Aug 092012

Right now you can sign up for Target Baby Text alerts by texting BABY4 to 827438. The first deal you will get back will be a unique code that you can use online for 10% off your entire Baby category purchase. This code excludes clearance items.

Hopefully this is the first of many nice offers you will receive via text. Keep in mind- text messaging charges will apply depending upon your phone’s plan. Don’t forget to go through who is offering 6% Cash Back today or go thru EBATES who is offering 2% Cash Back on purchases

-Thanks for the heads up to Julie!

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8 Responses to “Get 10% Off Your Baby Purchase”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Can you use it on diapers? My brother and sister-in-law need diapers for their two babies!

  2. Amy Mac says:

    From Target Baby Facebook page: Target Baby Look for in-store mobile coupons to be sent to your mobile device on or around August 18th!


    Weird, baby4 is from the Target Baby Facebook page, Target’s mobile website says use baby3 (which I did yesterday), and some people are getting E-Mails to use baby2 though they are all giving a 10% off code. I wonder if each is a different “unique” code?

  3. Amy Mac says:

    The only restriction appears to be on clearance per the text

  4. shanshan says:

    Tried many times not sending out. I can usually text anyone no problem. Unless this is premium messaging that charge higher than the regular pay-per-use text msg rate. Frustrated!

  5. Kerry says:

    Just a guess that the diferent codes may be so they can keep track of wehre peopl eare hearing about it. They all seem to work though and give the same result.

  6. noemi says:

    shanshan, what is your carrier? I switched from Tmobile to Family Mobile (walmart) and the service is no longer available in my plan. I actually tried many times and then finally checked the carriers and family mobile is not one of them. :(

  7. shauna says:

    Is shop at home better than ebates? Seems like there % is always higher? Thanks!

  8. Dina says:

    Jennifer, I used my code to order diapers today.

    Shauna, I use both. Although Shop At Home has a higher % it can take longer to get your money back. You won’t get a pay out until you have accumulated $20. With ebates you’re supposed to get money back every quarter if it’s greater than 5.00. I’ve gotten money back twice in the last 3 months and one time it was under 5.00. I don’t know why but I’ll take it. :)

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