Aug 272012

Seventh Generation has a fun Clean House Challenge where you will be rewarded with various 7th Generation coupons. Just go HERE and explore the house. Each room will have various hot spots that you can click on, and some of them will be links for coupons. Plus there are random bonus coupons for completing some of the rooms. Here are the coupons I received…

.50/1 Seventh Generation Dish Product
$5/3 Seventh Generations Home Care Products
$2/2 Seventh Generation Home Care Products
.75/1 Seventh Generation Household Cleaner
$1.50/1 Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent

We still have an offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb Specific Seventh Generation Products too…

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (1) Select 7th Generation Laundry Detergent
AND Any (2) Select 7th Generation Cleaning Products*

Deal and prices valid thru 9/22. Deal and prices may be regional.
*Seventh Generation Multi-Surface or Bathroom Cleaner 26 oz $2.99
*Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent 4x Natural 50 oz $12.30 or 2x 100 oz 64 ld $12.59

So for example if you get the $5/3 Seventh Generation coupon you could do this…

DEAL IDEA: Buy (2) Seventh Generation Multi-Surface or Bathroom Cleaner 26 oz ($2.99)
and buy (1) Seventh Generation 2x Laundry Detergent 100 oz 64 ld ($12.59) = $18.57
$5/3 Seventh Generations Home Care Products
= $13.57 – $5 Target Gift Card Back for buying all 3
= $8.57 for all 3 products after coupon and Gift Card or like saving 54%

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15 Responses to “New Seventh Generation Coupons & Target Deal”

  1. Andrea says:

    Anyone else having trouble typing your email into the coupon box on this site?

  2. emily cummings says:

    3-packs of wipes were clearanced to 1.54 from 5.99 at my T. Coupons would have made this deal way better but I was happy to grab them anyway!

  3. Linda H. says:

    Yea, I am having problems typing my email address as well.

  4. Jenny M. says:

    I couldn’t type my email in either! Bummer

  5. L. Payer says:

    If you’re having problems with site use google chrome :)

  6. Lacey says:

    won’t let me either

  7. Jen says:

    Can’t type my email in either just tried at 9:51 pm…that stinks.

  8. Lisa says:

    I found if I clicked in the email box, then clicked again, it allowed me to type in my email address. However, I only printed two coupons (didn’t try for two of either), and it told me I’d reached the number of coupons allowed to print, so I should come back later. I still went through the whole house, but it wouldn’t let me print more. I hope they go on clearance here.

  9. Patty says:

    Can’t type in my email either!!!!

  10. mary says:

    I’m not finding the $5/3 coupon. Largest value I find is $2/2. Any hints?

  11. Monika says:

    Me too wasn’t able to find the 5/3 coupon :/

  12. Mary says:

    I found $5/3 coupon in the Laundry area in the Cleanhouse Challenge

  13. KikiShops says:

    Complete the game to at 80%. Watch the percentage counter at the bottom of the screen. When you hit 80%, the $5 coupon appears. If you complete 100%, 7th Generation will donate $10 to a charity.

  14. Noemi says:

    I got all the coupons but it errored on the last room so I didn’t get 100% for the donation.

  15. Sarah says:

    This was a huge find – thank you so much! The Deal Idea worked like a charm. FYI to all, I tried from a computer with IE Version 8, and the Cleanhouse site recognized that and asked that I upgrade, or switch to Google Chrome. Upgrading to IE 9.0 worked. It errored in one of the rooms, but I just kept clicking around and eventually it worked so I was able to get to 100% and the $10.00 went through. Something else: when I did it I would click on “print coupon” for each one that showed up. I didn’t like how wasteful that felt (1 page per coupon, right in the center), but now reading your comments I wonder if that’s how I was able to find all the coupons. Print 1 at a time. I’ll use the wasted paper for scrap. :-)

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