Aug 192012

Here’s 2 more great coupons for our FREE Bread wyb 2 Select Kraft or Oscar Mayer Deal:
$1.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) package of KRAFT Singles
$1.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) package of OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Cold Cuts

This offer runs thru 8/25, and you can get an great deal for those school lunches that you will be fixing soon or may already be doing if your kids have already started school :)…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 Kraft Singles & 1 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh ($2.79) & 1 Bread ($1.99) = $7.57
-$1.99 (the bread will be FREE with Target Deal
$1.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) package of KRAFT Singles
$1.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) package of OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Cold Cuts
=$3.67 for all 3 or only $1.22 per item! (*Note- brand of FREE bread may vary by region)

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18 Responses to “New Kraft Foods Coupons & B2G1 FREE Target Deal”

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you! 🙂 Doesn’t matter the brand, if it’s white bread my twins will eat it!

  2. Diane says:

    I did this deal and was able to get wonder hotdog and hamburger buns. They were included in this sale at my local target in Oklahoma.

  3. I just did this deal at the Target in St. Cloud, MN and the bread did not ring up free, even though there were signs advertising it. The guest services cashier claimed it was only the rolls that are working for this deal.

  4. Lori says:

    looks like buns are included on my ad too but cheaper at 1.79 free. maybe kraft deli slices too at 2.45 each.

  5. Diane M. says:

    Just a heads up…I didn’t notice until after I paid that my Wonder did not ring up free. Had to go to customer service.

  6. April says:

    My target did not allow the Wonder Bread to be free for this deal. They had a sign up saying the Market Pantry bread was allowed instead. I was able to do the deal twice in one transaction.

  7. kristin says:

    Does anyone know if this is one promotion per order or would I be able to get 2 free breads in the same order? Thanks!

  8. emma says:

    For some reason only the market pantry bread were in the system but the signs at the bread section are everywhere with the wonder breads and they had to make the wonder bread free for me and my friend. Something is wrong with Target. They adverstise something and the deal goes somewhere else… Seriously, Target needs to keep the things straight or it is false advertising!

  9. olga says:

    I didn’t notice either, had to go back it did not ring up free but it was included.

  10. Stacy says:

    Does anyone know if the Kraft 2% singles were included as part of the deal?

  11. Rhonda says:

    My Wonder bread didn’t ring up free (was included per sign next to bread) so I had to have the cashier manually enter the discount.

  12. kim says:

    my target would honor the deal at all! customer service mgr said it was a national ad and they were not required to do so even though ad was in our local paper and they had it signed in their store took ad to walmart and they happily price matched and allowed me to do thedeal as many times as i wanted they substituted bunny bread for the wonder bread. come on target! dont advertise it if you dont plan to honor!

  13. JP says:

    kim, same thing happened to me!!

  14. Kim B says:

    Kim & JP: How is that possible? o.0 I understand that the ad is national and it varies by store. But if they have the SIGNS up in the store itself they must honor it… or what’s the point of even putting them up? Not cool. I would definitely call/write to corporate.

  15. Jane W. says:

    I had the same issues. I went to one Target and the cheese was the deli slice, that offered the free bread, but it did not ring up. Got the lunch meat x 2 ans again, did not ring up. Customer service adjusted it. Tried another Target today and the American sices were the cheese, but again, the bread did not ring. Got it taken care of at Customer Service, but HONESTLY, don”t they find it far more hastle to keep correcting it???

  16. Lori says:

    My Target said it was only the Whole Grain White and they didn’t have anymore and wouldn’t honor the deal for any Wonder bread or Market Pantry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ellen H. says:

    I cashier @ Target and noticed that the Whole Grain White was the only one that seemed to be ringing up as a free item, As for any Target that will not honor a substitute or the signs posted I would next time go to guest service and ask to see the manager. Almost all managers should be willing to work with you especially over a loaf of bread or two. I doubt they would let someone walk out mad over some small issue like that, If so then you can always ask them to call corporate, I guarantee they most likely are going to do the deal for you. I know our managers give stuff away left and right, Take a picture of the sign with your phone on free items,,sometimes it helps if you already have proof, Sometimes it’s the Target signage thats unclear as far as wording but occasionally it’s the guest not reading the entire sign and has incorrect info. A good Manager should know that it’s not worth losing a valuable customer over something so small. BTW I always tell my guests about Totally Target and how helpful it is! TY TT!!

  18. Tami says:

    I have been to two different Targets this week and did this deal. The bread did not ring up free at either place. In addition, the free 12 pack diet coke didn’t ring up when I bought 3 other coke 12 packs. The signs were up everywhere for both deals. Had to go to the service desk and have them fix it.

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