fabric Soften 96 oz + OR Dryer Sheets 70 ct+ on Facebook
-.50/1 Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener 96 oz + or sheets 70 ct + 06-24-12 SS x9/23

DEAL IDEA #1: Buy All Small & Mighty Detergent ($4.99) & Snuggle Sheets ($4.49) = $9.48
-$4.49 (the Snuggle Sheets will be FREE with Target Deal
-$1/1 All Mighty Pacs Or Liquid Laundry Detergent, 24 Loads +, Any – 6-3-12 RP x7/15
= $3.99 for both or $1.99 each. If your store allows a coupon on the Sale Freebie- also use:
-$1/1 All Snuggle Fabric Soften 96 oz + OR Dryer Sheets 70 ct+ on Facebook
= $2.99 for both or $1.49 each after coupons & deal

If you did not get the All Detergent Insert coupon- you can do this instead with the printable…

DEAL IDEA #2: Buy 2 All Small & Mighty -1 Free Clear & 1 Stainlifter- ($4.99)
& also buy 2 Snuggle Fabric Softener 140 ct Sheets ($4.49) = $18.96
-$8.98 (both Snuggle Sheets will be FREE with Target Deal
$1.50 off wyb (1) all stainlifter AND (1) all free clear
= $8.48 for all 4 or $2.12 each. If your store allows a coupon on the Sale Freebie- also use:
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 All Snuggle Fabric Soften 96 oz + OR Dryer Sheets 70 ct+ on Facebook
= $6.48 for all 4 or $1.62 each after coupons & deal

*Just a heads up that Kelley actually did this deal this morning and the Snuggle had to be manually put in as FREE. Hopefully they will update their system and it will be corrected- but be sure and watch at the register- and if it does not ring up FREE you may have to alert a Team Member to the signs.

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22 Responses to “FREE Snuggle Fabric Softener wyb All Small & Mighty”

  1. Denise says:

    Northern VA has this deal. I was just at Target at 8am for the $1.00 lunchable deals and noticed this sale was going on the Woodbridge, VA store

  2. Amy says:

    Did not ring up so they went and checked and called, was supposed to be buy three All laundry items get one snuggle item free. The let me have it for the what it said but pulled the signs.

  3. Janet says:

    I just got back from my SuperTarget in Central Florida, where they had the signage under the Snuggle for free 120 ct. Snuggle sheets wyb 1 All Small and Mighty 32 oz. detergent, but the signage under the detergent did not state a quantity of detergent to buy for the free Snuggle. It did not ring up as free at the register, so I went to Guest Services. When they pulled up the promo on their computer, it stated that you needed to buy 3 All’s to get 1 Snuggle free. I showed them the signage and they gave me the Snuggle for free anyway (they were very polite and professional about it), but they did put in the request for updated signage.

  4. KELLY POSSEDI says:

    My store in Illinois said it was a mistake and you have to buy 3 bottles of the All in order to get the Snuggle free.

  5. Amy-Marie says:

    They told me this was actually a typo mistake. This did not ring up correctly for me and they went and checked it and then actually called about it. The deal is actually supposed to be Free Snuggle product when you buy three All Small and Mighty products. They did ring it up for me as stated on the signs but then took down all the signs.

  6. Adam says:

    The reason Kelley’s Snuggle didn’t auto-deduct is because the shelf tag doesn’t match the computer system. I tried buying two of each item, and the Snuggle didn’t come off. When I notified the cashier, he checked it with the price gun and the screen showed Free Snuggle wyb THREE All products. I had him take them all off and went back and checked the tag again. Sure enough, it said wyb ONE.

  7. Krystal says:

    Co Springs, CO does not have this deal :( I went to target today just to get this!… so sad! :(

  8. Audra says:

    I live in Kearney Nebraska and they had Alot of issues with this deal at my target also. They took down the signs after I commented about it the lady told me they had issues with it all day. They gave me the snuggle for free when I bought one all but it is correct that it was a typo on the signs next to the snuggle you were suppose to have to buy 3 All I knew this deal had to be too good to be true!lol

  9. Joce says:

    Same thing happened to me. I’m in CA. I went to Guest Services and they told me I needed to buy 3. The cashier did not give it to me though so I returned both. I just knew that Target would never give me this good of a deal ha.

  10. Jessica says:

    I had the same problem. I called first to confirm (before printing any coupons) and then went into my Target in Springfield, Missouri and found all the signs, grabbed 4 alls and 4 snuggle. My husband and I checked out separately and when we got in the car, I read both receipts thinking “man, I think we paid too much somehow.” Sure enough, it didn’t ring in as free. I went to guest services and spoke with the team member as well as the GSTL (guest service team lead) and I eventually had to go to the aisle and grab the signs to show them what they said. The GSTL gave me a refund for the 4 boxes of snuggle ($17.96 total) in cash because he had to process it as a return, but I’m pretty sure they kept the signs down once they realized that the computer said “buy three All and get one Snuggle free”. The GSTL even needed to make a copy of my receipt. haha. oh well, free snuggle! Take the deal while you can!

  11. cr perez says:

    I had the same probles, the cashier said I had to buy 3 but I told her the sign did not say that. She gave me the free snuggle and I was able to use $1/1 all and $1/1 snuggle so great deal there. I shop at Target at Jordan Landing in WJ, Utah.

  12. Janell says:

    I had the same problem here in AZ. It did not ring up in the system since the deal was supposed to be buy 3 and get the snuggle for free. But as others have stated, I was still able to get the deal and they are pulling the signs. Glad I got there when I did! Thanks for the heads up.

  13. carrie r says:

    I guess I was super lucky. all 4 of mine rang up, I have the MFG coupons and from a Target mailer I was able to take an additional $3 off the items, so I got 4 ALL, 4 Snuggle for $8. One dollar each is a steal! Houston TX. ( ps- for once something worked in my favor)

  14. Debra says:

    Rockwall Texas had the signs. Didn’t ring up correctly but they honored the signs.

  15. Lacey says:

    same for me in north carolina also had the signs so they had to honor it but they pulled them down after I got mine

  16. adam says:

    Confused how anyone can use the $1 snuggle that is good on 96+ oz when the free ones at my store are only 50 oz…

  17. Kerry says:

    @Adam- the other freebie choice is the sheets- so the $1/1 is valid on the sheets- that is what I am using in my scneario anyway

  18. Denise says:

    got 4 All detergent and Snuggle fabric softner in VA – they honored the sign and left the sign up when I left the store

  19. April says:

    Same thing happened in Garland, Texas. They had to honor the sign but I am sure after I left, all signs came down. :)

  20. Christy says:

    The snuggle did not come off free for me, but the cashier put it in manually at the register.

  21. TEASHA says:

    This is the same error in Louisville, KY. I went in yesterday and they had the sign on the ALL but not the Snuggle. They let me have the Snuggle free but pulled the signs.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Went in today. The Snuggle signs said get this item free when you buy 1 All Small and Mighty. Sure enough didn’t ring up correctly. I had taken a picture of the signage with my phone and showed it to the cashier. She then called over the manager, who called over another associate. When the finally all agreed that the sign did state this, the mgr. reluctantly honored the deal and then watched over every coupon of mine that the cashier rung up. Even went so far as to dig through my bags to verify items even though none of the coupons beeped!

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