Aug 092012

Here’s a heads up on a great deal on Mead Five Star 4-Pocket Portfolios! Target will have these on sale starting 8/12 for just .50 cents each, which will make them FREE after a coupon…

Five Star 4-Pocket Portfolios .50
$1/2 Five Star Products 8-5-12 RP x9/30
-$1/2 Five Star Products (including Student Planning)
= two FREE after coupon .(Sale starts 8-12)

Also there is another $1/2 Any Five Star Products Coupon HERE.

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31 Responses to “FREE Mead Five Star Portfolios at Target Starts 8/12”

  1. Julie says:

    I’m having a major brain fart
    Whats a portfolio? Like a folder?

  2. Angel B says:

    Yes Julie…it is 2 pocket folder :) (I actually make the Oxford brand here in the USA) :)

  3. Carrie says:

    Fishsticks! I wish I saw this sooner. I just went and picked up some with the coupon this afternoon. :-/

  4. Malissa Thrall says:

    It’s like a peechee. Inside it has a pocket on each side.

  5. Julie says:

    Then why does it say “4 pocket”? Isnt there 1 pocket on each side?

  6. Juli says:

    Ha, ha, Julie! I’m with you, but maybe it’s because we have the same name?? :)

  7. Kayla says:

    Sweet! Thank you! I printed out 4! So 8 for FREE! :)

  8. Julie says:

    I found my answer.
    •Durable plastic construction to last all year
    •Includes 2 folders in one for 4 pockets of organization
    •Three-hole punched to store in a binder

  9. Amy says:

    Does anyone have a suggested zip code for this Q? I don’t see it?

  10. Amy says:

    NM, was on wrong computer that I HAD printed these on last night. doh! 90210 worked…

  11. Christine says:

    Carrie, if the price on Sunday is less than you bought them for today then you can takE your receipt and get a price adjustment which should still make them free for you.

  12. vay says:

    Is the brand Mead or Five Star? I’m confused. The coupon says five star and mead is on the product?

  13. Laura says:

    If anyone isn’t going to use this coupon, I would love some extra copies of it! My in laws are both teachers at schools where a lot of the students cannot afford school supplies so I’m trying to get as many cheap school supplies as I can! If you have extras, please email me at: china [email protected]

  14. Kerry says:

    @Vay- Mead maakes Five Star- you can see mead at top left and the Five Star Logo on the portfolio as well. hth

  15. Caroline says:

    Darn, I am going to be out of town, maybe I should bring my coupons with me, I hope there is a Target where I am going.

  16. robin says:

    Is this coupon gone already? I see coupons for binders and filler paper but not for portfolios.

  17. I was wondering the same thing?! The coupon I am pulling up is for “Filler Paper” only!?

  18. Mary says:

    Yeah – I didn’t see it either, and I tried a bunch of zip codes. I wonder if they know we all do that!

  19. Kerry says:

    yup it’s gone now folks- but there is a nother printable in the post and the insert coupon if you have it.

  20. Paula says:

    I just printed the coupon on Smartsource. Not sure if it’s still available or I just got lucky…I used zip 91911.

  21. Linda G says:

    I did too. it was there for me.

  22. picasan says:

    I think coupons are available again. I just printed.

  23. Kerry says:

    yup! look slike its back! TY!

  24. babychupes says:

    Looks like the first link is back, but the 2nd link is out of prints.

  25. Jennifer says:

    I printed off of SmartSource (I go through MyPoints since I get points for the coupons I print & use from their site), the coupon says $1 off 2 Five Star products including Student Planning.

  26. Berk says:

    I’m confused. Is it the blue kind or it the orange kind?

  27. Kerry says:

    @Berk- I believe it is the orange kind

  28. robin says:

    Ha! Looks like I missed them again. Still only 2 coupons and none are for binders. I did find a few of the coupons in the 8/5 RP though, so at least I can get some of the binders.

  29. Kelsie says:

    I cant find them anywhere at all please tell me the zip code is it even still available ughhhhhh

  30. Kerry says:

    @Kelsie- looks like all the printables are dead now :(

  31. Lauren P. says:

    Great deal! Be sure to double-check the prices on the folders as the cashier is ringing them up. The very dark green folders at my local Target rang up at $0.97 instead of $0.50 even though they were the same as the $0.50 folders. Guest services refunded me the difference though.

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